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There are many ways to show love for a game like Fortnite, but one of the easiest methods is wearing themed clothes. Since starting out day one with Fortnite in 2017 when it came out, I have seen the value in Fortnite garments and have been an avid purchaser of various Fortnite t-shirts for years. Mainly to gift to my family members and friends, but I’m using some of the past ideas I have for the epic Fortnite shirt ideas you’ll see here.

These epic Fortnite shirt ideas are based around what I find to be the most impressive examples of showing your love for the viral, number-one battle royale game in the world. Whether you have kids who love Fortnite or you want something classy to show your passion for the game, you are in the right place. Let’s look at the best shirt ideas you can find for Fortnite.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are many Fortnite shirts that you could find out there, some of which are already being sold in stores and online, but there are others that you can only make yourself. Going through third parties who make handmade shirts for you, you can take any design idea you find and turn it into a shirt. Some of the best shirt ideas that I find are ones that are simplistic but fun while retaining the creativity and goofy flair that Fortnite is known for. The best sites I use to find Fortnite shirt ideas are Redbubble, Instagram, and TikTok.

Epic Fortnite Shirt Ideas: Selection Criteria

When coming up with this list, there were a few notable selection criteria that I kept in mind. For one, it has to be Fortnite-related in one way or another. This could be through literally having the Fortnite logo or a catchphrase, or even just an image of a character from the game.

Furthermore, I also made sure to include ideas that I like myself or would gladly give to someone I know and love. If I don’t see the value in the design idea, I won’t dare share it with you. Basically, if I wouldn’t let my kid or a family member wear it, I wouldn’t suggest it to you.

But more than touting that a shirt idea has to do with Fortnite, I think a shirt idea must capture the authentic look and feel of Fortnite. It is one thing just to stick the Fortnite logo on a shirt, but a different thing to provide a shirt that gives off the creativity and vibes that playing Fortnite does. Those are the truly special shirt ideas I included in this list.

Epic Fortnite Shirt Ideas List

Here are the 20 best Fortnite shirt ideas that I came up with. Some of them are already existing shirts that you can head to the link and buy for yourself right now. But there are others who are simply images that I think would work well as a shirt that you could order from an online store. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Crankin’ 90s

Ignoring the Zero Build game mode that is prevalent these days, the heart of Fortnite goes back to the olden days when the building mechanic was required in nearly every single game type. Whether you love or hate it, the building is part of the identity of Fortnite and what sets it apart from other battle royale games.

Of course, if you got into the building in Fortnite and wanted to become a pro someday, then you know a little bit about cranking out those 90s. This fundamental part of speed building to survive and nab that victory royale is something that every pro starts with.

That is why I like how this Crankin’ 90s shirt doesn’t give away that it is Fortnite-related with a logo or anything. Basically, if you know, you know, so only the true skilled Fortnite players will appreciate seeing you wear this shirt.

Victory Dance

This Redbubble shirt is one of the goofiest ideas on this list, but the best part is that it isn’t in your face about it. The shirt idea only includes nine different poses that are all frames taken from various dance emotes in Fortnite. You have the default dance, the Floss, the salute, and many more that players famously use to taunt or celebrate a victory.

This is all with the pictures being a white silhouette with a black background, giving it a classy feel that isn’t too flashy or anything like that. I appreciate this aspect of it, once again, showing some love to the players who are the real fans of Fortnite, especially from the beginning, and know all of these emotes.

Fortnite Birthday Shirt: Best Option for Kids

One of the most memorable occasions for a kid is their birthday every year. Though I never had a themed birthday party as a kid (I’m alright, sort of), I can promise you that I would want a Fortnite-themed birthday party if I were a kid growing up these days.

In fact, I can tell you right now that a particular family member of mine had a Fortnite birthday party which I planned a couple of years back. At that time, one of the ideas that we had was to provide the birthday boy with a themed Fortnite birthday shirt like this one. I think it is such a brilliant way of personalizing a shirt tailored just for them.

However, I will note here that I do not recommend putting their name on the shirt; leave it at birthday boy or girl. Never put such personal info for strangers to easily find out. With that out of the way, though, you can still personalize a birthday Fortnite shirt. Add in an image of their favorite character, skin, or place to visit. That is totally fine and recommended.

Floss Like a Boss


There are many eras of Fortnite over the last few years, including the Floss era. When Fortnite was getting popular for its wild dance emotes, the Floss became a sensation and was everywhere. Celebrities were doing it, grandmas were doing it, people who had never played Fortnite were doing it, and so on.

Flossing is now a permanent fixture of dancing, even if you’ve never touched a video game before. Of course, only the best of the best can Floss like a boss with this t-shirt design. I particularly like the font and graffiti-like style the Instagram artist chose for this design. I do think that the character pose could have been a bit better, so feel free to tweak it as you see fit.

Fortnite Unicorn Shirt


Step aside, loot llamas; there is a new mystical Fortnite beast in town. This glorious rainbow unicorn in the style of the loot llamas is a nice representation of taking a character (or creature in this case) that you like from the battle royale game and turning them into the featured image for a Fortnite shirt idea.

