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Fortnite’s lore is expanding nonstop with new characters and storylines, as you will see in our Jules Fortnite skin guide. Jules is one of the key supporting characters in the backstory of the battle royale game. She will also likely continue to play a significant role in the main storyline moving forward.

In this Jules Fortnite skin guide, find out more about the daughter of Midas and Marigold. While she is different from her parents, including possibly her allegiances, there are a lot of similarities to them as well. Find out her possible goals, history, and all of her various skins in this guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Jules is one of the supporting characters in Fortnite’s lore, especially from Chapter 2. In addition, she is one of the significant battle pass skins that has been offered to players in the past. As an up-and-coming fan favorite, several skin variants have been released for her so far. These include the standard battle pass skin from Chapter 2, Season 3, and the Beach Jules and Scrapknight Jules versions. Lore-wise, she is the daughter of Midas, leader of Ghost and Shadow, and Marigold. It appears that she is working with her parents behind the scenes at this time as a current member of the Imagined Order. It is uncertain when she will reappear again in the battle royale game, but I fully expect it to be soon.

Who Is Jules?

Jules is a significant battle pass character introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2. As part of one of the season’s passes, she also became a large part of the overarching story in that season. In the process, we eventually came to find out that she was the daughter of Midas.

Like her father, she is a spy and has her own goals. However, it does seem that she is ultimately on her father’s side, despite being part of the Imagined Order. She also has multiple skin variants that players have been able to unlock over the last several seasons.

If that was not enough, Jules has also been an NPC boss in the past. Players were able to fight against her and find some great loot in the process if they could take her down. She is a recurring Chapter 2 character, appearing in a few of the seasons.

While she is not the most crucial Fortnite character from Chapter 2, and arguably her father, Midas, is more important to the plot, there is likely a lot more that is going to happen with her in the future. It is possible that we are going to see her appear in the game again soon.


Like other Fortnite skins, Jules has multiple appearances to her. It depends on which skin you are playing as and, of course, what customization options you select for that skin as well. So far in Fortnite, there are a total of three Jules skins that have been released, which is a fair amount. Each of them has a wildly different take on her and their methods of unlocking them.

Battle Pass Jules Skin

For starters, there is the battle pass variant skin for Jules. It is an epic-level outfit, released in Chapter 2, Season 3, and unlocked at level 40. The default version of the skin shows a rough girl who seems to have a bad attitude, and you would not want to mess with at all.

She wears a tank top that is a dirty tan color and works jeans on the bottom. Since she is wearing a tank top, it is easy to see the plethora of tattoos she has up and down her arms and neck. Her face is attractive, but it scowls most of the time, making it clear that she means business.

She has dark makeup, and her hair is in twin braids that are both pretty long, going well past her shoulders. On top of her head, she wears red goggles that the purpose of is not immediately apparent. At least, that is until the later customization options for the skin are unlocked.

The base battle passes Jules skin has two more options for players to unlock. The first is the Welder Jules, where she puts green overalls on top of her standard outfit. In addition, she wears some heavy-duty gloves and has a red wrench.

On top of her head, she replaces the work goggles with a red welder’s helmet. The other skin variant is the Shadow Jules version. In this one, she generally wears the same outfit as the default skin, but with a black Shadow aesthetic. In addition, she now wears a black skull mask on her that covers everything except for a single long braid.

Scrapknight Jules

In Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, the second skin for Jules was released. This one was known as Scrapknight Jules, and it was the counterpart mainly to her father’s Midas Rex skin. The only way that players could purchase this version of the skin was by spending 1200 V-Bucks on it.

The rare Scrapknight Jules skin features her wearing a suit of armor, likely to go to war in, and it is very much possible that she welded it together herself. In this skin, her outfit is wildly different from the default Jules. Instead of work clothes, she is wearing slick battle armor that is fancy steel style.

The chest piece looks like knight’s armor but slightly more futuristic, covering all the way to her fingertips. She has armor that matches the top on the bottom, but there are some pouches, just like in her default skin. She also has a jewel near her stomach, matching her name nicely.

As for her face, she still wears the same serious expression, but you cannot see her tattoos anymore. That said, there is some war paint on her face instead. She also wears a nose ring and large earrings that look like gears. She still has the two long braids and goggles on her head, but the goggles are black and silver this time.

