Midas Fortnite Skin Guide: The King of Gold Explained

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Fortnite did not arguably have any compelling lore characters until the arrival of the star of this Midas Fortnite skin guide. Midas is one of the most intriguing villains in the battle royale game, and Epic Games knows it. He is a character who keeps coming back to the game time and time again, despite all of the various events that have happened to him already.

This Midas Fortnite skin guide is all about the King of Gold himself. The villainous spy organization leader has a deep-rooted history in Fortnite. With a storyline that spans almost the entirety of Chapter 2 and beyond, it is unlikely that we have seen the last of him, either. Here is everything we know about the Midas skin and character in Fortnite.

Bottom Line Up Front

Midas is the leader of the spies in Fortnite battle royale. After months of teasing beforehand, he initially joined the game in Chapter 2, Season 2. He is one of the main villains at the time, creating a mysterious device and antagonizing the player who can fight him. His motives are genuinely understandable, but his means of trying to stop the ever-present storm are not. He came back in multiple seasons in Chapter 2 in his various forms. And even when Midas is not around, his minions and cohorts are. Though Midas has not reappeared in some time, there are even hints of his existence in Chapter 3. He will likely return with a new skin version for players to collect soon.

Who is Midas in Fortnite?

Midas is one of the few significant original characters that Epic Games created for Fortnite. He is not one of the endless crossovers in the battle royale game at all. However, he is not wholly unique as Epic did come with the idea of his character and name based on a person of legend.

The Ancient Greek King Midas was supposedly a man who could turn anything that he touched into gold. This premise is the one that Midas, the Fortnite skin and character, was based on. Within the Fortnite multiverse, he is the leader of the Ghost spy faction and Shadow.

For most of Chapter 2, he is one of the central enemies of the player. Though his intentions are somewhat understandable and pure, his actions are not always the best way of going about things. As the leader of all of the spies in Chapter 2, he is a cunning and difficult man.

Some would consider him a tactical genius, playing the cards of Fortnite’s island brilliantly. He can manipulate everyone on the island and ensure that his goals are on top. He is also in the know about everything that happens on the island, including the very existence of looping itself.

Midas is a central character in Chapter 2 and one of the most recurring skins. There are many different skin styles, versions, and variants released over time. There is even a chance that we will see more of this spy king in the future as there are teases of his likely return in Chapter 3.


Midas has one of the most complicated appearances in Fortnite since there are just so many different versions of him. He is running for the character with the most skins and color options out of anyone to date. But it can be boiled down to his original skin, its variants, and also the others that would appear later down the road.

Normal Version


It all began with the initial version of Midas. In Chapter 2, Season 2, Epic Games kicked off this season with a massive battle pass with tons of characters to collect that were all themed around spies. Like always, they saved the best for last, and, this time around, it was Midas.

Initially, when players unlocked Midas, it was his default form. The base version of the legendary skin featured the charming spy in his regular business attire. He is wearing a complete suit, with dark gray dress pants on the bottom and shoes that match.

On top, he is wearing the other parts of the suit, minus the jacket that goes over everything. Instead of the coat, Midas is wearing a dark suit vest on top of a long-sleeve white dress shirt. He has a tie that matches his vest and a golden arm showing his unique ability.

He has a sharp haircut that is short but is parted to the side, with a shaved portion on the left side of his head. There are tattoos that the player can glimpse coming up from below his neck and a massive scar that goes across his right eye. Meanwhile, his left eye is yellow. Overall, Midas has a well-built together, handsome, and menacing default appearance.

Golden Midas

Image from Fandom

One of the most notable parts about the default Midas battle pass skin is that it is customizable in various ways. Players could choose which side the Midas skin took in the Ghost versus Shadow war. Though it would seem that he was the leader of both rival spy organizations, players still had the option to pick.

Once they maxed out the Midas skin, he would change his skin color, hair, and everything about him to a golden statue version. The only thing that wouldn’t change is his outfit, which is affected by the Ghost and Shadow choice. If the player picked the Ghost side for him, he would have the business suit outfit but with a gray color scheme.

However, if the player picked the Shadow side, his suit would turn to an all-black color scheme from head to toe. Furthermore, players could later unlock the Golden Agent skin style for the character that would turn his gold and his entire suit. Players had plenty of options to pick from, and this was just for the original Midas skin.

Shadow Midas and More

Image from Fandom

Besides Midas and his skin, there was the Oro skin that players could get. Though not confirmed to be Midas, it could be the dead golden king that received his power. The first additional Midas skin was the Midsummer Midas version in Chapter 2, Season 7.

