Fortnite Quests Guide: How to Find and Complete Quests

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Fortnite is known for its battle royale experience that is one of the most popular in the genre, in large part due to the sheer amount of content that is available in it. Of that content, an integral but less flashy section is the quests, and the Fortnite quests guide is here to break them down.

Quests are but one portion of the battle royale experience, but they are crucial to making a season interesting, fun, and rewarding for players. To make sure that you know all about this sort of content and how it works, we have come up with a Fortnite quests guide so that you know everything about what they are and how to engage in them.

What are Quests?

Quests are known by a few different names, both officially and unofficially across the Fortnite community. Throughout the years and across the nearly 20 seasons and counting that have happened in the battle royale game, quests have gone by a few names.

The original name that Epic Games chose for these tasks was “challenges” during Chapter 1 before shifting to “missions” towards the end of the chapter with Season X and that era of battle royale.

However, during the second chapter of the game, “quests” would become the name for this feature, and it would stick for most of the eight seasons that happened during that period of the game.

In fact, it looks like quests are going to be the permanent name for the time being as it is once more the name for the challenges in Chapter 3. Like in other video games, quests are objectives that players are given.

Unlike in some games, though, these are all completely optional when it comes to playing Fortnite. You can just go about your business, having fun with your friends, aiming for those victory royales, and dancing on top of your enemies without a care in the world.

However, for many players who want to maximize their battle royale potential, the Fortnite quests are essential. They will ask you to do a task that is simple enough to understand but perhaps difficult in execution in exchange for some rewards.

Some of the examples of missions that you might get in Fortnite Chapter 3 include dealing 200 damage with a certain type of weapon, like an SMG, or getting an elimination while above your opponent.

However, there are more general types of challenges beyond just the standard damage and eliminations ones that are much more peaceful. Some will ask the player to just visit a certain number of named locations within the same match, for example.

Another might ask you to go somewhere like Chonker’s Speedway and find several items that are hidden around the point of interest. And yet there are still many more possible quests out there, like dancing in front of an NPC, gliding through hoops, or driving a car for a specified distance.

Epic Games has had many seasons to perfect this formula and, while there have been many changes over time, the overall idea of Fortnite quests is still the same.

At the end of the day, it is all about jumping into a match, heading to the right location for your objective, and trying to complete it as fast as possible. And when you’re done with that task, you will receive your respective rewards and be able to move on to the next one.

Where to Find Quests in Fortnite

Quest Challenges in Fortnite

When it comes to tackling the various Fortnite quests that are available to you, you could always just play the game how you normally do, and you’ll experience some rewards.

Challenges like driving a car for a certain distance or eliminating players at a particular location are fairly common occurrences that do not require too much planning to make happen.

That said, there are a lot of quests that are more specific, and you could easily go an entire season without finishing it if you do not know where to look. That is why it is highly recommended that players take a look at their quests often and see what is available to them.

Unfortunately, Epic Games makes the task of finding your various quests sort of annoyingly difficult at times. There are two main ways to view your current missions, and it really depends on where you are at in the game currently.

If you are in the lobby for battle royale matches, waiting for your friends, or the queue to pop, you can view the current missions in the meantime. To do this, head on over to the lobby screen, where you can see your party members and the game mode that you have selected.

From here, you just need to press the particular button that is associated with the “new quests here” feature. For myself on PlayStation, that button is the touchpad, but it can vary depending on your platform of choice.

Once you have pressed that button, it will bring up the menu that shows all of the Fortnite quests that you currently have. They are smartly grouped together into various missions depending on the type of quest.

So, if you already know what kind of quest you are looking for at this time, you can go through the list and find the ones that are relative to your particular interests at the time. Better yet, there is a map on the next tab that will show the entire island.

You can use the map to easily plan out your journey in the next battle royale match that you do. You can communicate with your teammates and figure out what the best plan of action is for the quests that you have at this time.

However, this is not the only place where you are able to find your list of current quests. The other one could be considered more convenient due to the place where you are able to view them.

