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Scooby-Doo was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, while Fortnite has been one of my favorite video games since I first played it in 2017. Crystal is a Fortnite skin; that is, if Velma from Scooby-Doo had an edgy scene phase in middle school that kept with her until she became an adult and joined the military. And, quite frankly, this kind of person is my exact weakness in life.

That is exactly why the Crystal Fortnite skin is both a skin that I love and hate at the same time. Her beautiful design is undoubtedly welcome, but her outfit could use just a bit more detail. Overall, though, Crystal is one of the most underrated cheap skins in the battle royale game that few players know about. However, Epic Games saw the value in her and even offered multiple versions of this character over the years since her initial release.

Bottom Line Up Front

Crystal is a skin in Fortnite that does not get enough love these days. Initially released in Chapter 1, Season X, Crystal is that edgy soldier girl who could be my downfall in life, and I am alright with that. Her design is an exciting mix of a scene girl from when I was in school and that of a soldier. This results in an intriguing character design that is wholly original. Though she is not the most popular skin, Epic has offered multiple versions of her over the years, including some fantastic remixes that are even better.

Crystal Skin Fortnite Overview

Image from Pinterest

Back in the summer of 2019, during Chapter 1, Season X, Fortnite fans had no idea what Epic Games had planned for them in the near future. Soon enough, an entirely new chapter and the second island would be born. But before then, there were still plenty of new cosmetics that Epic had to introduce in the item shop to encourage you to spend all of your precious V-Bucks.

One such situation in Season X was none other than Crystal. Her simple name and design were enough to win the hearts of some players out there, including mine. After all, she looks like some of the people I fawned over when I was in high school and as a young adult.

That right mix of edgy but stylish and also menacing but somewhat warm is just what I like in life. Crystal was a favorite fan skin at the time for me and remains that way today. However, she has not been as famous and notable as most players in the community, not garnering the attention she deserves.

This is worsened by the fact that she received a couple of different versions after her release that saw different takes on her style. Epic Games saw the value in this cosmetic character, even if the community did not. I consider her one of the most underrated Fortnite skins of all time.

It also helps that Crystal is among the cheapest skins you can get in the battle royale game. If you are on a budget these days (aren’t we all?), but you still want someone who can turn heads in battle, Crystal might be for you. And even if the regular skin is not, the other variants are even better and might be more suitable in that case.

Appearance Explained

Chapter 2 Outfit
Image from Wiki Fandom

The default appearance for Crystal is nothing too special. During Chapter 1, Epic Games was still mostly finding its footing when it came to designing skins. There were some notable fantastic skins at this time, but they were few and far between. It wasn’t until Chapter 2, in my opinion, that Epic came into its own.

As such, you will find that the design for Crystal is pretty simple. She is an uncommon skin, after all, so perhaps that is not too surprising. The general theme I like to say for her is that she is an edgy and attractive soldier.

Without a doubt, I don’t have to meet her to know that she could pummel me into the dust at a moment’s notice, and I’m okay with that. Her outfit is relatively simple, featuring some camo pants on the bottom that she wears. They are tight-fitting with only a little room to give and have the standard but unimpressive green camo color scheme.

The top that she is wearing is a little weird as it doesn’t necessarily go with the pants on the bottom. It is a blue short-cut tank top. The blue and black ones don’t mesh well with the green camo pants. It also has a strange collar that goes up most of her neck.

Besides those two main components, her outfit comprises a few accessories. These include some armbands, a utility belt, a necklace, and a ribbon that is tied around her right arm. Again, these are all pretty simple items that do nothing too special with the character, in my opinion.

However, it is the hairstyle and facial area that is where she has my attention. Crystal has twin pigtails that are roughly medium-cut, a purpleish gray color on top. This color is not my favorite, but it is close enough to lavender for me to appreciate it.

What I like is that she has a hombre style with a darker purple on the tips of her hair. Her bangs are parted like my hair, which I appreciate, making me like her even more.

Her facial expression is also super serious and attractive. She wears circular glasses, which I’m not a fan of, but it gives her a little bit of a nerdy look that I appreciate nonetheless. Overall, Crystal has nothing too spectacular going on, but she speaks to my personal preferences in a way that most Fortnite skins do not.

