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The most outstanding achievement for a video game is when it becomes so popular that it no longer remains just an experience on your screen. Such is the case with the immensely popular Fortnite. I have seen the battle royale game soar through the ranks of games since I started with it on day one in 2017 to the point where it is a cultural phenomenon at this point in time. There are tons of merch and other items surrounding Fortnite now, as you will see in this Fortnite action figures guide.

Action figures are simply one way to express your love for Fortnite outside of the game itself. Whether you are a collector looking to build out your real-world Fortnite locker or a parent looking for some great toys to buy for a kid, I got your back with this Fortnite action figures guide. Over the years since the game’s release, I’ve dealt with a lot of toy purchases, mainly for friends and family. Through this time, I’ve come up with the best action figures that I think you should consider purchasing for your collection and loved ones.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Fortnite action figures are vast, typically involving the recreation of a particular character or skin from the game. Sometimes there are even other items, such as pickaxes and vehicles, that are remade in a physical form, too.

This is a fantastic idea for those who love a certain skin and would like to play with it in the real world. If I had to pick a single Fortnite action figure to recommend to everyone, it would have to be the Meowscles 7 Pieces Figure. Not only is he one of the best skins of all time, but his toy is a well-done recreation that can appeal to many Fortnite fans.

My Top Picks at a Glance

I selected the 10 best Fortnite action figures in no particular order. Before we dive too deep into what I selected, here is a quick glance at the picks for those who are in a hurry:

  1. Shadow Midas Legendary Figure: Shadow Midas is one of the most impressive skins to ever be released in Fortnite. This action figure perfectly captures his golden Shadow version with an impressive selection of accessories.
  2. Meowscles 7 Pieces Figure: Meowscles is another action figure based on one of the best skins, and it was recreated so well. I love how this character can appeal to just about everyone, no matter their personal tastes.
  3. Ultima Knight Hot Drop Figure: Ultima Knight was one of the best early Fortnite skins. This shows here in this highly detailed action figure. The bonus items are also surprisingly handcrafted, too.
  4. Skull Trooper 6-Inch Figure: Skull Trooper was one of the first Fortnite skins, and it somehow works really well in action figure form. This is a true Halloween classic right here with solid additions, too.
  5. PMI 12 Pack Deluxe Box: This box contains 12 of the most popular characters from Fortnite’s history. This is less of a toy and more of a collector’s item, so keep that in mind.
  6. Victory Series Cuddle Team Leader: Cuddle Team Leader is beloved by everyone for a reason. This snuggly figure is on the larger size, and it helps in bringing this cutesy character to life in the best way possible.
  7. Chapter 1 Collection: If you’re looking for a bundle of some of the best items from Fortnite’s history, this is the collection to get. This includes the best when it comes to the early Chapter 1 days of the battle royale game with no extra frills going on.
  8. Drift Legendary Series: There is a reason that Drift was the most popular Chapter 1 skin for a very long time. The accessories, like the skateboard and cube, are quite unique, lending some extra value compared to other similar figures.
  9. Joy Ride Whiplash Set: Whiplash is a decent enough skin on his own, but the added value with the excellent sports car from Fortnite makes for a great set with lots of potential playability.
  10. The Cube Large Vending Machine: This final set includes some of the most unique parts of Fortnite, from the vending machine to The Cube. The sheer number of pieces and accessories that come with this set will let you recreate some of your favorite Fortnite memories all in one collection.

Fortnite Action Figures Overview

Fortnite Action Figures

Epic Games crafted a true wonder of the video game world with Fortnite. The battle royale game has taken off in success on a level that has never been seen before. Basically, everyone everywhere knows what this game is, even if they have never played it before themselves.

With this level of success, you best believe that Epic is going to try and monetize that to the utmost extent. That is where merch and other items come into play. For this guide, I want to hone in on the action figures for Fortnite, which are arguably the best real-world items that you can get for the game.

What I like about the action figures out there is that they can appeal to a wide range of players and fans. There are people like me who don’t even usually purchase action figures and merch for games. Despite this, I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of money on them over the years, due to presents for friends and family.

At the same time, it appeals to the kids who want to play with the action figures. There is nothing like being able to recreate the events that happened within the game itself but in the real world. I know that if I had kids, these Fortnite toys would be all over my house right now.

Last but not least, though, the beauty of action figures is that they have value in not having to be toys that you play with, either. They are certainly more than worthy of simply being items that you showcase on special shelves for everyone to see.