It would be annoying if you could only see your available quests in the lobby, as that would mean having to memorize the locations and tasks that you have. This is actually how Fortnite used to work in some of the earlier chapters and seasons.

Thankfully, Epic has introduced some quality-of-life features over time, like being able to view some of your challenges while in the middle of a match. To do this, press the start button or whichever key/button on your platform brings up the menu in the middle of a match.

When you do so, you can see the quests that are available to you as well as the map of the island. It does not always show all of your missions, though, but mainly the ones that are most relevant to what you’re doing right now.

While you cannot see all of them, you are able to see the map marked with the various locations of some of your missions. This is really helpful as it can simplify the sometimes frustrating task of cross-referencing what the mission says with where you need to go for it.

You can then take that information and mark the next spot on the island map that you need to go to so that you have a clear goal in front of you. Or, if it is not a quest that you need to head to a specific destination for, this method can help you keep track of how much progress you’ve made on it, so you know how much more damage, eliminations, and so on you need to do.

How Quests Work in Chapter 3

Fortnite Quests

When it comes to Chapter 3 of Fortnite, the quests are a bit different from what players might have become accustomed to in Chapter 2. Epic went through several iterations over the course of the past eight seasons from the previous chapter before settling on a final one.

In the end, though, Epic Games changed the Fortnite quests once more with the first season of Chapter 3 to make it more like the system was back in the day. For some, this might be welcome for its simple approach, but it could be considered uninteresting for others.

Quests in Chapter 3 work like they once did in the original chapter of Fortnite battle royale by having Epic just release a weekly batch of missions for players to do every single week of the current season.

Players will have a group of missions that they can do during week one and then more that arrive in week two, week three, etc., until the end of the season, from which it starts all over. These missions are somewhat time-sensitive, but you do have a good bit of time to complete them, so there should be no concerns about that.

This gradual process of releasing the seasonal quests is good since it does allow players to have a constant flow of missions and rewards to unlock. But it might be disappointing for the players who were used to the punchcard system and what was used during Chapter 2.

What is worth keeping in mind, though, is that Epic is no stranger to changing how the Fortnite quests work in the middle of the same chapter, so while this might be the system right now in Season 1, it could very well change over time back to the punchcard system or even something entirely new and different. We will have to wait and see for now.

How to Complete Quests

The goal of doing a quest in Fortnite is to eventually complete it and receive the rewards from it. For some quests, this means doing a single objective, and you’re done with it, but for others, this could mean taking out more than one enemy.

In other quests still, it could even mean that you will need to spend several hours doing multiple matches in order to complete the mission. No matter what, though, the act of completing a challenge is generally the same.

Once you have finished the objectives that you need to do for that particular task, the game will notify you on the left side of the screen that you have completed it. This also goes for notifications about partial completion as well.

At this point in time, you are done with the mission, but the amount of time to receive your reward can depend on the quest. For some, the reward will be given to you as soon as you see that notification pop up.

For others, though, it may require you to finish the current match that you are in and then head back to the lobby in order to receive your reward for that mission. Regardless of how it works, here are some general tips that we have for completing Fortnite quests.

General Tips

Fortnite Team Rumble

During my time over the years since Fortnite’s release in 2017, there are some basic patterns that I have noticed when it comes to the missions that Epic Games comes up with. Even with brand new quests, there are some tips that work for most of them.

For one, the game mode that you are playing is one of the most important parts for taking on a quest in Fortnite. There are so many game modes these days, like solos, duos, Arena, Team Rumble, and many more. It only grows in number when you include stuff like Creative and event modes.

For the purposes of these quests, be sure to stick to only the official modes that Epic Games has come out with. For the most part, this means only the battle royale game modes and Team Rumble.

Team Rumble is an extremely important mode since most quests can be completed in it unless specified otherwise. The main exceptions are ones that, specifically, state a game mode or ones that deal with placing in the top 10 or winning a battle royale match.