How to Unlock Crystal in Fortnite

Buying Crystal Skin

Unlocking Crystal in Fortnite couldn’t be simpler. That is if you have the right amount of V-Bucks in your account. Yes, she appears solely in the item shop for purchase there. All players have to do to unlock her is buy her when she appears in the in-game store.

Again, this is on the predication that you have the funds to begin with. You will need a total of 800 V-Bucks to purchase Crystal in the shop. If that sounds pretty cheap to you, you wouldn’t be wrong.

That is the cheapest price you can find for an individual skin in the store. Even still, this is a side note, but I still feel like skins should be cheaper in Fortnite. That’s roughly $8 (less these days, technically), which is still far more than the most affordable skins in other games.

There are games, including other battle royale titles, where you can get the cheapest skins for $5 or less, so, unfortunately, this is about as cheap as it gets. That said, that is cheaper than the battle pass, and you do not have to unlock this skin after paying the upfront price.

Of course, the main issue you need to worry about is making sure you can buy Crystal in the item shop. Even if you have the money to purchase her, you still need her to appear in the store to buy her. Thus, enters the main contention point with unlocking Crystal.

Can You Still Unlock Her Today?

Crystal in the Shop

You may be wondering if it is possible for unlocking Crystal today since she has to physically be in the item shop for you to buy her. The problem with this is that I am not a mind reader. I can only give you my predictions on whether or not Crystal will return to the store.

For starters, there is the fact that she first appeared in the store more than ten seasons ago. That was nearly three years ago in real-time. That is quite a long time ago, but she has reappeared in the item shop several times since then.

Oddly enough, Crystal has been on a strange roll lately. Despite being such an older skin, she has been coming back to the battle royale game pretty frequently recently. This is great news, though, for anyone who has been wanting to pick up her outfit.

At the time of writing this, it has been about three weeks since her last appearance, which you barely missed. However, not all hope is lost from that alone. Before her appearance a few weeks ago, she was in the item shop for only a month before that.

And then, before that, it was a similar situation of around 30-40 days since her previous appearance. Lately, it seems like she is almost appearing in the game every single month or so. That is quite impressive for just an uncommon skin in Fortnite.

After all, we are lucky if a skin comes back to the game two or three times a year at best. It seems that Epic wants players to buy this underrated skin. I’m not sure if the ploy is working, but it appears that Epic Games won’t be giving up anytime soon.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Epic will change up this cycle and start releasing her less often in the item shop. As such, I recommend jumping on this skin anytime she next appears in the shop, as you never know what will happen next. Especially since there are new versions of Crystal that were recently released.

Customizable Options: Accessories Explained

Crystal with Bronto Promo
Image from Wiki Fandom

Crystal isn’t exactly a rare or better skin, so what you see is pretty much what you get. Anyone expecting differently is sore out of luck here. The harsh reality is that Crystal does not come with any special skin styles, bonus items, or other accessories for you included.

In fact, there is not even a special bundle that you can get here in to get some additional items. This is quite unfortunate since this could at least add some value to the battle royale character. But given that she is only an uncommon skin, this is the best we can expect in the end.

However, there is some silver lining to the entire situation. When Crystal first came out, she was released alongside another skin known as the Bronto skin. The two could not be more different from one another, with Bronto being much more detailed and arguably interesting overall.

However, they are primarily seen as a package deal now, even if they do not have a significant bundle in which you can purchase the two together. As such, most of the time that Bronto is available in the item shop so is Crystal. In this way, you could see them as a pair.

Fans of one skins could buy the other to add to their collection, even though they are not technically part of the same Fortnite set. Most notably, it does not end there, either. Furthermore, there are some other skin variants that Crystal had later on in Fortnite’s life.

Since there are no extra skin styles that you can purchase, there are at least some new Crystal skins that are separate from the original. These take the initial idea and revamp it with better versions. In my opinion, some of them could have been skin styles, but more choice is still welcome for those who like Crystal as I do.

Crystal Mini-Review: Worth It?

Crystal Skin
Image from Wiki Fandom

At the end of the day, our money is going to be limited and precious. We have to make a harsh decision about which skins are worth our, sadly, not limitless funds, and pick and choose carefully. In this way, I have a verdict when it comes to whether or not Crystal is worth it for you.