Beach Jules

Beach Jules is the most recent skin for the character, released for 1200 V-Bucks in Chapter 2, Season 7. Just like her dad, Jules likes to have fun in the sun. This more casual look for Jules has her trade out her work gear for simple beach attire.

She is wearing cute sandals and an outfit that matches entirely from top to bottom. She is wearing shorts with an ombre style to them, being black on the top and gradually fading to a darker pink. This same idea is throughout this skin.

Her top is primarily the same way, with a mix of black, pink, and a little bit of red. She wears two large bracelets on her wrists, and the lighter nature of this outfit allows you to see better the tats that she has across her body. They seem only to cover the top half of her, but the entirety of her torso is covered in tattoos.

Her face is still serious in this iteration but slightly more lighthearted, especially with the cute black and pink makeup. She has two long braids once more, but the braids themselves are a hot pink color now. Last but not least, she is wearing pink swimming goggles on top of her head.


Jules has a primarily cold personality, much like her father. She does not seem to get too close to other people, and she is not very trusting of others at the same time. She is not necessarily trustworthy, either, since she is known to play both sides at times. After all, she is a spy, so it is hard to understand her true allegiance most of the time. That said, she seems to somewhat have a heart for her family.

Key Relationships

There are only a few key relationships that Jules has in Fortnite. For starters, there is the relationship that she has with her father, Midas. This one seems to be the most complicated out of the bunch. At first, it appears that she does not seem to really like her dad, especially with the dialogue that will play between their skins.

At the same time, though, it does seem that there is the possibility that she genuinely cares about her dad. Both of them likely have a hard time showing their true feelings to one another, resulting in the challenging circumstances of their family situation.

In the end, it does seem like she loves him and wants to help him out. Jules’s relationship with her mother, Marigold, is even more mysterious. They do not interact with one another much, and Marigold herself is still somewhat secretive in the lore.

Finally, there is her minor, at best, relationship with you, the player. There aren’t many interactions between the player and Jules besides fighting one another. But it seems that she at least respects the looping player, even going so far as to ask for help for her mission. In addition, she makes sure to include the player in whatever player she is working on with her family.


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The playstyle for Jules is nothing too unusual overall. For the most part, she is precisely the same as every other skin, with nothing too special. You do the same general gameplay actions as her, like gathering materials, building forts to defend yourself, shooting players in third-person, and so on.

For some odd reason, she does not seem to have the golden Midas touch that her father and mother have. The only real change with Jules is that her default skin is reactive in the welder version. If you equip the welder skin style, this gives her the welding helmet that will sit atop her head, like her goggles.

While you are aiming down the sights in battle, Jules will equip the red welding helmet on her face to show that she means business. In addition, the visor part of the helmet will also glow an orange color during this moment.

Boss Explained

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In Chapter 2, Season 3, Jules first arrives on the Fortnite island. During this season, players could battle against her in the middle of matches. Jules was a major NPC boss enemy at The Authority. The former location of The Agency, now turned into the Shadow faction headquarters, was her home.

This was the only season that players could battle her there at The Authority. But fighting her was well worth it, just like her father before her (though we did not know this at the time), due to the sheer amount of loot that she had.

There were up to three different legendary or mythic-level items that you could get as loot from her. In fact, you could even get much more than that if you went about fighting her in the right way. She is pretty easy to take out with only 400 shields and 100 health during her initial boss appearance.

The reason that her health was so weak, though, was because there were a lot of henchmen that frequented The Authority. You could get up to three items if you could take her out, though. The first is her signature Jules’ Drum Gun. This mythic version of the famous Drum Gun is one of the best versions of it.

The second is Jules’ Glider Gun. This is essentially a mythic version of the Grappler, which quickly lets you zip around the map. Finally, an essential item for some is The Authority keycard. This item enables you to locate the vault at The Authority and open it up. Inside it is several large chests that include plenty of items to fully equip even a squad at times, making Jules well worth fighting early on.


The history of Jules is still relatively up in the air. While we know a good deal about what she has done in the past chapter of the game, there are still several mysteries surrounding her. We may not know everything about what is going on with her right now, but this is what we know about Jules up until this point.

