The Foundation Fortnite Guide: Who Is the Leader of The Seven?

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Fortnite has many great personalities that have appeared throughout its 20 or so seasons. But of these brilliant original characters, there is none as impressive as The Foundation. With such rich lore tied directly to the game, he has become a fan favorite in the community overnight. The Foundation Fortnite guide is also one of the most essential character guides we could create.

In The Foundation Fortnite guide, we will break down what you need to know about this character. Who are The Seven? How does The Foundation connect to them? These are pressing questions that the game does not answer. For more about the history of this character and how he was unlocked, continue.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Foundation is one of the most famous Fortnite-original characters to date. There was much intrigue and mystery surrounding his first appearance several seasons ago. When the Nexus Point was collapsing at the end of Chapter 2, Season 5, it was he who showed up to save the day. He made an immediate impression on the community, including myself, and was sealed away for far too long. He finally made his reappearance and full debut in Chapter 3; as one of the main battle pass skins that season, players could unlock him through special quests. The Foundation is the leader of The Seven, a massively important faction in Fortnite lore. He has the likeness of and is played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Foundation has been both a legendary skin in the game and an NPC enemy.

Who Is The Foundation?

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The Foundation is a Fortnite-original character. Or, well, partially, at least. This means that he was created for this game by Epic Games. This is important to note, given that countless crossover characters have appeared in the battle royale game.

This has led to the immense popularity of Fortnite as a game that is all about crossovers and event characters. It is worth noting that The Foundation is, technically, not one of those. But some exciting parts to him stand out.

The Foundation is a mysterious and influential person in the Fortnite multiverse. He is known as the leader of a faction known as The Seven. The Seven is a group from space that travels around and completes various missions. The Foundation is the one that guides them in their goals.

He has already appeared in the game multiple times, including both an NPC and playable skin. Within the community, The Foundation is one of the centerpieces of Fortnite lore. Though the backstory behind the battle royale game is vague and convoluted at times, The Foundation remains an instantly recognizable character.

He has done what is quite tricky for Fortnite-original skins and triumphed enough to stand among the greats. He is up there with the crossover characters, like Spider-Man and Batman, and the other lore personalities like Cuddle Team Leader and Jonesy. The Foundation is an essential Fortnite character at the forefront of the battle royale game’s current storyline.

At the same time, he is sort of a crossover character somehow. Though technically not part of the Icon Series, he is representative of a particular celebrity. As expected and rumored for a while, the Foundation is voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The famous former pro wrestler and current actor (and possible politician?) is the voice for The Foundation. But Epic Games took it a step further and made the hero look like the man behind the mask in-game. When he takes off his helmet, it is clear that this is a recreation of The Rock’s real-life appearance.

It is almost as if The Foundation is the Icon Series version of The Rock. This would be similar to how Ariana Grande, for instance, has some more extravagant versions of her in-game that are more Fortnite-ified. But it is not a crossover skin at all but rather part of The Seven set.


Like many other Fortnite skins, the appearance of The Foundation is generally customizable. This means that players have the opportunity to make him look how they want. This is through selecting his skin style and other customizable parts of him.

Though you cannot customize it to the extent of some skins, there are some solid options here. They come down to three main areas: the suit, his helmet, and the visor options. The Foundation comes with a default suit and look, but you can change its color if you want. You can also choose to go helmetless or with it, and what its visor looks like.

Default Full Suit

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The default look for The Foundation skin is the most recognizable. This is the version of the character introduced to players at the end of Chapter 2, Season 5. Epic Games held another live event at the end of that season and the beginning of the next one.

It is here that The Foundation was introduced. We got to see him in his default suit, which has an entire armor body on him. This includes a helmet that had a glowing red pattern on it. The general suit is divided into blue, silver, black, and dark gray colors.

It is metallic and features a futuristic design. It is almost aggressive, showing that he is a soldier, first and foremost, despite being the leader of his faction. It covers his body from head to toe like Fortnite’s own Master Chief, but there is more. He also wears a helmet on his head, which is the most prominent feature of the outfit.

