The Seven Fortnite Faction Guide: All Members of The Seven Explained

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Fortnite is no stranger to profound and evolving lore, but there is perhaps no group more intrinsically involved in the game’s storyline than the ones you’ll see in The Seven Fortnite faction guide. The Seven is an organization that was created for this game. They are the single most crucial group so far in the meta storyline.

As you will see in The Seven Fortnite faction guide, this group might just now be showing their faces, literally, but they’ve been around for quite some time. The Seven includes seven spacefarers who are bent on saving the galaxy from the destruction of the Zero Point. Here is what you need to know about all seven organization members.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Seven is one of the original Fortnite factions created for the game. They are not, technically, crossovers or collaborations with any other property in pop culture. That said, there are seven members of the group. Their sworn duty is to stop the Zero Point from destroying the galaxy and anyone who would stand in their way. Their enemy in the storyline is the Imagined Order or IO group. Each member of The Seven has a different purpose and ability in serving their goals of defeating IO and anyone else. As such, they had appeared in the past many times, even when we did not know it at the time. They had a hand in many of the live events in the history of Fortnite, including the first live event, The End, and the Zero Crisis Finale. Here are the seven members of the group that we know of so far:

  • The Foundation
  • The Scientist
  • The Visitor
  • The Paradigm
  • The Origin
  • The Imagined
  • The Unknown (not her real name, actual codename currently unknown)

Who Are The Seven?

The Seven Faction Fortnite Logo
Image from Fandom

The Seven is a faction in the Fortnite lore with seven members in total. It is worth mentioning that they are not a collaboration or crossover with any other form of media, unlike much of the game. That said, The Seven is a group that possibly consists of well-known actors making their debuts in Fortnite.

The Seven is a group that Epic Games created. Their purpose in the storyline is to serve as possibly the heroic faction with which the player character seemingly allies themselves with. Or, at least, it appears that this is the case for now.

The Seven seems to be on the same side as the player character but will then still attack them at moments in the battle royale game. They are crucial to the plot of the battle royale game, serving as the designers and creators of many of the significant moments in Fortnite.

There are several live events that we now know, in retrospect was, started by The Seven. From the initial rocket that started it all to The End that saw the very end of Chapter 2, The Seven has played a role in much of the story surrounding the loops and everything.

While much of the overarching plot in the Fortnite multiverse is still unknown, The Seven remains a clear player in it all. As such, they are one of the most critical aspects of the game. If you want to know more about your character’s story and the Fortnite lore as a whole, The Seven is a crucial part.

Their Goal

Seven Faction: Foundation trapped in Zero point
Image from Fandom

The goal of The Seven is known to us. Or, at least, part of it anyway. The primary purpose for the faction seems to be to protect the multiverse from the threat of the Zero Point. They take charge of the dangerous device, protecting it from being used against people. As such, their enemies are those seeking to use it like the Imagined Order.

It appears that they also know about the loop that is happening in the Fortnite lore. While there is still much to learn about this phenomenon, loops are happening in Fortnite. This is why you keep playing battle royale matches over and over.

These loops are the root of the game, and The Seven are trying to find a way to stop them from continuing as well. If this connects to the Zero Point, it is not currently known. However, there is a chance that the device has something to do with the loops. The Seven’s members themselves are seemingly protected from the loops and remember everything that has happened so far.

History of The Seven in Fortnite

arrival of the seven
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The history of The Seven is tied directly to Fortnite lore. For the first few seasons of Fortnite, it did not seem like there was much of a story to the game. Unless you were playing Save the World, battle royale was a pretty standard video game with an excuse for 100 players to take each other out every match.

That said, Epic Games changed things with Season 3. At the end of that season and the start of Season 4, the first live event of sorts began to happen in the game. Fortnite made news for it, at the time, a revolutionary way of handling an online game.