Forging Her Own Path

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There is not much known about who Jules was and what she did before her first appearance in Fortnite battle royale. We know that she was the daughter of Midas, a former international crime boss turned into the founder of the Ghost spy organization and possibly a member of IO at some point.

Presumably, she had a turbulent relationship at times with her father, but she ultimately cared about him nonetheless. This is seen in what we do know about her from before appearing in Chapter 2, Season 3. During the events of Season 2, in which the spy battle was happening, she assisted her father in creating The Device that would later be used in the season-ending event.

Because of this, it seems that she had a similar goal to her father to stop the storm for good and free all of the looping players. After the end of the season and her father’s disappearance, Jules arrived on the scene. Like her father before her, she became a significant part of the Fortnite lore.

Helping Her Father

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In Chapter 2, Season 3, Jules was one of the most important characters in that season. She directly took over her father’s former headquarters at the very center of the island. As the now self-imposed leader of the island, she turned The Agency into The Authority, a brand new named location.

It was an expanded version of her father’s headquarters to which she was now the boss. This was due to its affiliation with the Shadow organization that her father founded and she was part of. During this season, it is mostly standard with the players going through the usual battle royale actions.

However, at this point, the looping player knows about Jules and they are rivals/pseudo-enemies at this point. They fight each other anytime that they see one another at The Authority. From there, she takes a sort of back step to hide in the shadows.

Her notable return comes in Season 6 when she is now the Scrapknight Jules and there is a huge change. She is now a member of the Imagined Order, who are presumably enemies of her father. It is during this season that she reveals her relationship to her father and that she wants to work with the player to get out of the loop now.

That said, nothing comes out of this season or any one that follows. We later find out in Season 7 with the arrival of her mother and return of her father that the three are planning something together. It is likely then that she is still part of the IO but working against them from the inside. She has not yet returned in Chapter 3, but we presume that it is only a matter of time at this point before she and her father enact their plans.

Fun Facts About Jules

Here are some fun facts about Jules that you may not have known about:

  • Jules first appeared many weeks before we would formally see her in Chapter 2, Season. During Season 2, we could see a painting of Jules within her father Midas’ room at The Agency. This also hinted early on the connection between the two characters.
  • She was also later seen during The Device live event at the end of Season 2 where she appears in the loading screen that players could earn.
  • Ironically in Chapter 2, Season 3, Jules once appeared at a place other than The Authority. There was a short time where she appeared as an NPC boss at Frenzy Farm. However, this was not supposed to happen at all and was a mistake that Epic Games later fixed.
  • Oddly enough, as mentioned earlier in the guide, Jules is the only member of her family (that we know of so far) that is unable to use the Midas golden touch. Both her father, Midas, and her mother, Marigold, can turn the objects that they touch into gold. It is not currently known why both of her parents have this capability but she does not. Perhaps we will see a new version of her in the future that can.
  • Like her father, Jules has a mythic Drum Gun weapon that she can drop if you defeat her in boss battles. It seems that she favors the same weapons as her dad since he has had the Drum Gun in the past for both of his boss appearances.


Question: How do you get Jules Fortnite skin?

Answer: You could get the Jules Fortnite skin in a couple of different ways, depending on which of the three skins you want. The default Jules skin was only available in the paid version of the Chapter 2, Season 3 battle pass at level 40. The Scrapknight Jules skin could be purchased for a limited time in the item shop for 1200 V-Bucks. The Beach Jules skin was also available for a period for 1200 V-Bucks. None of them are currently available now.

Question: Is Jules Midas’ daughter?

Answer: Yes, it was confirmed near the end of Chapter 2 that Jules is Midas’ daughter.

Question: How is Jules Fortnite skin reactive?

Answer: Jules’ default Fortnite skin is the only one that is somewhat reactive. The only change that happens in matches is that the welder’s helmet will cover Jules’ face and glow when you aim down the sights.


Jules is one of the more intriguing Fortnite characters who hasn’t gotten enough love from Epic Games just yet, at least in the lore of the game. Even still, we hope that the Jules Fortnite skin guide was able to introduce you to this character and give you a great idea about why she is a fantastic character.

Anther character that I really like in Fortnite, besides Jules, is The Foundation. The Foundation is the leader of The Seven and one of the most important characters in the game to date. If you would like to learn more about his wonderful self, played by The Rock, be sure to read our guide on him as well.

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