I believe that it comes down to personal preference. If you love the Crystal skin or like it at least, I say go for it. She is only 800 V-Bucks in the item shop, which is about the cheapest you will find these days in the battle royale game barring the battle pass skins. And even that is more than 800.

But if you are only a fan of her or appreciate her design but not that much, then I would say pass. There are a lot of female skins in Fortnite, many of which look better than Crystal. I will say that she is among the best when it comes to cheap uncommon skins, but that doesn’t mean wasting money if you’re not in love with her design.

For those who like her, like me, she is worth it. But if you are not sold on Crystal, she is not for you, and you might even regret a purchase. After all, there is nothing else to look forward to with her. Epic did not create any additional features or items to make the purchase much more enticing.

If there were at least some bonus items like a pickaxe or back bling to equip on her, that would give some more value. But there is not even that, let alone some additional skin styles. If there was even one more skin style for her included in this package, I would give this a much more glowing review.

But in her current state, it will likely be a pass for most people. Especially, despite how I much like Crystal, there exist better versions of her character out there. Those skins are much more worth your time and money.

Best Alternative Skin Recommendations

As much as I like Crystal, the reality is that she is not perfect nor that enticing of a skin. She is on her own without extra items or styles to make the purchase worthwhile. In this way, she pales in comparison to some of the other more detailed and exciting skins released in Fortnite, including her character.

If you are interested in Crystal but not completely sold on this character design, I understand. In that case, I have three skin recommendations that I think you should check out. I think they are likely to appeal to those players who like the look of Crystal.


Bronto Skin
Image from Wiki Fandom

This one is a bit weird to start off with, but Bronto is the partner character for Crystal. They have no similarities with one another as Bronto is male and a dude in a dino costume. The look is creative and shows Epic in the originality zone. There is a lot of charm to this skin that Crystal sorely lacks, but it comes at a cost: a much higher V-Bucks price.

Scuba Crystal

Scuba Crystal
Image from Wiki Fandom

The first of the additional Crystal variants is her summertime form. I prefer the original Crystal over this one due to the hair color change. Everything is roughly the same for her minus the hair color swap and the outfit to a swimsuit. The tattoos that she has is a nice touch, but the palette change was a miss for me. Thankfully, she is at least the same price as the original.

Ice Crystal

Ice Crystal
Image from Wiki Fandom

This is Crystal at her full potential. Her hairstyle remains the same, but everything else changes in this terrific winter take on her. She is frozen solid with a stunning color swap and a decent outfit. It is too bad that she comes in only a very expensive bundle, but at least it has some other fantastic skins included.


Question: How do you get the Crystal skin in Fortnite?

Answer: As mentioned in the guide above, the way that you get Crystal is simple. All you need to do is wait for her to return to the item shop and then purchase her there. She only costs 800 V-Bucks, which is cheaper than most skins. The main problem here is the wait for her to return.

Question: Is the Crystal skin in Fortnite OG?

Answer: There are a couple of meanings that you could mean when talking about Crystal being OG. First, you could be asking if she is an OG skin, as in she was based on nothing before her. This is the case. However, Crystal does use the Headhunter default skin model as a basis. As such, she bears some resemblance to that character in the face.
On the other hand, Crystal is the OG when it comes to the Crystal lineup of skins. There are other Crystals that came after her, like Ice Crystal, that take this original idea and change it up some.

Question: When did the Crystal skin last come out?

Answer: Crystal last arrived in Fortnite roughly three weeks ago, at the time of writing this. Lately, she has been showing up in the game every month or so.

Question: Is Crystal a rare Fortnite skin?

Answer: No, Crystal is not a rare Fortnite skin. She is uncommon and frequently appears in the battle royale game’s item shop.


Crystal is not just the emo girl I’m pretty sure I had a crush on in high school, but she is one of the better-designed skins in Fortnite. She offers nice value, too, being one of the cheapest skins that you can find in the item shop in Fortnite. This one-two punch of value and fantastic hair makes Crystal one of the best uncommon skins you can get in the entire game.

It is surprising and sad how underrated she is. There are few players who are fans of her, and you don’t see many people talking about her, unlike the meme characters that exist. If you like these under-the-radar skins in Fortnite, Crystal is far from the only one. Skye is another skin that should have been much more popular than she was. You can find all about Skye and what she is about in our full Skye skin guide.

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