Fortnite Melee Weapons Guide: Infinity Blade, Lightsaber, Scythe, More

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Within the pool of Fortnite weapons, one of the minor groups is the melee department. As you will see in this Fortnite melee weapons guide, there is only a handful of them that exist. Despite the pickaxe being such a massive part of the game, the actual melee weapons are few.

That said, there is no doubting the utility of these weapons. The few times they have been available in the game, they have dominated the meta. Many of the melee weapons are exceeding powerful, making up for the lack of range. To help with this, here are all of the Fortnite melee weapons that you should know about from across the entire history of the battle royale game.

Bottom Line Up Front

When it comes to Fortnite melee weapons, there are only around 10 in total that have ever been available in the battle royale title. Besides the standard pickaxe, there are only around nine weapons that could be used for melee attacks. Oddly enough, almost every single one of them was handled in a very different way, with some not being traditional at all. And then there is the pickaxe itself. Despite having seemingly countless pickaxe skins in the game, its function always remains the same. It is meant for gathering materials that you can then use to build in fights and also for destroying buildings and structures. Here are all of the different melee weapons that have appeared in the three chapters so far of Fortnite:

  • Pickaxe
  • Amban Sniper Rifle
  • Infinity Blade
  • Kingsman
  • Lightsaber
  • Predator Claw
  • She-Hulk’s Fists
  • Sideways Scythe
  • Thor’s Stormbreaker
  • Wolverine’s Claws

Fortnite Melee Weapons Explained

Fortnite Melee Weapons

The small but mighty section of weapons in Fortnite is the melee weapon category. This group of items is tiny in number, at least compared to all of the various other items that are in the game, but this does not take away from the fact that melee weapons are equally important.

Sure, you might see an SMG, assault rifle, and even sniper rifle long before you ever see a melee weapon to pick up, but that does not invalidate these weapons. After all, without the melee weapons, the Fortnite that we know today would not even exist.

A melee weapon is defined as an item that you can use for combat purposes in matches that are meant for close-range fights. The melee weapons have a very, very short range, so you have to use them on someone in point-blank range.

This is quite different from the usual weapons in Fortnite. Most guns and other items are meant for ranged use in battle, but this is not the case for most melee weapons. If you are not right in front of a person, they will not work.

Two main types of melee weapons exist in Fortnite, and they both exist for the same purpose of taking out players in combat. These two subcategories are the pickaxes/harvesting tools, while the other is everything else in the melee weapons category. Here is what you need to know about both of them.

Pickaxe Explained

Much of the importance of this melee weapon category comes from the pickaxe. The harvesting tool is your best friend and companion that sticks by your side always. No matter what you are playing and doing, your pickaxe will be right there with you, even if you have no gear or party members.

The pickaxe is the melee weapon that has defined what the game of Fortnite means. It was created as a game that is meant for gathering materials and building. The pickaxe has the sole purpose of doing this in matches and is, therefore, a crucial part of the overall Fortnite experience.

The pickaxe may not be the greatest weapon in the world on its own, but Fortnite would not be the same without it. In all honesty, the pickaxe is not a weapon that should be used for combat purposes most of the time. However, you are undoubtedly able to, and it does work in certain situations.

Outside of building reasons, the pickaxe functions as a standard melee weapon. However, it lacks the damage that other weapons in the category have. It only does around 20 damage, usually per hit that you can get on someone, and each blow is relatively slow compared to other weapons.

That means that if someone has total health and no shields, it will take five hits that you successfully land to take them out. It is helpful in situations like at the start of a match when you are getting attacked, but you have no other weapons to defend yourself. It is even possible to engage in pickaxe fights at the beginning of a match if you want for fun.

The other combat scenario where a pickaxe is useful is when you have downed an enemy in a fight. Instead of wasting your precious bullets on this enemy that is already defenceless, it can be better in some cases to use your pickaxe to finish them. That is so long as you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to an attack from someone else.

How to Best Gather Materials


The primary purpose of the pickaxe is to gather building materials. It would be best if you were not using it to fight enemies. Instead, it should be used to destroy various structures and buildings to gather mats. There are some tips that I have for gathering materials in the best and most efficient way possible.

For starters, there is the issue of the weak point. This is the spinning circle that will appear on the surface of a building or structure as you start to hit it. The goal for the weak point is to hit it directly in that spot where the circle is located with your pickaxe.

