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Set the scene for a moment. It is nearing wintertime, the holiday season is approaching, and the weather outside is frightening. But the inside of your home is so exciting because you have a Fortnite blanket to curl up with and stay warm while you play some battle royale matches. That is the sort of winter fun that I would want to have, and it is possible when you have the best Fortnite blankets for the occasion. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry since I have you covered on that front.

Ever since my start with Fortnite in 2017, my favorite moments with the battle royale game have been during the winter when it is getting colder outside. As such, I have come up with the best Fortnite blankets that you can find all over the internet. These blankets will ensure that you stay warm during the colder months and be your cuddly companion, too, for the rest of the year as well. Here are the blankets that will complete anyone’s bed.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best Fortnite blankets are the ones that are moldable to the person who owns them. Some of these large blankets are the crowning jewel of the bedding for a kid’s room. Others are simply throw blankets that are an accent for the room or an extra bit of comfort when the nights get longer, and the weather gets colder. Regardless, they all have to have some sort of connection to Fortnite, and it needs to be apparent to the owner of the blanket. You can find the best Fortnite blankets on sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Meowscles and Skull Trooper Blanket

For my friends in a hurry who don’t want to look through a long list, here are the five best of the best picks that you need to know about. These are my true favorites among all of the blankets here:

  1. Meowscles and Skull Trooper Blanket: Meowscles and Skull Trooper are just a couple of the stars of this black and white busy blanket. Other callouts, characters, and slogans are all over this crowded but spectacularly designed blanket that is decently sized.
  2. Fortnite Brite Unicorn Throw Blanket: Small but mighty, this colorful blanket is primarily blue with a rainbow, some clouds, and a beautiful loot unicorn ready to become your best friend.
  3. Cuddle Team Leader Blanket: If Cuddle Team Leader doesn’t creep you out, this is the blanket for you. It is dripping with hot pink from top to bottom with only a little green to change it from the pink blanket and pink, chibi rendition of Cuddle Team Leader.
  4. Fortnite Nana Weighted Blanket: For those who need extra comfort, this weighted blanket might be simple in its Fortnite logo design, but the added weight is a nice touch.
  5. Battle Bus Loading Screen Blanket: This blanket resembles one of the battle bus loading screens from the game itself while also looking stunning at the same time. The artistic version of the battle bus with the gorgeous sunset helps this somewhat small blanket stand out.

Buying Tips

Before you run out and start buying some blankets that are Fortnite-themed, I have a couple of tips for you. This first one might be one that you already know, but I always recommend searching beyond just the first blanket that you happen to find.

That is why I included 20 items on this list to give you plenty of choices to look at. But this also applies to where you buy it from. Some retailers share the same blankets, so you might want to check and see if another site has the same blanket, perhaps for slightly cheaper due to a coupon or sale.

I also think blankets are one of the Fortnite merch categories that lend itself quite well to homemade and custom-designed versions. Don’t feel like you have to go with the only designs that are available online. Theoretically, you could make a homemade Fortnite blanket or hire someone to do it for you.

If you don’t mind splurging on time and money here, it is possible to take the favorite skin or character you or your child loves and then turn that into your own custom blanket. This is helpful, too, if you find that the blankets here are too small for your liking or the materials aren’t the greatest.

Speaking of the size of the blanket, my final recommendation is always to check the dimensions of the blanket and what materials are being used. The latter is to avoid any itchy blankets or allergy issues, while the former is so that you don’t get surprised by a tiny throw blanket when it arrives on your doorstep. And if a site doesn’t list both, avoid it at all costs.

Selection Criteria

When it came to selecting the Fortnite blankets on this list, I had a few criteria that were in mind. First off, I wanted to make sure that the designs were worthy of being Fortnite-related and not just some throwaway attempt. There is one main exception, but we’ll get to that below.