Collectors can definitely find a lot to enjoy with the Fortnite action figures. There is the possibility of creating a collection that will be so limited someday that you could make a pretty penny off of them. I mean, it might not happen at the same time, but there is plenty of room for collectors to get on board.

Types of Action Figures

Fortnite Action Figure

What I also love about the Fortnite action figures is how many different types there are out there. There’s a wide range of costs for these figures that can ensure that any budget can enjoy officially licensed Fortnite toys without breaking the bank.

Then, at the same time, there are also the more expensive figures that more accurately capture the look of their respective skins and offer some intriguing accessories at the same time. You can also find various different figure styles out there, too.

There are the smaller four-inch figures that are cheaper and generally lack a lot of detail. You also have the legendary figures that, like the weapons in Fortnite, are much more valuable and impressive. There are single figures on their own and then some that come with a ton of extra items.

There are even full-on collections that are there to celebrate a particular group of characters that share a similar theme with one another. Some of the action figures are built to be played with, like having scenes that you can recreate and battles that you can make on your own.

Others are considered action figures but aren’t really meant for action purposes. They are more like show figures that you display as a trophy of the value of that figure in its original box or packaging.

Buying Tips

Joy Ride Fortnite Figure

There are so many different types of action figures for Fortnite that it can be overwhelming. I have a few tips that I have garnered over the years of buying action figures for Fortnite. Though I don’t collect them myself, my family and friends have great use for them as collectors and parents alike.

One of the main tips that I have for you is to carefully pick and choose which skins you buy. I understand that some of you reading this might not be Fortnite fans yourself, but it helps to look into the skins that the toy is associated with.

If there is a particular skin that your child or friend likes, it might be worth seeing if there is a toy that exists for that. Fortnite is so based around skins that if someone doesn’t like the skin in the game, chances are that they may not like the toy based on it, either.

At the same time, I’m going to be upfront with you and let you know that there are some truly horrid Fortnite action figures out there. It isn’t the inspiration behind the figure that is the problem, but the design and severe lack of detail.

In my search for the right toys to buy, I’ve seen some disastrous figures that are not worth your hard-earned money at all. And, yes, they were, sadly, official Fortnite toys. For better or for worse, that is the price that you pay when you have such success. There is a high chance that there will be some duds here and there, so watch out for those.

Lastly, I recommend checking a ton of different places when you buy your toys. I have found that some figures will be nearly half the price at certain stores or sites compared to everywhere else. It depends on the sales that are going on at that place and when you’re trying to buy it.

Sure, there are the holidays when there are some sales on figures. Still, many times, it is more random throughout the year to encourage purchases when it may not be as commonly happening.

Best Fortnite Action Figures Criteria

8 Black Bling Fortnite Figure

To help you with determining what Fortnite action figures are worth your money, I have crafted the 10 best action figures worth picking up, in my opinion. Many of these figures are ones that I have literally bought myself over the years, so I wouldn’t just recommend them to you for nothing.

But beyond appealing to me, I made sure to only include the figures that I think are good enough in quality and detail. But, at the same time, I didn’t want this list to exclusively feature costly items. To this point, I tried to include a range of items that I like that appeal to different budgets.

When it comes to the figures themselves, I wanted to make sure that each item is either solid enough on its own or that it includes accessories that add value. I am also super picky about skins in Fortnite, so I didn’t include figures that I hate the skins of. With all of that said, this list is in no particular order, so keep that in mind.

#01 Shadow Midas Legendary Series

Whenever I think of Fortnite villains that stick out to me, no one is greater than Midas. The spy leader and master manipulator was a massive villainous force behind much of the early events in Fortnite Chapter 2. His inclusion made the game better, and his toy is no different.

Not only is the tatted spy a handsome little devil in the game, but in real life, too. The Shadow Midas Legendary Series figure is an example of just that. For this version, the toy manufacturer opted for the golden Shadow version of him. This was a smart choice as it is one of his best looks. Though it is a little pricey for a single figure, it is a masterclass in design.

Shadow Midas Legendary Series


  • Shadow Midas is one of the best skins and action figures in Fortnite
  • Tons of neat golden accessories
  • A solid gold level of detail


  • Very expensive for a single figure
  • 6 inches makes it smaller than some other similarly priced legendary figures

#02 Meowscles 7 Pieces

Going a little bit larger for this one, we have the Meowscles 7 Pieces and 7 Inch Figure. Who doesn’t love Meowscles, one of the greatest Fortnite skins ever released? He is so cheerful and lovable, being like that pet you just want to snuggle up with, but in a humanoid size.