If you do this, the weak point will weaken the building much faster. This will allow you to destroy it quicker, therefore, getting materials in a shorter amount of time. However, with the weak points, there is another tip that I have for you.

What some players like to do is just hit a structure and then attack the weak point once or twice and move on. If you are trying to move towards the next circle or another area, it can waste a lot of time if you are just destroying every structure that you come across.

But if you hit the weak points, you will be able to nab a nice collection of mats with each hit and can keep moving on. I like to hit trees and walls that I run past as I go past them, not really breaking too much pace with the destination that I have in mind. Keep in mind that destroying player-built structures, though, will not give you mats.

Mats Purpose

Once you have gathered your collection of materials, it is time to make good on their actual purpose. You are not just gathering these mats for nothing, as they are crucial for building. Without the three material types, you will not be able to build the titular forts in Fortnite.

This is necessary for winning fights as you can quickly build, confuse your enemies about your proper position, set up for your next battle, and even make the other person fall into your trap. The building is such a necessary part of Fortnite, even if it is pretty hard to master.

To build, you need three materials: wood, stone, and metal. The three of them can be gathered with your pickaxe. Wood will come from wooden structures and trees. Stone comes from rocks and some stone-made buildings. And lastly, metal will come from metal structures like steel walls and cars. It generally takes around ten materials to make a single wall, floor, ramp, etc.

Pickaxe vs Other Melee Weapons


Comparing the pickaxe to the other melee weapons in the category, there are a few noticeable differences. The most obvious of these will be the fact that most melee weapons are not the greatest for gathering materials for one. Another part is that the pickaxe pales in comparison to the combat potential of the other melee items.

But above all else is the fact that the pickaxe is always by your side, but the other melee weapons are more elusive. You are not able to just run around and find one easily. You usually have to open up a ton of chests or crates and hope that you find one, or head to a specific area or NPC.

Then there is the fact that the pickaxe occupies its own unique slot in the inventory while the other melee items will take up one of the standard inventory spots that you have. And that is before considering the fact that most melee weapons are only available for a limited time while the pickaxe is always around.

All Melee Weapons in Fortnite

There are around ten melee weapons in total that have been available in Fortnite. From the debut of the pickaxe at the beginning of the game’s life to the various event crossover melee weapons, here is everything that you need to know about all of them. I will be sure to give some details about the item in particular, what it does if it is available now, and its overall history.

Pickaxe and Skins

Pickaxe Skin

What more can be said about the pickaxe itself that I have not already said? Well, the harvesting tool is one of the most flexible in appearance items in all of Fortnite. The original was the standard pickaxe, and it was followed by skins and cosmetic versions that retained that axe appearance.

But it was not long until other versions of the pickaxe came out that were radically different. There are some pickaxes that do not look like axes at all, being a sword, hammer, knife, and so on. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and there are even some crossover pickaxes.

Famous items from across pop culture, such as a famous weapon that a popular character in a movie or TV show has used before, can be your pickaxe. In fact, there is even the possibility of dual-wielding two different melee harvesting tools at once. But none of these wildly different items change the overall function of the pickaxe.

The pickaxe has been around in Fortnite since the very beginning. It was one of the original items in the game, representing the player’s means of gathering materials for building, and it has never left the game, even when building temporarily did in Chapter 3, Season 2.

Amban Sniper Rifle

The Amban sniper rifle is the most unique melee weapon in this group. After all, you can see in the name itself that this is literally a sniper rifle. Unlike some other shooting games out there, Fortnite is not a game that will allow you to hit someone with your gun when you are not shooting it.

However, that is not the case for the Amban sniper rifle. Themed around The Mandalorian’s signature weapon, it is capable of devastating long-range attacks that have a thermal scope attached to it. You could only get it from Mando himself after defeating him in only Chapter 2, Season 5.

But the unique part of the Amban sniper rifle was the fact that it could also use melee attacks. While not aiming down the sights, you could use it to hit someone that is within melee range.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade was an unforgettable moment in Fortnite and the first real melee weapon other than the pickaxe. It was handled differently from later melee items, too, like in the fact that it could be held without it actually taking up one of your inventory slots, but it comes at the cost of using other items.