To this point, it had to be a design that I would like to have, or I know that one of my loved ones would like to have. In addition, an essential factor is the blanket itself. It has to be something I would feel comfortable with or that I think someone I love would be comfortable owning.

Unfortunately, I can’t feel each of these blankets myself, so I am judging based on the materials and sizes given. To this point, I tried to include a wide range of blankets, from small throw blankets that are soft and plushy to the more oversized comforters that you would have as the star of your bedding.

Best Fortnite Blankets List

Here are all the best Fortnite blankets you need to know about, in no particular order. I included 20 in total, and they are quite different from one another, appealing to different budgets and preferences.

#01 Fortnite Town Blanket

Fortnite Town Blanket

This first blanket from Amazon is interesting because I don’t immediately recognize this location. The blanket features an entire town in the style of Fortnite that is covered across the entire blanket. But I don’t recognize this location, not even from my time in Save the World for a bit.

It almost looks like a town that someone created in Creative mode, but I still love the detailed locations like the large red building, the farm, satellite facility, and more. I also appreciate that this blanket has multiple size options to choose from, so you can get the right one for you. It’s just unfortunate that the size choices aren’t all that different from one another.


  • The town design might be unfamiliar, but the style is undoubtedly detailed and in the vein of Fortnite
  • The different size options are always nice


  • That said, the size options aren’t too radically different from one another
  • Still a relatively medium-sized blanket at best, even with the largest size option

#02 Blue Fleece Camo Dance Blanket

Blue Fleece Camo Dance Blanket

I like to consider this blanket to be like a blue camouflage fleece blanket. You have different shades of blue, much like blue camo has, but in a Fortnite style. Instead of splotches of different shades of blue randomly throughout, these spots are Fortnite characters.

And these characters, though unable to be identified, are doing various dance emotes on the blanket. This adds some goofy antics to the blanket that I appreciate. The only downside is that it is a little on the small to medium size (unsurprisingly since it is fleece), but its price is quite up there.


  • For the Fortnite and camo fans out there
  • There are lots of different dance emotes shown off
  • Fleece!


  • It is up there in price given the small to medium size

#03 Raven 3D Printed Blanket

Raven 3D Printed Blanket

For this next entry, we have a pretty unique blanket. You see, it seems that this Fortnite Merch store happens to 3D print their own items, such as this Raven blanket. The design of this blanket is absolutely stunning, with the high attention to detail that was put into recreating the Raven skin.

The Raven skin from Chapter 1 looks stellar, while the background matches him quite nicely. It is like this creepy space background with swirls of planets and other events happening in the background. I just wish the random logo for Raven wasn’t there.

That said, this and the other blankets from this site are a mystery since I am not too familiar with 3D-printed blankets and their comfort level. That said, the image of the blanket they seem to use looks somewhat soft and plushy, so it could be great.


  • One of the best (if not the best) designs for a Fortnite blanket
  • There are several size options, from small to medium


  • 3D printing could leave room for some less than fantastic quality
  • The blanket looks comfy, but this is unconfirmed

#04 Doctor Slone Fleece Blanket

Doctor Slone Fleece Blanket

This blanket is likely for you if you still like Doctor Slone somehow, despite her backstabbing nature. It features the key art from Chapter 2, Season 7, also known as the Invasion season. We can see the Fortnite logo up front and center, along with Doctor Slone as the most significant part of the design.

The background is nice, with the various alien ships sucking up cars and other objects into the purple night sky. I love this key art, and it works pretty well for a blanket. This one has a lot of size options, too, including some rather large ones for bigger beds.


  • Lots of really good size options that are decently priced
  • The Doctor Slone Season 7 artwork is always phenomenal


  • Like before, the result of this 3D-printed blanket is unknown

#05 Fortnite Compilation Blanket

Fortnite Compilation Blanket

This particular 3D-printed blanket includes a Brady Bunch-style compilation of many different Fortnite characters. You can see a whole lot of skins from back in the day, like Drift, Jonesy, and many more. There are a lot of skins that appear here, so there are sure to be some favorites for most players.