The image of the Fortnite unicorn is nicely designed, keeping the style and feel of Fortnite’s own art style intact. At the same time, though, it is the Fortnite logo here that I love the most. Usually, I would yawn at the logo on a shirt, but the accurate logo font and beautiful gradients of blues, pinks, and purples across the letters look so gorgeous that I want the logo on its own almost.

I’ve Got 99 Problems


If you’ve got 99 problems and a victory royale isn’t one, this is the right Fortnite shirt idea for you. I appreciate the fact that this shirt references not only an iconic song but also the fact that there are up to 100 players in a single match of Fortnite.

More than that, though, it isn’t in your face about what the shirt is talking about. If you know it’s Fortnite, great, we can be friends. If you don’t, though, it just looks like a simple black-and-white shirt that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. Sometimes less is more, and that is precisely the case here with this nearly meme-worthy example of a t-shirt design.

Becoming a Fortnite Superstar Ninja


Years ago, one of the most significant contributors to the success of Fortnite was a, at the time, relatively small streamer known as Ninja. Before long, he became not only the largest, most successful Fortnite content creator around but also the biggest Twitch streamer on the entire planet.

His success and Fortnite’s success were once interlinked with one another, to the point of him becoming immortalized in the game with his own skin. This shirt idea is for the hardcore Ninja and Fortnite fans out there with his skin featured on it with a high level of detail.

I don’t like the kid’s name on the shirt, as again, don’t give away personal info, but you could always put Ninja, Fortnite, or some other cool logo here. Use this shirt to channel your inner Ninja to rise to the top as the next primary Fortnite content creator.

Straight Outta Salty Springs

Winning the award for the most hilarious meme-worthy shirt idea that I could find for Fortnite is this one. Straight Outta Salty Springs takes the Compton vibes and translates it to the small Fortnite island. If you want to show your love for a famous Fortnite location, this is the shirt to do it with.

I don’t mind the Salty Springs name here since I like the letter “s” alliteration, but, let’s be real, that’s one of the worst points of interest in Fortnite history. That said, you could always mix it up and add in your own location names like “Straight Outta Tilted Towers” or the like. Also, bonus points for this Instagram post imagining this as a baby’s onesie, which is so adorable and ridiculous at the same time.

Fortnite x Nike Crossover: Just Play It

Ignoring the possible copyright infringements on multiple levels for a minute, this Fortnite and Nike crossover shirt idea is about as sporty as it gets. The long-sleeve shirt features a simple black-and-white style with an image that gives you a glimpse of the vast Fortnite island that you play the game on.

What elevates this particular design to the next level, though, is the fact that it also features the Fortnite and Nike logos with some masterful placement within the silhouette. If that isn’t enough, the Just Play It motto on the bottom of the design is a nice twist on the Just Do It Nike statement. If you or your kid likes Fortnite and Nike, this is the one for you.

Ice King Glow in the Dark

If you read our site long enough, you’ll see that I am an absolute Stan for Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 7. It was my favorite season in my least favorite chapter to date, largely because of the Ice King. This Ice King Glow in the Dark image is so cool (literally), capturing the mystery and ice-cold style of the beloved Fortnite skin.

Everything from the darker blue background to the icy blue logo and symbol design just screams my style. I almost want to pick this up myself because it is such a reserved design that oozes style. I think if I were to make this into a shirt, I’d probably remove the logo and make the Ice King image centered as the only thing on there. That way, again, if you know, you know.

Show Me the V-Bucks

We all know what we’re in Fortnite for, and that is for the V-Bucks. Forget your victory royales; it is all about that in-game currency these days. After all, that is the only way that you’re able to get some of the fantastic skins and other cosmetic items that Epic Games is releasing daily in Fortnite.

This shirt captures that idea, skipping straight to what we all came here in, telling anyone who sees the shirt to “show me the V-Bucks.” I will admit that the design is a little too simple, so I would take the saying and tweak everything else. The font, for one, could use some work and maybe trade out the black-and-white V-Bucks symbol for the real image of the currency.

Fortnite and Repeat

The whole “eat, sleep, repeat” trend for shirts is something that has been around since I was a kid. Back then, though, Fortnite didn’t exist, so this version might be the best iteration of the trend for kids these days. After all, I’m sure we all know some kids (and even adults) who literally do nothing but eat, sleep, maybe work or go to school, and play Fortnite.

This is the shirt design for those players out there whose entire lives revolve around nothing but playing Fortnite. If you want everyone to know where your priorities are, this is the shirt to give. I also think this Fortnite shirt would be a solid one for a birthday gift for a dedicated player, you know.

Fortnite and Mom Are All We Need

Now, here is a shirt that speaks to my heart exactly. I am in this image, and I honestly don’t mind it. Yes, it is true. If I were a kid these days, I would basically only love Fortnite and my mom, and that’s it. Except no apologies from me. If you have a momma’s boy or girl in your life, I recommend buying this t-shirt for them.

That is, of course, if you can even get your kid to wear the shirt in the first place, as it might be a tad bit embarrassing, admittedly. That said, there is something extraordinary about a kid who is unafraid to show off their love for Fortnite and their mom.