But for everything else, like dealing damage, getting eliminations, visiting certain locations, and so on, most of these can be done in Team Rumble and should be. This is largely due to the fact that this game mode is not a battle royale one at all.

It is a 20 versus 20 Team Deathmatch-style game mode where your team’s goal is to reach a certain number of kills before the other team does to win the match. Because of this, much of the frustration surrounding certain quests are mitigated.

For one, quests that deal with heading to a certain point of interest usually turn that place into a battlefield with dozens of players trying to do the same thing at once. In Team Rumble, half the players are on your team, so you do not have to worry about everyone trying to take you out.

Furthermore, if you are eliminated in the middle of completing a quest, you can keep going instantly since there are respawns in this mode. In addition, there is more time to do tasks since you are not dealing with the craziness of surviving against the storm with a single life.

The other general tip that we have is to try to accomplish as many quests as you can with your in-game friends. Most quests these days allow you to assist and be assisted by your teammates, which can make the process a lot easier.

For instance, if a mission tells you to open up ten treasure chests in a certain location and you open up five, and your teammate opens up another five, you will automatically be done with the mission. In this case, you only had to do half the work since your teammate helped you out.

This is a great way to help yourself and your friends, too, since they will have the same missions as you. I like to queue up with my friends and family online to do challenges together, and it is a fun way to hang out and get rewarded in a more relaxing way. This can work for many quests that have multiple parts to them, like getting several eliminations, lots of damage, and more.

Different Types of Quests

Fortnite Types of Quests

Epic Games releases various types of quests for players to do in Fortnite to shake up the gameplay formula every once in a while. There are four main types of quests that we have compiled below, with each one offering something different in terms of gameplay mechanics and rewards.

Normal Weekly Quests

The bread-and-butter, so to speak of the Fortnite quests, are the weekly quests that are offered every week. We already dove some into these missions, but the overall goal of these is to provide players with some content to do every week of a season.

Even if there are no new events or game modes for players to check out, players can still enjoy doing the new quests every week with their friends. There will be objectives and tasks that will possibly even ask players to do stuff or use weapons that they normally would not even touch.

The normal weekly quests can be repetitive and not always the most fun challenges to complete, but they are worth it for the expected and always welcome rewards that come along with them.

You do not have to do anything to accept one of these quests, either, as they will simply appear in your quest log at the same time every week. The best part is that you do not have to do them as soon as they come out if you don’t want to.

The weekly quests in a season will stick around until the end of that respective season, so you can just take your time and complete them when you are able to play the game.

Season Quests

Another major part of a season is the new seasonal quests that are offered. Besides the weekly ones, there are also special seasonal quests that are offered with unique rewards that you cannot get anywhere else.

Usually, the season quests are tied around a free skin for owners of the premium battle pass. Previously known as hidden battle pass skin, there is a crossover or new skin character that players can unlock.

In past seasons, this included characters like Deadpool, Superman, The Mandalorian, and more. When these skins arrive, there are new seasonal quests that you can do to unlock that skin for free.

There are several missions usually included in this batch of seasonal quests, and they will unlock other cosmetic items that are themed around that particular character, like pickaxes, loading screens, and more. Like the weekly quests, they will stick around in the game for players to complete them until the end of the season.

Limited Time Event Quests

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Even

Occasionally, Epic Games will offer a limited-time event for players to check out in Fortnite. Some of these will be based around crossovers with other properties like Marvel or DC Comics, while some are themed around a particular season, like the Fortnitemares event during the Halloween season.

During these events, Epic Games usually offers new challenges for players to complete, and these are fairly special. They will centre around the event, meaning that the objectives for them are different from the usual quests.

It might ask the player to don a particular skin or outfit or even use one of the special gameplay mechanics or items that have been added to the game with the update.

The event might also include new areas for players to visit on the map that are themed, and the event quests could deal with heading to those locations, too. Given that these are different from the regular missions in Fortnite, they usually have unique rewards, too.

Skin Quests

Lastly, the final group of quests that are worth mentioning is the skin-specific challenges. Some of the skins in Fortnite are customizable with skin styles and other options available for them.