While holding the Infinity Blade, you move faster, and you gain health back just from taking out enemies. It attacks quite fast and has a large area of attack compared to the other melee weapons. The Infinity Blade was introduced in Chapter 1, Season 7, but it only stuck around for a short time then.


The Kingsman was an item that was likely a reference to the popular Kingsman films. It is an umbrella melee item that has a few functions to it. The first is attacking enemies, as you would expect. However, it could be charged up, unlike other items, to deal more melee damage, especially to structures.

Beyond attacking, the Kingsman could even be used as a shield of sorts to block all incoming fire from damaging you. Lastly, it could be used as a special glider. This could be redeployed essentially anytime that you needed to in battle. The Kingsman came out in Chapter 2, Season 2, during the spies-themed season but did not even last for the entire season. It has not reappeared since then.


One of my favourite melee weapons in this category is the lightsaber. Of course, I am a fan of the Star Wars franchise, so that part makes it obvious. However, even disregarding that part for a moment, there is a lot to love about the Jedi and Sith’s signature weapon in Fortnite.

The lightsaber has a beautiful appearance, using the coloured crystals to give it a nice flair. There are four different variants that have appeared in the game, themed around four main characters. Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, Rey, and Kylo Ren all had their versions of their lightsabers appear in the game.

The stats remain the same; only the appearance is different. They deal significant damage when used in combat. However, the main utility of the lightsaber comes from the other use that it has. If you hold down the button for aiming down the sights, it can block all incoming fire like the Kingsman and keep you safe.

The lightsaber was obtained using special treasure chests that were available during the Star Wars crossover event. They first appeared in the Star Wars event during Chapter 2, Season 1, and left after only a couple of weeks of being in the game. However, they did return in Chapter 2, Season 2, for a few days. It is possible that we could get another crossover event with them in the near future.

Predator Claw

Predator Claw

When it comes to the Predator claw, this is another crossover item. But what makes the Predator claw rather different is the fact that it is not one that you could have used normally as a player. It was never given to the player for use as a combat item primarily.

The Predator claw was an item that only the Predator itself could use during Chapter 2, Season 5. The Predator was an NPC that you had to defeat at Stealthy Stronghold to unlock the skin. The Predator claw was but one of the items that it could use in battle. There is nothing too remarkable about it other than its immense power.

While you could not benefit from this damage increase, you could unlock the Predator claw as a harvesting tool. But it functions as a normal pickaxe, including damage, and it only works with the Predator skin. You cannot use it with any other skin.

She-Hulk’s Fists

Chapter 2, Season 4, was known as the massive Marvel crossover season in Fortnite. During this season, there were Marvel superheroes and powers that appeared on the island. One such power was She-Hulk’s Fists which you were able to find and use in battle.

While it is technically seen as a superpower item, it functioned just like a traditional melee item. You could hit players over and over in battle to string up combos and deal more damage with each successive hit. It was versatile in that it had other melee attack versions, too.

You could jump into the air and then smash down with a powerful attack in a decent area or range or dodge incoming attacks. You could only get the She-Hulk Fists in Season 4 by picking them up from the Stark Industries supply drones.

Sideways Scythe

Sideways Scythe

One of the most popular melee weapons in Fortnite’s history and the newest one on this list is the Sideways Scythe. It certainly gives an impression on the player with its sinister but cool appearance. This scythe is massive and awesome-looking.

There were a few different functions that the Sideways Scythe had when it was out. You could swing it around to deal impressive damage or even sprint really fast when the cooldown was up. But you could also use the scythe to leap into the air and then slam down to the ground.

The Sideways Scythe was only available during Chapter 2, Season 8. With the invasion of the cube monsters, you could get it in the Sideways zones. It was meant for dealing quick damage to the cube monsters, but you could use it against other players, too. It had the standard rarities, too, from common to mythic that you could upgrade by collecting cube monster parts. This would increase its stats and make it even more useful in battle.

Thor’s Stormbreaker

Another melee item in this category comes from a Marvel crossover. This one, in particular, is a bit different from the She-Hulk Fists, though. Thor’s Stormbreaker is the famous axe from the comics and the Avengers Endgame movie.

As such, you could only get it during the Avengers Endgame limited-time mode that was available in Chapter 1, Season 8, as a celebration of the film’s release at the time. It was also only available for use in that specific game mode as it was not available in the traditional battle royale modes, even within the same season.