Get Knocked

When it comes to a t-shirt that is only mildly threatening, this is the one. I think we can all safely assume what this shirt is riffing on, but let’s ignore that for a moment. Getting knocked is the act of downing an opponent in the middle of a match and should be the goal if you want to whittle down the enemies until you’re the last one standing.

If you want to be that hardcore pro who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, Get Knocked is the shirt to do it. This will tell everyone that sees you that you aren’t to be messed with, online and probably in person at the same time.

Forkknife: Never Forget

All of us who were with Fortnite from the beginning will never forget the days of Forkknife. Oh, the days of Chapter 1 where kids wouldn’t even refer to the game on the playground by its actual name but rather the goofy fork and knife combo title they gave it.

A large part of that came from the literal fork and knife landmark location that was on the island at the time, infamous for its ridiculous design and instant killing capabilities. Now, the Forkknife shirt idea is a nice one, but I think I would change this one up some by adding a nice fork and knife symbol to remember the iconic old location.

Fortnite Is Importanter

Who needs education when you have Fortnite? You can learn some valuable skills there, like communication, scavenging for materials, building your shelter, and surviving the post-apocalypse, of course. All great things that certainly prepare kids for the future when they are adults.

This shirt is a meme in and of itself, recognizing that, sure, education is important, but we all know that our actual priority in life is Fortnite. Bonus points to the kids out there who get this shirt and daringly wear it to school to show off to their teachers, the principals, and their classmates.

DJ Yonder

In all honesty, I am not the biggest fan of the DJ Yonder skin from Chapter 1. It was just okay with the idea being more fascinating than the execution of having a loot llama DJ. That said, I can’t say the same for this DJ Yonder t-shirt design that entirely makes good on the promise of the llama DJ.

The club technicolor vibes chosen for this DJ Yonder image are fantastic and much better than the actual colors of the original skin itself. Unlike other t-shirt designs on this list, it also doesn’t have to contain words or anything like that. I know I would definitely party with someone if I saw them wearing this shirt.

Everyone Is Here

This particular TikTok might be all about the hilarious attempt at doing a Fortnite dance emote, but the star here is the shirt that one of the people in the TikTok is wearing. This is about as classic and extravagant as it gets when it comes to a Fortnite t-shirt.

You have the official logo plus an Avengers-style “everyone is here” moment. There is not an inch of this shirt that is wasted in the slightest. There are dozens of various beloved skins that are featured on the front of this shirt. This could also be a great conversation starter, chatting with people over who their favorite skins are on the shirt and why.

Battle Bus Fanboy

It is a bit difficult to see this shirt’s design on this TikTok without pausing the video, but the idea is to have a simple blue shirt with the Fortnite business logo in the front and the battle bus party in the back. The battle bus doesn’t always get the love that it deserves, and this massive dedication to the battle royale vehicle is welcome.

I think it would be to take this idea and apply it to your own shirt. Put a large battle bus on the back, and then maybe have images of your favorite skins jumping out of it or some cool facts about the location.

Got Slurp?

For my absolute favorite shirt design that I could find, there is the Got Slurp? T-shirt. Clearly paying homage to the old “got milk?” ads from back in the day, this one swaps out the delicious calcium-filled dairy product for the classic Fortnite slurp juice. As the radioactive, powerful juice that allows you to have shields in the game, it is already a great look.

But what I appreciate about this particular design is that it does so much more than riff on an existing advertisement. It has a solid look for the slurp juice that is a little bit of a stylistic approach to the potion. And to make matters even better, it has a galactic background that looks glorious and covers the entire shirt. Pair these two together, and this is a must-get for me.


Question: Are there Fortnite shirts for adults?

Answer: Yes, there most definitely are some Fortnite-themed shirts for adults! Don’t think that this is only a game that kids can find clothing for, as there are ones that adults can enjoy, too. I even included some on this list, like the amazing Got Slurp shirt that I would like to acquire myself.

Question: What is the Fortnite Balenciaga shirt?

Answer: The fabulous Balenciaga brand officially made some Fortnite-themed shirts and other accessories. However, I will be upfront with you that I don’t think they are worth your time in the slightest. They are unnecessarily expensive, ranging up to $1000 for a shirt anyone could make.

Question: Are there Fortnite H&M shirts?

Answer: Yes, there are some official Fortnite H&M shirts from the beloved brand, like this relaxed fit blue one. They are relatively cheap, too, but I honestly am not a fan of the far too simplistic design options.

Where to Get Your Fortnite Merch Next

When it comes time to start collecting some Fortnite merch, these t-shirt ideas are the ones that I recommend all fans take a look at. Whether you are an adult looking to add to your wardrobe of video game t-shirts or someone trying to pick out themed shirts for a kid, these are the ones that you should consider.

However, this guide only covered the t-shirt side of Fortnite. Though this is arguably the most critical single merch category for me, it is far from the only one. There are also board games, keychains, hoodies, figures, and so much more that you can find for Fortnite. When you’re ready to pick up some of the best merch around in all sorts of categories, be sure to check out our complete list of the best overall Fortnite merch that you can find.

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