Fortnite Vehicles Guide: Every Vehicle to Ever Release in Battle Royale

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One of the most important aspects of Fortnite battle royale is how you move around the map. Your method of transportation is just as important as your gear, items, and weapons at times. And that is why a Fortnite vehicles guide is so crucial to enhancing your experience.

After all, vehicles are a key part of how a player is able to survive in a battle royale match. The two main threats of the storm and other players are ever-present in the game, requiring you to always be ready to move on a moment’s notice.

Having played Fortnite since the day it launched its battle royale experience, I have had the pleasure of seeing each and every vehicle in the game as it has released, and used them as well. As such, I am happy to give you our Fortnite vehicles guide, including a full breakdown of all modes of transportation that have been in the game and what they are all about.

Fortnite Vehicles Guide: History

Fortnite started its battle royale mode in Chapter 1 with a large island for players to explore, with many different biomes and points of interest. The map was considered quite large at the time of its release in 2017, and difficult to move around at times.

Even when building was introduced, this did not help players to move around that well as you were still limited to what you could do on foot. This was a problem and required players to think very carefully about where they landed.

They could find themselves in a situation where they are as far away as possible from the next circle and require the entire amount of time until the storm fully closes to reach it.

This was a notable issue in the initial three seasons of Fortnite until Season 4 rolled around (literally) and brought us the first method of transportation in the game. Yes, Chapter 1 was nearly halfway over by the time Epic Games finally introduced the first vehicle in Fortnite.

From there, though, the developer was quick about releasing new vehicles, and every season since then either introduced new modes of transportation, kept old ones around, or simplified moving around the island.

Not every season in Fortnite brought with it welcome vehicles, but they were experiments that were worth a try at least. From soaring through the skies to conquering the seas and everything in between, there have been quite a lot of vehicles in Fortnite from its beginnings in Season 4 up until its current state in Chapter 3.

Vehicle Categories

There are different categories of Fortnite vehicles that have been released in the game, including the land-based ones that started it all. Before players could do anything else, they needed to move around quickly on the ground and that is the first type of vehicle.

Land vehicles include many different types, ranging from the traditional motorized vehicles to the more atypical devices, some wheeled and others not.

The second major group of vehicles to launch in Fortnite were the aerial ones as players were then able to fly around in the skies in various ways, besides just using the parachute at the start of the match.

The aerial group of vehicles has been among the most controversial at times since the game has not always been designed for this insanely fast mode of transportation. In addition, some of them included weapons with the vehicle that broke the meta in their respective seasons.

And last but not least, the final group of vehicles to arrive in Fortnite, notably with the start of Chapter 2, were the water-based transportation options. Like the other groups, this included your standard boats for moving around the rivers, lakes, and seas, but some other, crazier options as well.

Full List of All Fortnite Vehicles

In total, there are 14 main Fortnite vehicles and counting that have been released in the battle royale up until now. There are some other minor modes of transportation, but I would argue that they are not necessarily vehicles.

Here is the full list of the Fortnite vehicles that have been released over the course of the three chapters to date:

  • Shopping cart
  • ATK
  • Jetpack
  • Quadcrasher
  • Driftboard
  • Stormwing plane
  • The Baller
  • Cannon
  • Brute Mech
  • Choppa
  • Boat
  • Loot Shark
  • Cars
  • Flying Saucer

With so many vehicles from across the seasons, it can be overwhelming to think about each and every one of them. In this Fortnite vehicles guide, I am going to break down every single one from here and reveal what you should know.

This will include the history of that vehicle, what season it was introduced in, how it works, and how to use it in the game. This also includes whether or not the vehicle is currently available in the game or not.

Fortnite Shopping Cart Details

Starting off this list of the main Fortnite vehicles is none other than the very first one to ever release: the Fortnite shopping cart. Launching in Season 4, the shopping cart was a bizarre first vehicle in the game, but it perfectly fits the nature and tone of the game.

Fortnite is not nearly as serious as its battle royale counterparts and predecessors, so it was none too surprising when developer Epic Games eschewed the usual vehicles, like cars, in favor of, well, a grocery store shopping cart.

The shopping cart is exactly what it sounds like: a metal transporting cart that would normally be used for groceries and other items. However, in the case of Fortnite, it is there for transporting other players.