Players could see a relaxed version of the otherwise uptight character with this skin. The default version sees him wearing no shirt, just some shorts, and sandals. He is wearing some sunglasses in some skin styles, and you can see all of his tattoos across his body. Other options include customizing his reactive gold and whether he wears a jacket or not.

Next up after that was Shadow Midas in Chapter 2, Season 8. This epic skin was similar to the original Midas but with a purple aura around him and an all-black suit. Furthermore, his golden arms are gone and replaced by corrupted black and purple arms that match the aesthetic of the cube. The only option for this epic skin was to turn the reactive feature on or off.

Midas Rex was part of The Last Laugh bundle. In this one, he is wearing a thick suit of light gold, almost bronze, armor on his entire body except for his head. This gives him an even more menacing version of the character that sees him get ready for war. The optional skin style for Midas Rex is having him wear the matching skull armor helmet.

Finally, the last skin for Midas is Icebound Midas. The appearance of this one seems the character frozen over. His appearance is generally the same as his default look, except there are now blues and whites across his body. This gives him a cold and almost Game of Thrones White Walker-style design.


Midas has a cold personality that is calculated and forceful. He is not that much of a caring person, even around his subordinates and family. He is constantly observing everyone around him, and it seems that he does not trust many people if anyone at all. He looks like a disturbed person that has been through a lot in his life.

Key Relationships

Despite being connected to nearly everyone in Chapter 2 of Fortnite, Midas’ relationships with them seem shallow at best. He is the leader of all of the significant spies in the Chapter 2, Season 2 battle pass. He leads Agent Peely, Brutus, Maya, Skye, and TNTina.

There are also hints that he knows Doctor Slone, with a picture that she has containing his shadow in the background. His original followers were The Burning Wolf, Chaos Origins, and Sierra, whom he saved and redeemed.

His family includes Marigold, his wife, and Jules, his daughter. They are possibly the only people that he genuinely cares about. Lastly, there is you. He knows the player well through their time in Chapter 2. For the most part, you are enemies, but there are times that he recruits the player to do missions for them. Like the others, it seems that Midas’ relationship with the player is a strained one at best.


Image from Fandom

Midas’ playstyle is primarily the same as every other skin within Fortnite battle royale. You can equip his skin, customize it, and then play matches. Players are free to shoot weapons, explore the island in 3D, gather materials, and build while playing as Midas.

The one unique aspect of the Midas skin is that he can turn all weapons and items to gold that the player touches. While using his skin, if you pick up an assault rifle, for instance, it will turn into pure gold while you use it. It does not affect gameplay in the slightest, but this is an excellent cosmetic touch, at least.


The backstory and history of Midas are deep, flowing across almost the entirety of Fortnite Chapter 2. From his time before the start of the battle royale game to the events that he conspired on the second island, there is a lot that happens with his character.

Midas’ Backstory

Before he appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2, it is clear that a lot has already happened with Midas. While not all of it is known, there are elements that we can figure out. For instance, he received his scar and golden touch abilities at some point. The latter possibly came from the Oro character.

With the Doctor Slone picture that seems to show Midas in the background, it appears at the furthest back point; Midas was likely a member of the Imagined Order. He possibly worked with Slone and played a role in creating the loops.

In addition, he founded the Shadow organization at some point (likely after leaving the IO) and recruited The Burning Wolf, Chaos Origins, and Sierra as his original three spies. There are even hints that he was once a crime lord, and that is where his scar comes from. If that is the case, this part of his long life could even predate everything else.

Creating the Device

When Midas arrives on the Fortnite island, he first appears at Eye Land. This landmark is the center of the island in Chapter 2, Season 1 and he begins to leave golden hints around. This was leading up to his full appearance in Chapter 2, Season 2 as a main character and battle pass skin.

At this point, the spies of the Ghost faction invade the island and Midas is their leader. He builds The Agency at the center of the map as the home for his spies while sending out his subordinates to other areas around the map.

During Chapter 2, Season 2, he works on a device that is the purpose of his plans. In the midst of this, he is an enemy for the player and sometimes someone that inadvertently helps him in his mission. It all comes to a head at the end of Season 2 when Midas activated his device.

With the device, he was able to momentarily stop the storm for good and the loops, but this only lasted so long. In the end, the storm began a raging sea that consumed the island and flooded most of the map.

Shadow Midas and the Future

In Season 4, it seems that the truth is that Midas died. However, he came back from the dead as Shadow Midas. At The Ruins, where The Agency and The Authority once stood, Shadow Midas is a new boss and enemy there. He tried once more to stop the battle royale loops but failed once more, this time by the impending approach of Galactus in the Nexus Event.

