Fortnite Don the Disguise Guide: How to Put on a Disguise

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We all have a part of ourselves that we like to hide from others. That secret that we keep or that insecurity we prefer to stay hidden. What I like to do regularly is to blend into the crowd and not stand out. It helps to not draw too much attention to me and, therefore, keep my sanity. It turns out that Epic Games knows exactly how I feel. Perhaps that is why this Fortnite don the disguise guide even exists.

In Fortnite, Epic allows players to be whoever they want to be. You can have different hair colors, body shapes, be different genders, heck, even species. You are free to transform yourself online into whatever persona you would like to give off for that day. But sometimes, that is not enough. Disguises are an in-game mechanic that quickly changes your character into someone else. This has a lot of benefits as it can hide you from enemies or make you seem like someone you’re not. This has many advantages beyond completing some quests, as seen in this Fortnite don the disguise guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Disguises are one of those features in Fortnite that very few players engage with regularly. This is despite the fact that they have been continuously around in the battle royale for a very long time. Disguises allow you to transform into another character, outfit, NPC, or prop item. This helps blend into the environment to surprise foes or escape them. Sometimes, they are even used in quests like the Don the Disguise mission. This one was in Chapter 2, Season 6, and required players to get a disguise and then destroy three crystals at The Spire. Besides this particular quest, there are other challenges that involve disguises which are worth discovering.

Fortnite Disguises Explained

Indeed, you can become a Master of Disguise in Fortnite. It seems like Epic Games thinks of everything in Fortnite battle royale. The developer will include so many different features and mechanics season after season. Few stick around for too long, but there are semi-permanents like disguises.

This particular feature is exactly what you probably think of when you hear about disguises. This is a gimmick where the player can change their look in a number of different ways for a period of time. Sometimes the change is permanent until you choose to deactivate it, while other times, it is only for a moment or two.

There are a lot of different purposes behind disguises. They’ve been around for quite some time, even back to the days of Chapter 1. However, disguises were fewer in number and not always the easiest to make happen back then.

Season 2 Spy Season
Season 2 Spy SeasonFrom Fortnite Fandom

But when disguises first came to the forefront of gameplay early in Chapter 2, I remember using them quite a lot. This was especially the case in the Season 2 spy season. I dug deep into the spy theme and would head to phone booths to disguise myself.

This was not to immerse me in the role-playing nature of Fortnite — that’s not my thing anyway — but to help me out in matches. I found a lot of use in hiding in the crowd of NPCs or pretending to be an item on the battlefield when I’m not.

I couldn’t tell you the number of eliminations that I got on other players this way. I would go so far as to say that probably around a third of my eliminations were in this method. After all, sometimes I would get my kills the cheap way in Fortnite at this time, lying in wait for my prey to come by.

I was not yet the slightly more confident player I am today, where I will challenge fights directly. Disguises play a role in helping less skilled or confident players like myself back then to get the drop on someone and, hopefully, the win. In addition, disguises can help you escape or avoid fights you are not yet ready for.

Different Types of Disguises Explained

Of course, before you can ever start sneaking around the battle royale map, you must have your own disguise. This is the hard part of the situation as there are several different types of disguises. Some of them are relatively simple to do, while others will take some luck and patience.

Thankfully, I’ve got your back. I’ve spent plenty of time using several of these methods of disguises to do well in battle royale matches. So, I can give you my thoughts on each type, if it is worth your time or not, and how to unlock this type of disguise so you can do quests like the don the disguise mission in Fortnite.

Inventory Disguises

Sneaky Snowman
Sneaky Snowman From Fortnite Fandom

One of the easiest and most popular disguises around has to do with certain items that Epic introduced to Fortnite early in its life. There are a few different items in the game that allow the player to hide away from the enemy.

Think of the dumpsters and hay bales in Fortnite that you can interact with to hide in. Those are not technically disguises but items that act like one massive disguise. You can carry them around and activate them at will from your inventory to allow for a quick hiding spot.

Again, not the most apparent disguise since it takes the hiding in plain sight approach. These are the most popular disguises and include items like the legendary bush item and the Sneaky Snowman. With these two items, players can activate them whenever they want.

When they do, they turn immediately into a bush or snowman. This allows the player to still walk around while being covered by that object. The bush, in particular, was one of my favorite items in Chapter 1 back when I was a horrible Fortnite player.