One player pushes the cart while another can ride in it and shoot at the same time. The driving player can also run it solo, pushing the cart over and over to gain speed. While not a terribly fast vehicle, it is better than walking around at least.


One of the first vehicles to launch in the game was the ATK or all-terrain kart. Released in Season 5, the ATK might sound like a typical ATV, but it is actually a modified golf cart.

Not a very extravagant vehicle, either, the ATK at least expands upon the shopping cart idea by not making the player have to actively push it. Better yet, it was the first four-player vehicle that allowed an entire squad to ride along together.

The ATK also includes a boost of its own where players are able to drift some to charge up a meter to then boost the golf cart and gain speed. Not necessarily as beloved as the shopping cart, it is still a classic Fortnite vehicle.


My personal favorite vehicle in the entire game is the jetpack, which was the second one to ever launch in the game. The jetpack was a solo “vehicle” if you can call it that, where the player equips a jetpack item and can fly around.

The jetpack is an item that the player wears on their back and it has a limited amount of fuel. The player is able to use the jump button to launch themselves into the air and fly around. The controls for the jetpack are not that fluid and flexible, so it can take some getting used to.

That said, once the player has mastered the jetpack controls, it is one of the most fun transportation methods in the game. The ability to get an aerial view of the surrounding areas and fight at the same time can allow someone to be a menace in combat.

The jetpack is a recurring item in Fortnite, having appeared off and on for years now. Unfortunately, it never really sticks around for too long, mainly just showing up for limited-time events and that is it; not usually being featured for an entire season, outside of very rare occasions.


The first Fortnite Season 6 saw the debut of a brand new vehicle known as the quadcrasher. While the ATK sounded like your traditional ATV off-road vehicle, it was not, but the quadcrasher came and became that.

It has the design and shape of an ATV and generally functions as one. But in usual Epic Games fashion, the quadcrasher features a couple of interesting mechanics that set it apart from the other vehicles in the game.

For one, it is only a two-seater, so only duos or half of the squad will be able to travel around on it. One player is the pilot while the other sits behind and can shoot. The pilot has a boost that charges on its own over time that they can use to quickly move around the map.

The other feature is the battering ram-like metal attachment at the front of the quadcrasher that, as the name states, allows the player to crash into buildings and player creations to destroy them with ease.


Introduced in the wintery Season 7 of Fortnite was the driftboard, a blend between a couple of vehicles, including a hoverboard and snowboard all in one. A single-player hops on the item as it floats just slightly above the air.

As a hoverboard of sorts, the player can jump and it will leap them up into the air atop the driftboard. However, gaining speed with it will allow the user to fly even higher and they can do tricks at the same time, which played into some of the in-game challenges at the time.

Like some of the other vehicles, the driftboard included a boost on it that allowed the player to quickly blast around, go up slopes, leap off of high points, flip around, do tricks, and earn points or fail massively.


Perhaps the first controversial vehicle to ever release in Fortnite was the Stormwing plane. Introduced in Season 7, which saw most of the map of the game covered in snow and several new points of interest added, it was a means of zipping around the map with ease.

The problem with the Stormwing plane, for some players, was how much it started to dominate the meta of the game. If you had this plane, you could literally get to anywhere on the island in a manner of seconds, which was far too powerful.

To make matters worse, the Stormwing plane had its own guns on it to make the plane a dominant force in battles, both against other aerial combatants and players on the ground.

Perhaps due to the controversy surrounding it, it has only ever shown up again in special events and modes like the Air Royale experience. That said, it is still one of my favorite vehicles to ever release in the game.


The Baller is a strange vehicle in the midst of weird creations that Epic Games came up with. Launched in Season 8, The Baller is as if you took the ball vehicle thing from Jurassic World that rolls around and attached a toilet plunger grappling hook to it.

A single player can get inside of The Baller and roll around, but the real hook (get it?) is to use the plunger grapple to launch it at objects and then send your vehicle flying towards wherever you pointed it.

The Baller is a monstrosity of a vehicle and one that dominated its respective season, but the craziness of the vehicle at least allowed it to not be as powerful as the Stormwing before it. While I enjoyed its bonkers controls in Season 8, I would never want to it see return, personally.


Also introduced in Season 8 was the pirate cannon, which is in that weird sort of a vehicle but sort of not gray area. It is exactly what it sounds like: a pirate cannon that you would find on a ship normally but movable.