The rocket went off during this first live event and caused rifts throughout the island. This momentous occasion was started by The Seven. Or, well, a member of the group at least. This was their first appearance in Fortnite, as we would later come to know.

From there, they made themselves known again later in Chapter 1 with the conclusion of Season X. Though we did not get to see The Seven themselves, we learned of their actions in affecting the island. For much of Chapter 2, they were still a mystery until the debut of one of the members in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6.

At the start of that season, The Seven’s leader made a formal appearance, and we got our first look at one of them after hearing about this faction for so long. From there, we would not really see The Seven again until the end of Chapter 2. But, now in Chapter 3, The Seven plays a vital role in the story, and we have seen all but one of the members.

All Members of The Seven Fortnite Faction

There are seven prominent members of The Seven faction in Fortnite. So far in the game, we have seen or at least know of six of them. We know these six’s names, some of their appearances, and their role in the group. But there is still one final member that is unknown to us.

That said, we even know some about her as well. I will break down all seven members of The Seven and what part they play on the team. I will also give off some thoughts on each member, their history in Fortnite, and when we might find out more about them.

The Foundation: Leader

The_Foundation-Seven Faction in Fortnite
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The Foundation is the most famous member of The Seven, and for a number of reasons. For one, he is the leader of the organization. As the one who guides the team, it seems that he is the mastermind behind many of the events that happened in Fortnite’s history.

Furthermore, he is a hero to the Fortnite community. Multiple times now, The Foundation appeared and saved everyone. The first time was his debut during the Zero Crisis Finale event. To kick off Season 6 Primal, players saw the Zero Point go haywire in this event.

It was to the point where different dimensions were opening up, and various creatures and evil people were coming through. But The Foundation made his debut during this event and stopped the Zero Point. He enclosed the device inside a tower with him to keep it from destroying the multiverse.

This created The Spire, where The Foundation remained for months on end. Eventually, he was freed and landed in the water, but his whereabouts were unknown for a while. That is, until The End. Once again, The Foundation appeared out of nowhere and saved the day.

He helped to stop the immense destruction of the island and everything with it due to the Cube Queen and Dr. Slone. Thankfully, the island was saved, even if it was flipped upside-down. With the start of Chapter 3, The Seven took a front and center role in the Fortnite storyline.

As part of this, The Foundation finally became a permanent part of the battle royale game. In the process, we learned that the rumors were true and that The Rock is the voice and face of The Foundation. The leader of The Seven became the fourth member that players could take the role of.

In Chapter 3, Season 1 battle pass, The Foundation was the additional premium skin. So long as players owned the battle pass, they could unlock The Foundation later in the season when he became available. It was a massive event, too, complete with extra missions for battle pass owners.

If players completed the right missions, they could unlock The Foundation skin. In addition, there were other items and skin customizations that players could unlock for him. Most intriguing, though, was the fact that The Foundation began to appear on the Chapter 3 island.

At his home base of Sanctuary, The Foundation was an NPC there. However, he was an NPC boss that players could fight. Showing his power to manipulate the ground and rocks, he was a fearsome foe to take down. But if players were able to defeat The Foundation, they could earn one of the best weapons in the history of the game: The Foundation’s MK-Seven Assault Rifle. There was only one of these in each match of battle royale in Chapter 3, Season 1.

The Scientist

Seven Faction: The_Scientist-Fortnite
Image from Fandom

The introduction of The Foundation as a major character in Fortnite ushered in the debut of the other members of The Seven as well into the lore. Soon after The Foundation’s intro, we saw The Scientist for the first time in-game outside of his battle pass skin.

He was the second member of The Seven that players could take the role of, with his battle pass skin coming out in Chapter 1, Season X. The only way that players could unlock him was by completing the A Meteoric Rise event challenges. Both players with the battle pass and those without were able to complete these secret challenges.

The missions entailed visiting certain locations on the Season X island. The Scientist is an odd character in The Seven. For one, his personality is a bit more in your face compared to the others with his arrogant and goofy ways. After all, he believes himself to be the best-looking member of the group.