Meowscles is one of the best skins, so it should come as no surprise that I find him to be one of the best action figures, too. This legendary version is fitting for the name, capturing his six pack and design in a memorable way. I also appreciate that he is a bit more reasonable in price than some others (though a tad too expensive) with some nice accessories to boot.

Meowscles 7 Pieces


  • Meowscles is the best skin in Fortnite, and he is also the best figure, in my opinion.
  • The level of detail is fantastic.
  • I appreciate the unique accessories like a different faceplate
  • This is a 7-inch figure, so a decent size


  • There is something that slightly bothers me about how the torso gap looks for posing purposes
  • Still a tiny bit higher in price than it should be

#03 Fortnite Ultima Knight Hot Drop Figure

Ultima Knight was one of the most significant skins that was released during Chapter 1 of Fortnite. I’ve said it on our site before, but those first 10 seasons didn’t impress me with its skins. Ultima Knight was the exception and is still one of the earlier Fortnite figures that stands up quite well.

Believe it or not, you can still purchase this Ultima Knight figure brand new at the time of writing this and for a solid price. This is exceptional given the intricately designed suit that Ultima Knight has on. I appreciate he comes with other weapons for every occasion, ranging from a shotgun to a shield and even a hammer.

Fortnite Ultima Knight Hot Drop Figure


  • Surprisingly cheap considering its age
  • The ridges, colors, and patterns are so deep and richly detailed
  • Tons of accessories for every battle situation


  • It’s a relatively small figure, hence the price

#04 Skull Trooper 6-Inch Figure

If you’re particularly in the mood for Fortnite nostalgia, there is no collector’s item like the Skull Trooper figure. This six-inch toy is a near-perfect reincarnation of one of the first Fortnite skins ever made. I always thought that this skin made more sense as an action figure, and it shows in this toy.

For a decently-chosen price, you can pick up Jonesy in a skeleton Halloween costume. This is a nice fit for a spooky collection of action figures or someone wanting a Fortnite figure on the creepier side. The accessories might be a little lackluster, but Skull Trooper is more than enough on his own.

Skull Trooper 6-Inch Figure


  • Skull Trooper is the epitome of Fortnite nostalgia
  • For the Halloween and spooky toy fans out there
  • I think it looks even better than the skin


  • The accessories are bland and forgettable

#05 PMI 12 Pack Deluxe Box

This next entry is especially aimed at the collectors out there. Action figures aren’t just for kids, as they can be a valuable collection of items that Fortnite fans of all ages can enjoy. If you are someone who wishes to amass a collection of figures that could grow in value over time, the PMI 12 Pack Deluxe Box is for you.

How it works is that you have a collection of 12 figures that are pretty small in height but are not meant to be played with. They have bases on the bottom, similar to larger figures intended to be displayed in a special case or the like. The collection includes some fan favorites in the mix, like Peely, Kuno, and Sparkle Specialist.

PMI 12 Pack Deluxe Box


  • A wide assortment of popular Fortnite characters
  • The ultimate collector’s starting kit for Fortnite fans
  • Roughly $3 per figure, which is a fair enough price


  • More expensive investment than some of the items on this list
  • You can’t really play with these toys since they aren’t super flexible

#06 Victory Series Cuddle Team Leader

Who doesn’t love Cuddle Team Leader? On second thought, don’t answer that question. When it comes to Fortnite characters, there are few as recognizable as her. She has been the focus of many cosplays, Halloween costumes, and other merch ideas over the years.

It turns out that Cuddle Team Leader makes for a fantastic action figure, too. What I appreciate about this figure is that it aimed for making the most realistic, large figure possible of the character and nothing else. It doesn’t overextend, resulting in a 12-inch figure with an uncanny likeness. It helps that you can get it for nearly the cheapest item on this list, too.

Victory Series Cuddle Team Leader


  • One of the largest official figures you can get
  • It nails bringing Cuddle Team Leader to life
  • One of the cheapest items here at less than $15


  • It doesn’t come with any of the iconic Cuddle Team Leader items

#07 Chapter 1 Collection

Going from one of the cheapest to the most expensive items on this list, we have the Fortnite Chapter 1 Collection. If you are looking for the flashiest way of nabbing some of the best skins-turned-action figures, this is the way to do it.