Thor’s Stormbreaker could use three different types of attacks when you had it. You could just swing it around like normal and deal an insane amount of damage. But the other two attacks were much more interesting. One of them allowed the player to leap into the air and fly up some before smashing into the ground.

Finally, you could throw Thor’s Stormbreaker at enemies from a range. This made it possible to use at a longer range while also being great in the melee range. This item was insanely powerful, which is likely why it did not make a reappearance during Chapter 2, Season 4.

Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine’s Claws

Like the She-Hulk Fists, Wolverine’s Claws were also available during Chapter 2, Season 4. In this Marvel season, another of the superpowers that you could find and use was the classic Adamantium claws from Wolverine himself.

The most famous X-Men of them all has these powerful claws that you are able to use in battle if you were able to get them in Season 4. Interestingly enough, they were unique in that you could only get them through a single method. They were not easily accessible through the supply drones like the other Marvel superpowers.

Instead, if you wanted to get the Wolverine claws, you had to track down the X-Men in Weeping Woods. He had a very difficult path that made him hard to find. And when you did find him, he was an impressively hard NPC to take down. But if you could succeed in defeating him, you could not only earn his skin but also his claws.

They were quite powerful against enemies, and there was only one of them per battle. While the Wolverine claws are not too special other than being fast-moving and strong, they were aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have the Wolverine skin equipped.


Question: What is the best melee weapon in Fortnite?

Answer: The best melee weapon in Fortnite is going to come down to your personal preference. As such, I can only give a couple of answers that make the most sense to me. For me, personally, the best melee weapon comes down to mainly two examples.
The first of these is the pickaxe itself. If we are talking about the best overall in terms of utility and everything, not just combat potential, then the pickaxe is the best. It is the most important, common, and overall useful as you need it if you want to gather materials in the best way possible.
However, that is a pretty cop-out answer, in all honesty. As such, the best melee weapon that I think is fantastic is the lightsaber. Admittedly, I am a huge Star Wars fan, so I am biased in that regard. However, there is a major argument for this being the best melee weapon in the game.
For one, the lightsaber is the most flashy melee weapon in this category. You cannot beat the colourful laser sword that is the lightsaber. Couple that with its power in battle, and you have an amazing weapon. The damage that the lightsaber has is pretty impressive on its own.
But that is pretty common across all of the melee weapons, other than the pickaxe. What makes this melee item stand apart is the fact that it is capable of deflecting bullets. Just like the Jedi in Star Wars, the lightsaber can be used in a defensive stance to block most incoming ranged attacks. This is absolutely overpowered and an ability that cannot be understated.

Question: What is the melee gun in Fortnite?

Answer: The melee gun in Fortnite is the Amban sniper rifle. Speaking of Star Wars already, the Amban sniper rifle is a mostly standard rifle that you are able to use at long range. However, there is always the chance that someone could sneak up on you while you are aiming down the sights.
In the event that you are caught with your pickaxe down, you can use the Amban sniper rifle’s second function as a melee weapon to whack at enemies at point-blank range. This dual function of both long and close-range makes this so-called “melee gun” one of the most unique and flexible in all of Fortnite.

Question: Where can I find melee weapons in Fortnite?

Answer: This will ultimately come down to what weapon we are talking about. In general, though, there is a standard that exists for most of these items. In the case of the pickaxe, you always have it with you, but you can look in the item shop and battle pass for new harvesting tool skins to equip.
When it comes to other melee weapons, they typically have set locations. Like in the case of the lightsaber or the Infinity Blade, there was a special area where you needed to go to find them. There are some items, including the lightsaber as well, that you could sometimes find randomly through treasure chests and the like, but they are usually extremely rare. Most melee weapons are tied to special events, so heading to those themed crossover areas will increase your chances of finding one of these melee weapons.


The Fortnite melee weapons are crucial parts of the game, even if they are not nearly the most common. Without the pickaxe, the building function in the game would not exist. It is a necessary part of the game, allowing you to make building work using materials and destroying what others have made in the game.

And then there are the other melee weapons that dominate the meta in the rare moments that they are available. In the end, though, the melee weapons are just a single small slice of the Fortnite formula. If you would like to know more about all of the other weapons that are in the battle royale game, we’ve got you covered on that, too. Our Fortnite weapons overview guide is here to introduce you to the other categories of guns and items.

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