The squares are cleanly designed and separated, allowing for some controlled chaos, despite the numerous different characters and the alternating orange and purple boxes. This might be a great pick for the players who have lots of characters they love.


  • Lots of beloved characters featured on this blanket
  • The squares are neatly organized to avoid being too chaotic
  • Plenty of sizes


  • You’re once again gambling on a 3D-printed blanket

#06 Llion Fleece Blanket

Llion Fleece Blanket

For this next of the 3D printed blankets, I chose to focus on this Llion version. To be clear, this site has a lot of different designs since they are just easily printing them on there. That said, there were a few that stood out, including this Llion one.

This includes some key art for the famous Fortnite character in all of his glowing loot llama head glory. It’s too bad they didn’t include the actual lion variant of this skin, but oh well. You also get some other characters on each side of him if you like them, plus a nice bright gradient background.


  • Some highly detailed skins that people love, like Llion
  • Once again, lots of sizes to choose from


  • Once more, you are taking somewhat of a gamble on how the blanket feels

#07 Fortnite Chapter 2 Fleece Blanket

Fortnite Chapter 2 Fleece Blanket

I’ve made it clear on here before that Chapter 2 is still my favorite era of Fortnite, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. One example of why I love the chapter so much is the iconic island and this key art from the very first season of it is a nice representation of that place.

You can see so much of the island, including various landmarks and points of interest. It is so bright and colorful, with the three characters, including Jonesy, ready to conquer the island. I actually appreciate this final 3D-printed blanket for removing the Fortnite logo, as it adds to the cinematic quality in this blanket version.


  • The Chapter 2, Season 1 key art is as stunning as ever before
  • The decision to remove the Fortnite logo was a smart one
  • A solid number of sizes to choose from, including 47×31 inches all the way up to 87×59 inches


  • You are still taking a risk on this 3D-printed blanket

#08 Loot Llama Extravaganza Blanket

Loot Llama Extravaganza Blanket

Moving away from the 3D printed blankets now, we come to the more traditional ones with this classic loot llama blanket. People adore this symbol for Fortnite, and for a good reason. Epic Games came up with one of the most ridiculous video game characters of all time.

In this blanket form, we have a standard blue blanket that comes with loot llama heads all over it. What I appreciate is that they didn’t just stick to the traditional purple head. There are blue ones, yellow ones, and even red ones. This gives a nice mix of llama heads for you to look at.


  • Loot llama fans, rejoice!


  • Quite expensive for the size

#09 Meowscles and Skull Trooper Black and White Blanket

Meowscles and Skull Trooper Black and White Blanket

Of all the blankets on this list, there is not a single one that comes even close to being as busy and chaotic as this one right here. I call it the Meowscles and Skull Trooper blanket, but, in truth, they are only small segments of this entire blanket.

It is a black and white blanket with tons of characters, slogans, and more, all up and down it from top to bottom. There is the aforementioned Skull Trooper head, Meowscles head, a grenade, Peely’s tiny face, Victory Royale, Cuddle Team Leader (the words, not the character for some reason), and so much more. You could spend a while just staring at and appreciating the images on this blanket.


  • Evenly priced for how amazing the design is
  • There are so many images and characters to appreciate on this blanket


  • There might be too much going on here for some players

#10 Fortnite Tomatohead Blanket

Fortnite Tomatohead Blanket

Let’s take a step back and go back to the simpler times. It is almost like a tale of two different blankets, going from the previous black and white one to this one. Well, for starters, this Tomatohead blanket has a lot more gray going on with it, not to mention a more organized design.

There are recurring heads of Tomatohead himself plus a slice of pizza, and that’s it. It is all well organized and simple and perfect for those players who love Tomatohead as a character. I don’t and find him quite creepy, but I know there are players who would love to have this blanket.