The Chapter 1 Collection is essentially the greatest hits of the best skins from the first 10 seasons of Fortnite. That was quite a long time ago at this point, so there are a lot of Fortnite fans who missed out on the skins and events from that time. I will admit that I didn’t like most Chapter 1 skins, but this smartly includes the best of the best, with characters like Peely, Jonesy, Black Knight, Ice King, and DJ Yonder.

Chapter 1 Collection


  • The best of the Chapter 1 skins are here
  • It is meant for collectors


  • Extremely expensive
  • Small figures

#08 Drift Legendary Series

Speaking of Chapter 1, I remember a time when everyone wanted the Drift skin. One of the battle pass skins that you could unlock, the thrill was in unlocking his whole masked fox futuristic outfit. You can skip the trouble of doing that with the Drift Legendary Series figure.

This Stage 5 version only includes the final form of Drift, but he is as stylish and glorious as ever. There is nothing like his elegant pink, black, and gold clothing and the stunning mask that he wears. This figure does the beloved skin justice, including a skateboard for him to ride on as an accessory.

Drift Legendary Series


  • Drift was already a fan favorite skin, and this toy does him justice
  • The accessories fit the action figure perfectly


  • You only get the final form of Drift
  • Relatively expensive for a single figure on its own (might want a sale for this one)

#10 Joy Ride Whiplash Set

You might have noticed a severe lack of playsets and vehicles on this list. That’s primarily due to the fact that most of the Fortnite action figures focus solely on the toys themselves. Thankfully, the Joy Ride Whiplash Set is for those who want a little more out of their figures.

For starters, you get the Whiplash outfit. I will admit that I was never the biggest fan of this skin, but it isn’t bad by any means. It is decent, and it pairs quite nicely with the real star here, the sports car vehicle. Taking the exact vehicle that many of you have probably rode in before in Fortnite is a solid idea. It is nice to have a significant item that helps with collections and playtime for kids.

Joy Ride Whiplash Set


  • Whiplash and the car go well together
  • The sports car is large and in charge. A fantastic addition
  • Relatively cheap given what is included


  • Whiplash isn’t the most fantastic skin ever
  • The figure is only four inches tall

#11 The Cube Large Vending Machine

The Cube Large Vending Machine Set brings together two of the most essential parts of the entire Fortnite pantheon: cubes and vending machines. Now, I’m not entirely sure what these two items have to do with one another. Still, they are both excellent additions to any Fortnite collection.

The vending machine is absolutely massive, towering over the four-inch figures. At the same time, the same is, understandably, the case for The Cube. What I love about this set is that you actually get to build The Cube yourself, and the sheer number of parts is fantastic. You receive so many weapons, accessories, and then two included four-inch figures. It’s not cheap, but this is a great starter set for Fortnite fans everywhere.

The Cube Large Vending Machine


  • Absolutely massive starter set with so many solid items
  • You get to build The Cube yourself
  • There are two decent figures included with the ability to use others if you’d like


  • It’s not exactly cheap for all of these items
  • The figures are on the small side at only four inches tall
  • The set is a bit random given that vending machines and The Cube don’t necessarily go together


Question: Are there Fortnite toys that come with codes?

Answer: Yes! There are some Fortnite toys that come with codes. However, they are few in number, unlike something like Roblox. You usually have to wait for special events like when Epic offered the Minty pickaxe for free a few years back for certain toy purchases.

Question: What is the most popular Fortnite action figure?

Answer: The most popular Fortnite action figure is hard to nail down, but there are a couple of possible candidates. I think it is likely that Skull Trooper is one of them, being one of the original Fortnite skins and toys. I also expect Meowscles for the immense success of the Fortnite skin version.

Question: What is the rarest toy in Fortnite?

Answer: The rarest toy in Fortnite is also difficult to determine. My guess is that it is one of the Battle Royale Collection mini-figures. I don’t like these, personally, but they are like Fortnite’s own take on an action figure series. Mullet Marauder was one of the first released, and it is extremely hard to find these days.


Buying Fortnite action figures is a daunting task. I remember scouring every Target and Walmart near me for days on end during the holidays for the right one for the people on my shopping list. I get that tasks like these are tough, which is why I have a recommendation for everyone. Above all else, I think the Meowscles 7 Piece figure is the best possible option.

There is nothing like the Meowscles skin and how appealing it is to a wide range of tastes. It helps that the figure perfectly captures the character in all of his glory. Speaking of Meowscles, if you want to learn more about one of the best characters in all of Fortnite, be sure to take a look at my guide to the Toon Meowscles skin.

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