On its own, it is relatively simple. The outside borders of the helmet are silver, while the inner part that hides his face is black. However, this black part of the helmet is like a screen. It can glow into different patterns, and the default one is simple compared to the others but still rather enjoyable. These patterns glow a bright and sinister red.

Combat Variant Suit

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The Combat variant of the suit trades some of the blues on the right side of The Foundation. In turn, it has more black and gray than anything else. This gives a more raw look to the outfit, making it feel more battle-hardened and rugged, hence the name.

If players are looking for a version of The Foundation that shows how strong he is, this is the suit to get. It is also not the default version, making it a valuable option. Players do not get this version from the start and must unlock it.


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The following way of showing off The Foundation is by going helmetless. This one can have either version of the suit, with the only change being there is no helmet. The reason that this is even an option is to reveal the face underneath. As mentioned, The Foundation is played by The Rock.

With this skin version, you can see The Rock in all of his bald glory. It still retains the rest of the suit, so you can get the best of both worlds. The skin bears a striking resemblance to him as Epic Games continues to nail these recreations of real-life people. There is still the cartoony aspect but close enough at the very least.

Other Helmet Versions

Finally, The Foundation’s appearance can change due to picking other helmets. The helmet itself can be customized, specifically for the pattern. While the overall helmet will look the same, the glowing red design in the middle will change.

It is hard to know what these patterns mean, but players can pick the one they prefer. The default version is a simplified edition of the classic helmet pattern. Players can keep that one, opt for different styles, or eventually unlock the Ultimate design.


The personality of The Foundation is hard to pin down at this time. Given how few cutscenes he has been in, there are only glimpses of who he is that we can see. Without a doubt, the fascinating fact is that he is shrouded in mystery.

Beyond that, though, he may be a stern leader of sorts. This is seen in his relationship with the rest of The Seven. At the same time, he is quite a heroic person. He is not the type of leader to shy away from getting his hands dirty and often does so.

It is possible that he likes being seen as the hero as well. His emotional sacrifice at the start of Season 6 is one indication. He immediately jumped to sacrificing himself for people he didn’t even know. While the other members of his faction embody other traits, he seems to be the standard hero type.

Key Relationships

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When it comes to the key relationships for The Foundation, there are a few that we know of. There is an obvious connection to the rest of The Seven. His relationship with the members is still being determined as it seems that he treats each of them differently.

Some of the members are on a friendly basis, while others are simply cordial, and that is it. And then there are still other members, like The Imagined, who does her own thing. It is possible that their relationship is not as deep or strictly a work-based relationship.

Then there is the connection that he has with Jonesy. This is another one that is still relatively unclear, but they seem to have a prior relationship of some kind. After all, The Foundation shows up to save the day during the Zero Crisis Finale. Jonesy called on him for a reason, so there seems to be some sort of history there.

Lastly, there is the relationship that he has with you, the player. This is another part that is currently unknown. He shows up out of thin air and saves your life, but it does not extend beyond that. After all, he attacks you onsite when you see him as an NPC boss on the island.

Voice Actor

The Foundation looks like and is even voiced by The Rock. The voice actor for him is Dwayne Johnson in all of his appearances so far. It is unlikely that this will change in the future, so it remains to be seen how often Epic Games will be able to hire The Rock for doing more lines.


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You can play as The Foundation by equipping his skin. Once you have it unlocked, you can choose and customize it in your locker at any point. The playstyle for The Foundation is no different from any other skins in the game.

You will play from a third-person perspective and do the same tasks. You will land on the island from the battle bus, scavenge for supplies, build (or not), and fight other players to survive until the end. One key feature of The Foundation is that he does have an exclusive unmasking emote for taking his helmet off.


The history of The Foundation is only what we know so far. There are a couple of key moments that he has appeared in Fortnite at this time. From this, we can gather some information about who he is. There are likely more events to come for The Foundation in the future.

First Appearance

His first appearance is at the end of Chapter 2, Season 5, and the beginning of Season 6. He is referenced and hinted at before this moment, but he shows up in the Zero Crisis Finale for the first time. This end of the Zero Point sees the device go crazy and unstable.