But this wackiness comes with a benefit: he is also a bonafide genius. The Scientist is the one who created the devices used in The End to help The Foundation save everyone. It is also likely that he played some role in the events of Chapter 1 since he appeared during Season X when the meteor was frozen in place.

Originally, The Scientist had a different voice actor in Chapter 1 known as JB Blanc. But with The Foundation being voiced by The Rock, it is possible that Epic Games wanted a more star-studded cast. In turn, Chapter 3 saw comedian Joel McHale take the role of him.

The Visitor

Seven Faction: The_Visitor-Fortnite
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The Visitor was the Fortnite community’s first introduction to The Seven. At the time, though, we did not necessarily realize that. He was the first member of the group to join the Fortnite game with his appearance towards the end of Chapter 1, Season 3.

His appearance saw him begin to make the rocket inside of the former Villain Lair location on the island. Players simply knew him as “The Visitor” and did not realize how important a role he would play. In Season 4, his rocket shot off in the first major live event in the history of the game.

We now know that he is a scout for The Seven, exploring different parts of the universe and gathering information. He also seems to be one of the lower-ranked Seven members. As such, it also appears that he may like to keep to himself and could even have beef with some of the other members. His voice actor is also still unknown and will likely remain so until he returns to Fortnite.

Players could earn The Visitor’s skin during Season 4 with the Blockbuster event challenges. These secret challenges saw players complete seven of them to unlock The Visitor and other rewards. They were quite difficult to do, too, since the game was highly populated at the time. Players would visit the same locations to try the same limited missions. It was quite controversial at the time, making The Visitor one of the most elusive skins in Fortnite’s history.

The Paradigm

Seven Faction: The_Paradigm-Fortnite
Image from Fandom

The Paradigm is the first female member of The Seven that players were introduced to. During the same season as The Scientist’s debut, The Paradigm was a skin that you could get in the item shop. She cost 1200 V-Bucks in the item shop and was only available once during Season X.

This was because her appearance was tied directly to The End event in Chapter 1. As such, she was only available for a couple of days in Fortnite. She has not reappeared since then, making her one of the most elusive skins as well in the battle royale game.

The Paradigm is seen as the pilot for the group, and she played a significant role during The End of Chapter 1. That was her only real moment in the story so far, so there is little that is known about her, despite being able to use her as a skin in matches.

What we do know about The Paradigm, though, is that she is likely one of the outcast members of the group. She is rarely seen with the rest of The Seven, and some of the members seem to dislike her. Something happened in the past that caused some trouble between her and most of the group.

The Origin

Seven Faction: The_Origin-Fortnite
Image from Fandom

The Origin is one of the most recent Seven members to join the Fortnite lore. They are currently in Chapter 3, and players can use them as skin as well through the Season 2 battle pass. Though they are currently in the game right now, their history is a bit obscure. They are one of the unique members of the faction so far.

We know about The Origin that they are The Seven’s strategist. They plan out the missions that the team will take on once given orders by The Foundation and are usually the ones to execute them. Their origins, pun intended, are dark and grim as they were once the Cube King.

Before the start of Fortnite, the previous Cube King was part of The Last Reality faction and eventually fell into the hands of the IO. After escaping, they turned a new leaf and became The Origin as part of The Seven to stop their former allies. Their role was, of course, taken over by the current Cube Queen, who played a significant role in Chapter 2, Season 8. The Origin is voiced by Rahul Kohli of iZombie and Midnight Mass fame.

The Imagined

Seven Faction: The_Imagined-Fortnite
Image from Fandom

The Imagined is another recently released member of The Seven. She is one of the most eccentric and outspoken soldiers in the faction. The Imagined works by herself and does not listen to what the others recommend. She creates her own missions and does them without needing anyone.