  • A simple recurring design that is pleasing to the eyes (if you like Tomatohead)
  • The black, white, and gray color scheme is nice


  • If you don’t like Tomatohead, stay away from this possibly nightmare-inducing blanket

#11 Brite Unicorn Throw Blanket

Brite Unicorn Throw Blanket

This is absolutely one of my favorite blankets on this entire list. The throw blanket has a gorgeous design, including an all-baby blue color scheme and a matching unicorn. Yes, they used the unicorn instead of the loot llama, which I certainly appreciate.

Behind the loot, unicorn is a cloud that is nicely stylized in a cartoon format and a rainbow. Altogether, this is a colorful and heartwarming blanket that is likely going to be just as comforting when you cuddle up with it as well. This is due to the throw material that should be pretty soft. The craziest part is that it is a decent small to medium size that is a bargain for this price.


  • Adorable design with the unicorn, cloud, and rainbow
  • Some bang for your buck with this 60 inches by 46 inches throw blanket that is only $20


  • The baby blue splash might be a bit too much for some Fortnite fans

#12 Cuddle Team Leader Blanket

Cuddle Team Leader Blanket

Cuddle Team Leader is always going to be a hit-or-miss kind of character. You either love her, or you hate her with a burning passion. I’m kind of in the middle, though, with just being afraid of her. The pink and white cuddly bear person in costume is creepy but cute and with a lot of fans.

If you’re one of those Cuddle Team Leader fans, you will probably love this blanket. It features her in a chibi form that looks surprisingly different in the face than she is in the game. In addition to her, there is a matching hot pink blanket background with a little green grass and a scared shrub for some reason.


  • This is for the Cuddle Team Leader fans
  • The hot pink is everywhere


  • That shrub is terrified for a reason

#13 Battle Bus Kids Throw Blanket

Battle Bus Kids Throw Blanket

The battle bus is our best friend, and this iteration of the iconic vehicle is quite unique. They went for a disco battle bus feel, showing off a bus that is in the form of a huge speaker and a boogie bomb grenade on top of it instead of a hot air balloon.

This unique take on the battle bus is already fun and intriguing alone, but then you add in the equally funky coloration. The color scheme is composed mostly of blue, yellow, and green, and this intriguing gradient feel in the background works pretty well. It helps, too, that this is super cheap right now.


  • Super cheap (at least at the time of writing; doesn’t seem to be a sale)
  • Nice groovy take on the battle bus
  • Unique coloration


  • The color scheme might not be for everyone

#14 Fortnite Nana Weighted Blanket

Fortnite Nana Weighted Blanket

What I have found with some of my loved ones, personally, is that a weighted blanket is quite helpful for people. Not only is it a welcome physical comfort, but it has even been a recommended item for some people who deal with anxiety or falling asleep.

I know some people who benefit from this quite a lot, and there are even some kids who can be helped by a weighted blanket. This Fortnite weighted blanket is quite unique in that it makes up for the fact that its design is rather simplistic, with just the Fortnite logo and blue coloring.

I do wish there was more to this blanket, but this does. I will say that any parent or guardian looking to get this for their child should consult with a doctor first. This one is lighter than some weighted blankets at only five pounds, but that still brings with it some danger.


  • Fortnite weighted blanket
  • Helpful for those who need it


  • Only for those who genuinely need it and have consulted with someone (especially in the case of minors)
  • The design is a little too simplistic
  • This weighted blanket will undoubtedly cost you

#15 Battle Bus Sunset Blanket

Battle Bus Sunset Blanket

This is definitely one of my favorite blankets on this list, and I am seriously considering getting it myself as a nice little extra blanket for when it’s really cold, or I’m at the computer. In this case, we have the battle bus back once more, but the difference this time around is that it is closer to what you expect.