Jonesy calls on The Foundation to appear in the Fortnite universe to help stop the Zero Crisis. This works out as the player can help The Foundation accomplish his task. He sacrifices himself to hold the Zero Point in place and keep it from hurting anyone. In his place, The Spire is formed.

Once The Spire is destroyed along with the Zero Point, we can see that The Foundation falls into the water and ends up in a place unknown. His whereabouts and status remain hidden until his next appearance.

Grand Reintroduction in Chapter 3

The Foundation returns at the start of Chapter 3, Season 1, appearing on the flipped version of the Apollo island along with The Scientist. Up until this point, all that we knew was that he was part of The Seven, and that was it. His group, at this point, seems to be at war with the IO (Imagined Order).

Thus begins the third chapter that focuses on the two organizations. The Foundation appears as an NPC for the first time at Sanctuary, the base for The Seven on the island. Despite saving you, he is someone who attacks you at a moment’s notice. He has since stuck around on the island and remains an integral part of the story, helping to bring in other members of The Seven.

Boss Version Explained

In Chapter 3, Season 1, The Foundation became one of the NPC’s enemies on the island. This allowed players to fight him optionally and the real players in matches. He was initially found at Sanctuary but is no longer located there.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise, but The Foundation is one of the most challenging bosses in Fortnite history. Given how he was single-handedly able to stop the Zero Point, this is understandable. It is almost impossible to defeat him alone, and it is highly recommended that players take him on in groups.

I know from first-hand experience that, admittedly, it is even possible for The Foundation to take out entire squads on its own. This is first due to the sheer amount of health that he has. You first need to get his shields down, and that can take forever. While his health is a bit easier to eliminate, it is seemingly higher than other NPC bosses.

If that was not enough, he has some insane abilities, too. Given that he is The Rock, he has rock-based skills that he uses in battle. He can throw massive boulders at the player and destroy structures and your health in the process. These attacks are pretty hard to dodge in the middle of battle, which is how you can be knocked in only a short time.

However, if players are able to somehow defeat The Foundation, they are rewarded with some excellent loot. Included in this is The Foundation’s MK-Seven assault rifle. It is the only one of its kind in each match that you do, so it may very well be worth the effort for some players.

The Seven Explained

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While we know almost all members of The Seven, this is a group that is still relatively secretive. What little we do know at this time is the role of some of the members. This includes, of course, our boy, The Foundation, who is the leader in charge of them.

He guides his members in their goals but largely seems to leave them to their own devices. In addition to The Foundation, there is also The Scientist. This goofy genius is full of himself and the man behind many of the devices used in the live events.

The Visitor is next up and the first of the group that we find out about. He is the one who first showed up on the original Fortnite island and created the rocket for the first live event. The Paradigm is a pilot for the group and one that seems to have a shaky relationship with the organization. Not much is known about her otherwise.

The Origin is their commander, acting as the strategist for the team. His identity is already known to be the former Cube King, replaced by the new Cube Queen after joining The Seven. Then there is the newly revealed The Imagined. She has a strong personality and does not seem to be too kind towards her teammates. We know that there is a seventh member who is The Imagined’s sister, but nothing else is known at this time.

How to Unlock The Foundation

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It is no longer possible for new players to unlock The Foundation skin. With the conclusion of Chapter 3, Season 1, the time for getting his skin has passed. That said, here is what the requirement was in the first place for unlocking him.

Partway through the season, some missions were released that included rewards like his skin. There were two pages of quests, and the very first one allowed players to unlock The Foundation. All players had to do was visit three different locations: Mighty Monument, one of The Seven outposts, and Sanctuary.

Once you did that, you could unlock his skin. However, it would not stop there, as you could unlock further skin options for The Foundation. The aforementioned skin styles for his suit, helmetless, and visor could also be unlocked through later quests.