The player could “pilot” the cannon and push it anywhere they would like, making it a wheeled vehicle in a way. The real draw for the cannon was being able to launch cannonballs at your enemies from afar.

The cannon was not the greatest vehicle nor weapon due to the slow nature of moving it around and the also slow and unwieldy cannonballs. Even still, it could be used for destroying player forts with careful aiming, which was helpful at times in the season.


The Brute mech arrived in Season X (the special name for Season 10) as one of the main draws of this futuristic season. It also became the most controversial vehicle to ever release in Fortnite and one that still haunts Epic to this day.

The Brute was a massive mech suit that a player could enter and would be protected with strong armor and a ton of health. It was not only quite resilient but it had unmatched fighting power as well.

The plethora of fighting options that the mech had was unbelievable and they helped to ensure victories for many players. Even with balancing changes, it was still nearly unstoppable at times and a true annoyance for much of the community.


Arriving in the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 was the Choppa, the second major aerial vehicle and a much-improved one over the Stormwing plane, for some. It was well-received in the community and stuck around a few seasons.

The Choppa came to define much of Chapter 2 as a helicopter vehicle that could carry the entire squad and then some. It had its own weapons, but unlike the plane, was not super overpowered or fast.

The Choppa is one of my favorite vehicles to ever release in Fortnite and one that my friends and I would constantly head towards the spawn points of in matches. It is one of the classics and it feels like only a manner of time until it makes a triumphant return in Chapter 3.


There are few staples in the Fortnite world at this time in terms of vehicles, but one of the few exceptions is the motorboat. The sole main new vehicle to be introduced in Chapter 2’s first season, the boat was the gateway to navigating this water-filled new map.

The motorboat is exactly what it sounds like: a motorized boat that can go decently fast and carry the whole squad. It does have a boost that is fairly useful, in addition to a missile launcher that is slow and not that great.

The motorboat has become synonymous with the lineup of vehicles in Fortnite and has no intention of leaving the game thus far, still a part of it nearly 10 seasons later.

Loot Shark

The loot shark is a return to the strange vehicles of Chapter 1 but in Chapter 2 this time around. There were vicious sharks that appeared around the map in the oceans surrounding the island.

Players could find those sharks and challenge them to a dangerous battle, or tame them to become their companion in a way. They could hook onto the loot shark and cause them to become a vehicle that lets the player go across the water quickly. They have since been removed from the game, unfortunately.


The other staple when it comes to Fortnite vehicles is the cars. While other games in the battle royale genre quickly released cars, jeeps, and the like for players to use, Epic Games held out for as long as possible.

Then, in Chapter 2, Season 3, we finally received cars in Fortnite. They might be one of the most traditional vehicles in the game thus far, but they are also a crucial part of moving around the map.

In fact, I can barely even remember a time now when cars did not exist in the game. They are so versatile and almost a requirement to find when I go into each match I play. There are plenty of them, too, so that basically anyone who wants to find one can if they take the time to look.

Cars vary in style and utility as well, depending on the make and model of them. There are the basic sedan cars that are your go-to balanced vehicles, having a decent top speed and overall health.

Then there are the bulkier trucks out there that might trade what they have in speed for the ability to go off-road or survive in fights for longer. And, finally, there are the sports cars, which are brilliant at speed and last in battle for a decent amount of time.

Flying Saucer

Finally, there is the flying saucer, which was an experimental vehicle in the Invasion Season 7 season of Fortnite, in which aliens appeared. There were a few flying saucers in each match of that season.

The flying saucers were not too fast at flying around the map but they were a strong part of the meta, by making up for their speed with their strong set of weapons. The flying saucers required skill to use but could be powerful in the right hands.

What was especially great about the flying saucer is that Epic Games did much better this time around with an aerial vehicle by balancing it with anti-air weapons that could take it out just as quickly, making for a more fun experience overall.

Other Means of Transportation: Superpowers, Ziplines, More

Beyond the regular vehicles that are well-known in the game, there are other means of transportation that players can use, too. From season to season, these have changed like the main vehicles, introducing new ones and vaulting others.

One of the most basic ways of getting around the island is by using the parachute or glider that you have equipped. Jumping out of the battle bus, using a launchpad, and other methods will allow you to glide around the map to where you want to go.

There are ziplines, too, in many seasons of Fortnite that are in strategic locations for crossing ravines or heading up and down mountains. There are special transportation methods that have been made available at certain points of interest in the past, too.