These skins will sometimes come with their own quests that are only unlocked if you own that cosmetic item. You will need to complete those tasks in order to unlock new rewards for that skin, like a different colour scheme or related item.

Skin quests are usually found with either some of the battle pass skins that you can unlock there in the season or with crossover skins in the item shop that cost V-Bucks currency.

Fortnite Quest Rewards

Speaking of rewards, the items that you get for completing the Fortnite quests will vary depending on the quest type that you are doing. When it comes to the normal weekly quests each season, these generally give only experience, and that is it.

That said, experience is definitely important and worth doing these challenges for since that will level up your account for the season and grant you more battle pass rewards. This is also the best way to get experience in most seasons.

For the other quests that you can do in the game, like events, skins, and seasonal ones, the rewards can vary greatly. Many of them will also include experience, in addition to cosmetic rewards that you cannot get anywhere else.

Fortnite Punchcard System Explained

Fortnite Punchcard System

While the Fortnite punchcard system is mostly gone in Chapter 3 after being the quests mechanic used in Season 8, there is a chance that it could come back in the future.

The punchcard system was annoying for some but also one of the most refreshing ways of handling challenges in a long time. How it worked was that each of the NPCs (non-player characters) that you can visit on the island would have a punchcard associated with them.

When you visited the NPC, they would give you a set of challenges to complete, and finishing one of them would grant you the next one. After finishing off about five or so quests from that person, you would complete the punchcard and receive bonus experience.

There was a lot of experience that was offered this way, and it was fun getting to know where each NPC was located on the island. Given that Epic is known for bringing back mechanics after a period of time with improvements made, it is likely that the punchcard quests system will return someday.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Do Fortnite Quests Work?

Answer: The shortened version of what I mentioned above is this: Fortnite quests are challenges, missions, and tasks that players are given by Epic Games within the battle royale title.
The general idea for Fortnite quests is to complete the objective(s) within a period of time, which could be before a particular season or limited-time event ends.
These tasks can range from simply visiting a location on the island to getting so much damage with a certain weapon to even finding hidden objects around the map.
Regardless of how a specific quest works, the general idea is to complete that task so that you can earn a reward from it. This reward could be some experience to level your account more quickly or cosmetic items to bolster your locker collection.

Question: How Do I See Fortnite Quests?

Answer: As for how to see the Fortnite quests that you have available to you, there are a couple of ways to do this, as mentioned above in our general Fortnite quests guide.
The first of these is to look while in the battle royale lobby for the game and not in a match yet. As already mentioned above in the main Fortnite quests guide, be sure to head to the lobby tab where you see all of your teammates.
From there, be sure to press the corresponding button that is noted for viewing the current quests. This will pull up the list of the missions that are currently available to you. However, this is not the only method of viewing challenges. In fact, there is a more convenient way of doing so.
While you are in the middle of a battle royale match, open up your menu, and you will be able to see the available quests that you have on the left side of the screen. For many of the quests that have specific locations attached to them, the game will even mark where you need to head for it on your map to make it a bit easier.

Question: What Are the Epic Quests in Fortnite?

Answer: For some of the seasons in Fortnite, the challenges are ranked by their rarity. Similar to how weapons in the game have common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarities, so can quests.
Generally, quests are divided into only two rarity types, though: epic and legendary. The epic ones are just the regular weekly seasonal quests that players will receive as the season progresses.
These are the most basic form of quests that you can get and will allow you to earn some valuable experience that will help you to level up your account and battle pass to earn all of the various cosmetic items that are available for the season.
When it comes to legendary quests, there are two main ways that these are handled. Sometimes they are the overarching missions that ask the player to complete a certain number of challenges like “do ten quests in total”, and they will receive a better reward for accomplishing that.
On the other hand, legendary quests can also be time-sensitive missions, even more than the usual season challenges. They might only be available for a week or two and have harsher requirements for completion that, in turn, reward the player with even greater experience and other rewards than the epic challenges do.

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