I wouldn’t say that I am super-amazing today, but I am at least not even close to as bad as back then. I had to rely on bushes in the game and my legendary bush item to survive long enough to be in the top 10 players in the match and then try to take out the last person while they were weak. It was my only hope of winning a match back then. That is precisely what these inventory disguise items are for.

Phone Booth Disguises

Phone Booth
Phone Booth From Fortnite Fandom

Moving to more traditional disguises in Fortnite, we have the phone booth. This works pretty much how you expect it to. Phone booths are scattered around the map, and players can use them to disguise themselves. This was particularly notable during the spy season of Chapter 2, Season 2.

You could feel like Superman or a super spy, using a phone booth to change yourself into other clothes so that no one knows who you are. Of course, I still don’t get how someone can successfully change in a phone booth, but I digress.

After my very cheap way of disguising myself using the items in Fortnite, the phone booth was my following go-to method. I liked how this one was quick and painless without carrying around an item with me. It was also great for taking on NPCs on the map.

How it worked was that the disguise would usually make you appear like one of the NPCs nearby. If there were some henchmen, you would look like one of them. This allows you to blend in and walk around freely without fear of being attacked.

I always used this to get keycards to unlock vaults and the like. I would slyly take out the NPCs on my terms or just gun it for the group’s boss.

How to Don a Phone Booth Disguise

As for how players went about donning a phone booth disguise, it was super simple. All the player had to do was locate one of the phone booths on the map. Back in Chapter 2, there were a lot of these, and they were in pretty popular areas of the map.

Tilted Towers
Tilted Towers From Fortnite

There were places like Tilted Towers, Sweaty Sands, and The Agency where you could find at least one phone booth. Sometimes they were slightly obscured or hidden, like behind a building or in an alley, but were generally easy to find.

Once they found a phone booth, all the player had to do is hit the button prompt to interact with it. The character would hide in there, and then when they came out, they would be wearing a disguise. This particular method stuck around for quite some time in Fortnite. Basically, for almost the entirety of Chapter 2.

Prop Disguises

Prop Disguises
Prop Disguises Turn Into Wells

One of the earlier methods of changing your appearance in Fortnite was using a prop disguise. As a side note, before there ever was a Fortnite or any battle royale game for that matter, there was a little game called Prop Hunt.

It invaded some games like Garry’s Mod and even the Call of Duty franchise. The general idea was to turn yourself into a prop item, like a lamp or soda can, and then hide somewhere and not be found. Epic Games noted the popularity of this game type and incorporated this into Fortnite in Chapter 1.

It works like the original game modes I spent thousands of hours playing before Fortnite existed. And, trust me, I was not a fan of playing on PC, so those thousands of hours playing Prop Hunt on Garry’s Mod shows how fun it was.

Oddly enough, this was a method that I rarely used in Fortnite to hide. The general idea is roughly the same, though. Players could transform into various Fortnite random items, ranging from a simple crate to a tire and so much more.

Basically, if it was an individual inanimate object on the map and you could find it, you could disguise yourself as it. This was an excellent way of blending into the environment and sneaking up on foes. It was a solid way of getting the first shot in a fight or escaping a battle you knew you would lose.

How to Unlock a Prop Disguise

There are a few ways that you can turn yourself into a prop disguise. The first is by visiting specific locations. There were places like Moisty Palms and even NPCs that would grant you this ability. In the case of NPCs, it would cost some gold bars to unlock the right to become a prop.

There are better methods, though, that you have more control over, like special weapons. Both the Prop-o-Matic and the Prop-ifier are two excellent weapons that you could use to become a prop at will. The former operated on the idea that you could shoot at an object and immediately turn it into it.

On the other hand, the Prop-ifier is not nearly as free but was in battle royale for a more extended period of time in Chapter 2. With this one, you cycle through 15 preset prop items to choose from until you find the one you like.

Disguise Kit Details

Disguise Kit

The newest method of disguising yourself in Fortnite was introduced relatively recently in Chapter 3. The disguise kit is a strange item in the shape of a briefcase. The player then interacts with the briefcase and pulls out a disguise for them to wear in battle.

It sounds simple enough, right? But the strange thing about this item is how it works when it comes to activating it. The player must go through some hoops in order to use it, and the item itself is not a permanent member of the Fortnite pantheon just yet.

It was only used for a specific quest in the middle of Season 2. You cannot just go around and pick up disguise kits to use in battle. The only way to do it was, specifically, to do the right quest in that season. The quest line started at Synapse Station.

Once there, you could find the disguise kit on the ground in the middle of the desert. Interacting with it would turn the player into a disguise, and then they could do the next step of the quest, which was to place the weapon’s schematics.