Places like Chapter 2’s Steamy Stacks, for instance, had the smoking stacks that players could enter and they would be thrown out of it and able to fly around the island with ease. Other locations, including the Volcano from Chapter 1 had a similar ability.

Then there are the superpowers that were introduced first with the Thanos and Avengers: Infinity War crossover event in Chapter 1, and would later return in Chapter 2, Season 4.

Superpowers have allowed players to do various things like jump super high, launch yourself from location to location, or even swing around like Spider-Man. That last one is the most recent addition and comes from the Web Shooters that are available in Chapter 3.

There are items, too, that have boosted player’s movement, like the teleporting shadow stones that you could consume or the ice feet that let you quickly slide around.

Lastly, even swimming could be considered a means of transportation since players are able to jump up while in the water to get a slight boost to their swimming speed and move around the map using its waterways.


Question: What vehicles can you drive in Fortnite?

Answer: Epic Games is always changing the metagame for Fortnite battle royale, introducing new items, and removing old ones to make room. While the vehicles mentioned above are all of the main ones throughout the past three chapters, not all of them are available at this time.
Currently, in the midst of Fortnite Chapter 3, the battle royale meta has been stripped back to only have a couple of different vehicles. The cars, including trucks and sports cars, are still in the game alongside the motorboats from Chapter 2.
However, there are two other notable means of transportation in Chapter 3, including a returning favorite and a brand new method. The quadcrashers from Chapter 1 have made their long-awaited return to Fortnite and players can use them right now to move around the island and ram into buildings.
The new means of transportation are the Web Shooters, which is a new item that is based on Spider-Man. While not necessarily a vehicle, the Web Shooters allow the user to quickly zip around the map by swinging from tree to tree and building to building like Spider-Man.

Question: What is the best Fortnite vehicle?

Answer: This is a question that is, ultimately, going to be subjective and will likely differ depending on the player. For me, personally, there are a lot of controversial vehicles in the community that I liked, including the Brute and Stormwing.
That said, while they are among my favorites, my pick for the best Fortnite vehicle is always going to be the jetpack. While not necessarily a traditional vehicle in the sense of cars and the like, it is still a device that players pilot.
The jetpack is just a fascinating way to travel and a really fun one that harkens back to the very start of Fortnite. When I was not quite loving the building-focused gameplay of Fortnite yet, due to my inexperience, the jetpack made the game extremely fun the few times it showed up.

Question: How do you make the car faster in Fortnite?

Answer: The cars and their various sub-classes of vehicles, like trucks, are some of the most important vehicles to ever release in Fortnite. It is important that players know how to control them well, and this includes making them go faster.
All cars will go much faster if they are being driven on a main road on the island. These roads differ pretty clearly from the plains and hills of the island, so they are hard to miss. That said, you can see all roads on the map if you are having a hard time finding a road to drive on.
The most basic way of driving a car faster is to ensure that you are always on a road. That said, going off-road is not a problem if you have off-road tires attached to your vehicle, which will make it go faster anywhere you drive.
Furthermore, if you have the sports car version of the vehicle class, it has a booster that can be used once it has been charged up. This will give you a quick blast of speed to get going and is one of the fastest ways to move around in Fortnite at this time.

Question: What was the first drivable vehicle in Fortnite?

Answer: The very first drivable vehicle to ever release in Fortnite was the shopping cart. While not the most traditional vehicle when you think of modes of transportation, it was the first and released in Season 4 of the battle royale game.
That’s right, it took an entire three seasons without any vehicles at all in the game before the shopping cart arrived in Fortnite. And even then, it was not the most helpful vehicle, especially for full squads of four since it could only hold two players at a time.
However, an interesting bit of trivia is that the shopping cart was not originally going to be the first vehicle in the game. This was supposed to be my favorite: the jetpack.
The jetpack was first revealed in Season 3 of the game and was intended to release around that timeframe. However, a sudden issue in development caused it to be delayed.
In the end, it did release in Season 4, the same season as the shopping cart, but a couple of updates afterward, making it the second vehicle to come out for Fortnite, instead of the first.


If you enjoyed reading about the various vehicles that have been available throughout the history of Fortnite and how to use them, be sure to check out some of our other guides for the game. This can supplement what you learned here and better prepare you for future matches.

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