After Season 4, Shadow Midas disappears once more and does not return until a brief reappearance in Season 7 for the summer Fortnite event. Little happens with him for the rest of the chapter, minus the realization that Midas also founded the Shadow organization while, at the same time, leading Ghost, its rival.

Since then, Midas has not reappeared in the game since, except for the frozen version of him in Chapter 3, Season 1. Lore-wise, though, it is uncertain what is going on with him. We know that he is still alive since there are golden items that are around the flipped island. It seems likely that he will return at some point in the midst of this war between The Seven and the IO.

How to Unlock the Midas Fortnite Skin

There are many different skins for Midas, but we are going to break down how you could have unlocked each of them. Unfortunately, it is worth prefacing that none of these skins are currently available in the game so you cannot unlock them anymore.

The bright side, however, is the fact that many of them were in the item shop so they could return someday. In addition, there are so many different Midas skins out there that it is only a matter of time until one another releases.

With that said, the first Midas skin is the default one. It was a legendary skin that you could unlock only in the Chapter 2, Season 2 battle pass. To get it, players had to reach level 100 within that season. If they did that, they could continue leveling up and doing more quests to unlock the other customization options for the skin.

Whether or not Oro is related to Midas, it was a skin in the item shop that players could purchase in Season 2 for 2000 V-Bucks. Midsummer Midas was the next skin to release in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 and you could unlock this one, at the cheapest, 1600 V-Bucks in the item shop.

Shadow Midas was an epic Fortnite skin in the item shop during Chapter 2, Season 8 for 1500 V-Bucks. Then there was the legendary skin known as Midas Rex also in Chapter 2. Unfortunately, this one was unavailable for purchase using V-Bucks. You had to spend actual money (no V-Bucks) to buy it. It was part of The Last Laugh bundle, which cost $30 at the time.

Finally, there was the most recent skin for him known as Icebound Midas. It was available in Chapter 3, Season 1 as part of a set for 2500 V-Bucks.

Fun Facts About Midas

Here are some fun facts about Midas that you might not have known about  before:

  • Midas is based on the Greek legend about the king who could turn anything to gold. Though it is not confirmed, it is possible that Oro, the golden skeleton king, is the reason for his powers. Perhaps Oro is the real ancient King Midas who the Fortnite character took the powers and name from.
  • The default Midas skin turns every weapon to gold as mentioned before in matches. However, he is not the only skin in the Midas line to do that. Midsummer Midas can also turn items to gold. In addition, his wife, Marigold, has this power, too, but Jules does not.
  • A survey recently revealed a new version of Midas that has not released yet, so players can look forward to his likely return soon.
  • With the creation of Midas, he was originally going to be wearing glasses. This is something that has been officially confirmed by Epic, however, the glasses were changed to give him the signature menacing look he has now. Oddly enough, though, a mistake on Epic’s part has to do with the golden statue of Midas at The Yacht. This statue still mistakenly showed him with glasses on, despite the change to his design.


Question: Who is Midas’ wife in Fortnite?

Answer: Midas does have a wife in Fortnite’s lore and she is a character skin as well. His wife is Marigold. In addition, Midas also has a daughter, who is Jules. It is presumed that her mother is Marigold, though that is not technically confirmed. Midas, Marigold, and Jules are seemingly still a (somewhat) happy family at the time of Chapter 2.

Question: Is Midas a good guy?

Answer: This is a tricky question. For most of Chapter 2, Midas is a bad guy, at least in the eyes of the player. He antagonizes the player and does things that forces the player to fight him. That said, overall, it is hard to say that he is really a bad person. His goals are to stop the storm and the loops, which pretty much aligns with you. There is a chance that he could return in the future as a good guy.

Question: Is Midas still alive?

Answer: This is another point that is, technically, not confirmed at this time. However, I think it is pretty clear that Midas is still alive and in hiding at this time in Fortnite Chapter 3. More than likely, he is lying in wait and choosing his next path carefully. There are even hints to this with the various golden items around the flipped island. I think he will make his return sooner rather than later.


The Midas Fortnite skin guide is the perfect intro to one of the best exclusive characters in the game so far. It is likely that we have not seen the last of Midas just yet, but there is still so much time left in the current storyline before he returns.

Right now in Fortnite, the community is obsessed over the plot of The Seven versus the Imagined Order and Doctor Slone. Led by The Foundation, The Seven are trying their best to stop the evil IO. For more information on that fight, be sure to take a look at our full skin and character guide for The Foundation, leader of The Seven faction.

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