The disguise kit turned you into a disguise, but it was not a permanent item. It was only used for that specific quest. However, I think that Epic used that as a testing ground for an actual item that will appear in the battle royale game later.

It does not currently exist in Season 3, but I imagine the disguise kit will be an inventory item someday. It could just be the briefcase, and it could have a couple of limited charges. Each time you use it, it might disguise you as someone else — maybe to look like another player or even an NPC.

Fortnite Don the Disguise Challenge Explained

Now we finally come back to the general reason why some players are here, and that is for the don the disguise Fortnite challenge. This unique mission was only available during Chapter 2, Season 6. The Primal season had a lot going on with it, including The Spire quests.

One such mission at that time asked players to don a disguise and then strike at three resonant crystals. The quest description was quite vague, as it left much up to the player to figure out at the time. That is why it was one of the most searched quests back then.

The general idea is that there are two main parts to this quest. There is the initial section of simply finding a disguise before you do anything else. Then from there, the second part is a little bit trickier. This had, technically, three different parts to it since the player had to destroy three crystals in total while still disguised.

How to Complete This Quest

Here’s exactly how this quest was completed back in the day of Chapter 2, Season 6. Before you could do anything else, you needed to unlock this particular mission in a chain of different quests. It was a challenging time back then since there were so many quests that you had to do first.

visiting the Tarana NPC at The Spire
Tarana NPC at The Spire

It began with visiting the Tarana NPC at The Spire and taking on her missions. She had a chain of missions that eventually led to Raz, one of the main battle pass skins back then. After finally completing his missions, then you unlock the final Spire quest, which was to don the disguise and strike the three resonant crystals.

Once you had this quest, what you first needed to do was head to the southeastern corner of The Spire. Right there, on the ground, near a fence, was a suitcase that you interacted with. This would equip the player with a specific disguise on them.

While the disguise was on them, they would then need to complete the second part of this quest. This was to destroy the three specific crystals at The Spire. Though there were three parts to this section, the crystals were at least relatively close to one another.

In the center of The Spire, the named location was the titular tower. At the bottom of the tower were the three crystals. They were all around it, some outside the tower and others inside of one of the buildings attached to The Spire.

Once the player destroyed all three while wearing the disguise, they were done with this questline for good. It was well worth it back then for the sheer amount of experience you could get that would allow you to power through the Season 6 battle pass and unlock its contents.

Will the Don the Disguise Quest Come Back?

At the end of the day, though, the don the disguise quest was only for Chapter 2, Season 6. But that does not undercut the value or need to know more about disguises in Fortnite. You should know about this vital but underrated feature in the game regardless.

More importantly, there is a strong chance that don the disguise quest will return to Fortnite someday. In fact, we regularly get quests that involve turning into a prop or interacting with phone booths and the like. Though disguises are currently limited in Fortnite, I expect this to change.

Once phone booths and the other disguise methods return to Fortnite, you can likely expect some challenges to arrive that will ask you to don the disguise once more. So I recommend that you prepare and learn more about the disguises now to be ready for that time.


Question: How do I don a disguise in Fortnite?

Answer: There are many ways that a player can don a disguise, as mentioned above. But the shortlist is that you can use a prop item to make yourself into a prop, interact with a phone booth, use a legendary bush, or even complete certain quests.

Question: Where is the disguise guy in Fortnite?

Answer: The disguise guy in Fortnite is currently the Cuddle Team Leader. She is found at Rave Cave and will offer you the chance to turn into a prop for around 75 gold bars. However, there have been other props to disguise NPCs in the past.

Question: Can you still disguise in Fortnite?

Answer: Yes, you still can disguise in Fortnite even now at the time of writing this. However, it is extremely limited in Chapter 3 compared to what came before. You can only disguise yourself using the Cuddle Team Leader at Rave Cave these days. There are no prop weapons or other special items at this time that you can use to disguise yourself.


Disguises are some of the more hidden parts of Fortnite battle royale. You could play countless hours of the game without ever turning into another character or prop once. But that does not stop the fact that disguises are a brilliant way of sneaking up on other players and surprising them.

For newcomers and less-confident players, a disguise could be just what you need to get the drop on a more powerful enemy and take them out. It is what I did all those years ago when Fortnite was still in Chapter 1 and later Chapter 2. But suppose you are ready to finally up your skills in the battle royale game. In that case, I recommend finding out how to get those victory royales through improving your gameplay and playing competitively.

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