The Imagined is one of the main skins that you can unlock in Chapter 3, Season 2 battle pass. She has multiple styles to her, including the ability to use her without her armor suit on. In this way, we can see what she looks like, with bright red hair and a cocky attitude.

That said, the most exciting part about The Imagined is her name. Her title is far too close to the Imagined Order, or IO, who are the sworn enemies of The Seven. This is not likely a coincidence. Perhaps she was once part of the group. The Imagined is voiced by Cherami Leigh, known for being the English voice of Lucy from Fairy Tail, Asuna from Sword Art Online, and female V in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Unknown

Seven Faction: the_unknown_fortnite
Image from Fandom

Finally, there is the last member of The Seven. They have no official name just yet, so we are calling her The Unknown. While she has not appeared in the game officially, we know of her existence thanks to some data-mine leaks in the past.

We saw The Origin and The Imagined through those leaks, which both came true. As part of this, we saw someone who is the sister of The Imagined. She has darker hair but the same general suit that The Imagined uses in her base form.

This unknown final member of The Seven looks even more serious and grim than her sister, The Imagined. As for when we will find out who and what she is, that remains to be seen. However, it stands to reason that the trend of introducing Seven members in this chapter will likely continue. We would not be surprised to find out more about her in Chapter 3, Season 3, or 4.

Fun Facts About The Seven

Here are some fun trivia facts about The Seven that you may not have known about:

  • The Visitor was initially known as The Stranger in development, but his name was changed for an uncertain reason just before his release in Chapter 1.
  • The Seven really likes to use meteors to travel for some reason. So far, everyone in the group introduced, not counting The Paradigm, showed up on a meteor when they first appeared in Fortnite.
  • Sanctuary is the home base for The Seven, at least on the Fortnite island.
  • Eco is one of the most confusing skins in Fortnite, appearing quite a lot like members of The Seven. However, he is not part of the group and has no association with them, despite his similar helmet and armor.
  • There are theories that The Paradigm is Dr. Slone, the leader of the IO, which explains why she is not seen with the group anymore. It would also account for everyone having problems with her at this point.
  • Hilariously enough, The Paradigm is also the only member (so far) of the group not to have a legendary outfit. Perhaps she is not mad at her fellow teammates but at Epic Games.
  • There is also a possible connection between the IO and The Imagined. Some think her sister could have a name like The Order, and the two together made the group before leaving for some unknown reason. Unfortunately, leaks and rumors do seem to point towards her real name being The Singularity. However, that, too, could change in the future.


Question: Who is the leader of The Seven in Fortnite?

Answer: As we mentioned in the main guide, the leader of The Seven is The Foundation. Also known as The Rock (or at least played by him), The Foundation is the one who guides the team in their missions and goals.

Question: Who is The Seven sentry Fortnite?

Answer: The sentries are the soldiers of The Seven faction. They ally themselves with the group but are not part of the prominent seven members. You can find them on the Fortnite island at times and even fight them if you’d like. They are usually at Seven outposts or central named locations. They are also sometimes guarding The Seven members, like when The Foundation was at Sanctuary.

Question: How many of The Seven do we know in Fortnite? 

Answer: We currently know the identities and general appearances of six of The Seven members. We know The Foundation, The Scientist, The Visitor, The Paradigm, The Origin, and The Imagined. The only one missing is The Imagined’s sister, but we do know at least the possible appearance of her. As for her codename and role, that is still a mystery for now.


The Seven is a Fortnite faction that is quite mysterious and cool. The group is one that we still know so little about, despite knowing the identities of all but one of the members. Who they are underneath their helmets and what their actual role is to play in the story is still unknown. That said, The Seven will likely continue to be a presence on the island.

They are commonly NPCs who will give you quests to do in Fortnite seasons or even be traders for items. There is also the chance that you will get to fight them at times, though the reasoning behind why this is happening is still unknown. Stay tuned as we are sure to find out more about the mysterious Seven as new seasons come out in the game.

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