Here is the full list of the quests that you could use to unlock more skin options for The Rock’s Fortnite character:

  • Assist in eliminating the Gunnar NPC: Unlocks the Tactical Visor Toggle emote and Unmasked style
  • Deal 500 headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons: Unlocks the Combat Elite visor variant
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents while above them with either shotguns and/or SMGs: Unlocks the Tactical visor
  • Complete all of The Foundation event quests in Chapter 3, Season 1: Unlocks the Combat style version of the skin as well as the Ultimate visor variant for his helmet

Fun Facts About The Foundation

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Here are some fun trivia facts about The Foundation that you might not have known about before:

  • There are many hints within the backend of Fortnite that suggest that The Foundation was not originally going to come out in Chapter 3, Season 1. Instead, it seems that he would have been a featured skin much earlier than that, perhaps even in Chapter 2, Season 7 or 8.
  • We already knew that The Foundation skin was likely to be The Rock due to the similar voices and nicknames. It also helped that there was a Dwayne Johnson Icon Series skin that was hinted at in the documents used as evidence in the Epic Games v. Apple trial.
  • One of The Rock’s signature wrestling moves is raising his eyebrow and staring. This is replicated in The Foundation with his Tactical Visor Toggle emote, where you can seem to do it in-game.
  • Again, The Foundation is considered a Fortnite-original character. After all, it is part of The Seven set. However, there are some hints that it is also somewhat considered a crossover skin, such as part of the Icon Series. Besides the court documents, there is also the fact that The Rock’s own company has trademarked the outfit. In this way, it appears that The Rock has rights to his own skin in a way, though the specifics of the contract with Epic are unknown.


Question: How do you complete the quests for The Foundation in Fortnite?

Answer: As mentioned above, there are a few quests that you can do to unlock The Foundation and other themed items. At least, that was the case in Chapter 3, Season 1. The main quest that you need to know about to unlock his skin was to visit Mighty Monument, one of the Seven outposts, and Sanctuary.
That was it. Once you visited all three locations, you immediately unlocked The Foundation skin. The best part is that you did not have to visit all three locations in the same match, either. Of course, there was more to The Foundation’s appearance than just his default skin.
There were other variants and styles that you could unlock. Giving a warm welcome to an IO officer, for instance, would grant you the unmasked version. Meanwhile, dealing 500 headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons would give you the Combat Elite visor. Then dealing 1000 damage to opponents from above with either shotguns or SMGs would give you the Tactical version of the visor.
And if that was still not enough, completing both pages of The Foundation’s quests would give you the Combat version of his skin as well as the Ultimate visor. Along the way, you could get other cosmetic items to complete the set, such as a glider, back bling, pickaxe, and so on.

Question: Will The Foundation come back?

Answer: The Foundation was in the Season 1 battle pass. As such, it is unlikely that he will ever come back, at least in the foreseeable future. Until Epic changes its policies on seasonal skins, there is no chance of him returning in the future.

Question: Who is The Foundation in Fortnite?

Answer: The Foundation is the leader of The Seven. As their leader, he answered the call and saved the multiverse at the end of Chapter 2, Season 5. His members have joined him, and they appear to be in an eternal fight against the Imagined Order, or IO.
The Foundation himself is the in-game representation of real-life celebrity, former wrestler, and current actor, The Rock. The Foundation is fully voiced by the superstar within the game itself. In addition, when The Foundation removes his helmet, he bears an exact resemblance to Dwayne Johnson.
It is likely that The Foundation is both a Fortnite-original character and a crossover with a real-life celebrity. The Foundation is key to much of the ongoing lore surrounding Fortnite. Though he and his organization are still shrouded much in mystery, it is likely that we are going to find out much more about them in the coming seasons.


Without a doubt, The Foundation is one of the most influential original characters in Fortnite’s history. He brought the community together as played tried to figure out who he was. Now that we know about The Foundation, it is officially time to find out more about The Seven as a whole.

More members of The Seven have appeared in the game since, including The Imagined. She is the most recent one to make an appearance, introduced in Chapter 3, Season 2. If you want to know more about this latest Fortnite season, be sure to see our Zero Build guide. There, we break down everything you need to know about this permanently new game mode.

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