I actually think the shadowy nature of the battle bus is a nice touch that pairs exceptionally well with the sunset background going on behind. The gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows of the sky are a showstopper for this blanket. Sadly, it reminds me of those sunset and nighttime battle royale matches that are far too rare for me.


  • The reserved battle bus design works
  • The stunning sunset is the real star here


  • Quite expensive even on sale

#16 Fortnite Llama Travel Blanket

Fortnite Llama Travel Blanket

What I appreciate about this blanket is that it makes it clear from the start that it is meant for travel or lounging around, not for the actual purpose of being a full-time blanket to sleep with. That reflects in the price, too, which is about as cheap as it gets for a fleece blanket like this one.

The design is intriguing, featuring an almost artistic expression piece of four loot llama heads. They each have different colored heads, like the regular purple or even blue, and backgrounds, too.


  • Cheap as can be for a blanket
  • This is a welcome travel or secondary lounging blanket
  • The llama head design is so unique and artistic


  • Loot llama haters beware

#17 Fortnite Camo Dance Blanket

Fortnite Camo Dance Blanket

The camo blanket has returned once more to grace us with its presence. This time around, it goes for a dark gray camo aesthetic instead of the blue one before. Like before, it has dancing Fortnite figures who act as the camo splotches of darker and lighter colors in the pattern. Though there are more Fortnite characters on this one than on the previous camo one, it seems.


  • Arguably the best variant of camo possible
  • There are lots of dancing Fortnite characters


  • You’ll either love or hate the camo

#18 Shopping Cart Duos Blanket

Shopping Cart Duos Blanket

This blanket doesn’t have a proper name for it, so I gave it my own. What we have here is a blue background that features not one but two different basic Fortnite skins. One is driving a shopping cart that the other one is riding in. I really adore their charming and joyful little smiling chibi selves.


  • The chibi Fortnite characters are adorable
  • It gives off the joy of having a great duos partner


  • It’s too bad there aren’t other background color options or character options to choose from

#19 Black Knight Blue Camo Blanket

Black Knight Blue Camo Blanket

It wasn’t until the second time that I really looked at this blanket that I even realized that it was a camo one, which is a good thing, in my opinion. This is because the focus here is on the Black Knight in the middle, who steals this blanket’s show. We only get his head here, but the added weapons at the bottom, the Fortnite logo, and the camo in the background add up to a likely favorite for some players.


  • Black Knight looks great, even if it’s just his head
  • The added camo is a nice bonus for those who like it


  • More background options for this blanket would be nice

#20 Battle Bus Blue Blanket

Battle Bus Blue Blanket

Finally, we have the last Fortnite battle bus blanket and blanket in general. It is pretty simple, having a dark blue background with repeating patterns of lighter blue battle buses. This is one of the safer options for kids who like the color blue.


  • Fans of blue will love it
  • A safe blanket option


  • Not a whole lot going on with this blanket


Question: What is a Fortnite blanket full size?

Answer: The size of a full-size blanket usually is at least 80 inches by 90 inches. You will have a hard time finding a Fortnite blanket that size as none of the ones on this list has that size. They are meant more for twin beds and the like but could squeeze on a full size but not cover the whole bed.

Question: What is the best Fortnite llama blanket? 

Answer: The best llama Fortnite blanket has to be the Brite Unicorn blanket if you count that, or the Llama Travel blanket.

Question: Where to get a Fortnite blanket and pillow?

Answer: Unfortunately, none of these blankets come with a pillow that matches them. You’ll either have to look for that combo through a complete bedding set, which is rare, or buy a matching pillow separately.

Amazing Fortnite Items to Buy Next

When it comes time for you to pick a blanket to purchase, I have one final recommendation for you. If you can’t figure out which one to get, the best overall choice to me has to be the battle bus loading screen sunset blanket. It has colors that can appeal to others and a design that is versatile, too.

When you’re ready to pick up some other merch items besides blankets, head on over to our greatest hits of all of the Fortnite merch categories for more recommendations.

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