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Sadie is a pretty cool name on its own, right? I think it is one of the more underrated names out there. But, let’s say that you drop the S in Sadie for a moment and add a Z. Suddenly, you have Zadie, which is both edgier and cooler just for the sake of being that way. That is exactly what Epic Games was going for with the star of this Zadie Fortnite skin guide, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Zadie is a pretty metal name and an equally gnarly skin at the same time in Fortnite battle royale. She is alluring and dangerous, giving off some serious femme fatale vibes. I know that she is a woman who would be one of my weaknesses while also requiring me to watch my back due to how scary she can be at times. It only helps that she has some unique traits that I have only seen in a few battle royale skins since I began playing on day one. I’ll let you know about these quirks and more in this Zadie Fortnite skin guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Zadie is one of those Fortnite skins that show off the spectrum of what a cosmetic can be. For the most part, the characters are cutesy and colorful, which aligns with the style of Fortnite. But then you get characters like Zadie who buck this trend and offer something edgier. She is a super-serious soldier character, almost like a female Punisher, who looks ultimately out of place in something like Fortnite. Zadie has several skin styles available to her and a unique way of unlocking them. She is part of the Metal Masq set in Fortnite, and I recommend it to anyone who likes her appearance.

Fortnite Zadie Skin Overview

Image From Fortnite Fandom

Zadie stole the hearts of myself and many other metalheads when she was first released in Chapter 2, Season 1. The long and drawn-out season was one of the biggest in battle royale history. The start of the new chapter saw Epic Games filling the gap between the first and second seasons with plenty of events and new content. As part of this, there were, of course, plenty of new skins, too. Players who wanted to change up their looks had the opportunity to go through new items nearly every week at that point. While I still do not look too fondly on the long season we had at the time, it paved the way for some fantastic cosmetic items.

This included, of course, the release of Zadie. As part of the Metal Masq group, they are some of the strangest skins in Fortnite. Part of this is because she almost feels out of place at times. In such a colorful and friendly game as Fortnite, she brings a sense of danger and conflict that is relatively unique. I would go so far as to say that Zadie would fit much better off in a game like Call of Duty Warzone rather than Fortnite. Her soldier style is not like someone like Jonesy or others who look cartoonish, as she looks pretty dangerous and even terrifyingly serious in some of her skin options. That is right; Zadie does offer a few skin styles for players to unlock. What is unique about her is that her skin style is locked behind a particular set of challenges. This makes her one of the most engaging and fun skins you can pick up in Fortnite battle royale.


Fortnite Zadie Skin
Image From Fortnite Fandom

The default appearance for Zadie is the most iconic, in my opinion. She is a super-soldier who looks like she means business. She does not give off traditional army vibes, though, looking more like someone who is a mercenary for hire who goes wherever the money is. And she has plenty of money, too, as she can afford what looks to be a highly detailed and exciting armor design. She wears camo pants on her legs that are a great pick for her. Usually, I am not a fan of camo, but this is the kind that I like: gray and black mixed for a darker and moodier feel. On the top, she wears a simple gray long-sleeve fitted shirt mainly composed of different grays with a little bit of blue tinge. Her arms, though, carry the same gray camo style that presumably helps her blend in with the environment on her missions.

There is a skull symbol on her left shoulder, indicating the company she is part of, presumably the Metal Masq group. The name is not just for show, either, as it is the mantra for the team. They are just a bunch of soldiers who wear metal masks on their faces. In the case of Zadie, she has white hair that barely goes down to her shoulders and a silver mask that covers her entire face. We do not know what her face looks like, so she could even be middle-aged or older. Regardless, her mask makes up for the lack of facial features.

The silver mask looks terrifying the longer you gaze at it, with its twisted skull design. The sliced-up mouth is something straight out of a horror flick, and the menacing red eyes that shine through the large eye sockets give a supernatural feel to the character. Without a doubt, if I saw someone like Zadie on the Fortnite battlefield, I would hunker down in my fort, scared or, better yet, just run away. Regardless, though, she is a welcome change of pace for the typically anything but serious Fortnite tone.

How to Unlock Zadie in Fortnite


I’m sure it didn’t take much to convince you that you need the Zadie skin right now. After all, I feel the same after missing out on her during the first battle royale season. If you’re ready to take a ride on the wild side of Fortnite, there is a straightforward task that you must do to unlock her skin. Thankfully, Zadie is just your basic item shop cosmetic item. So, you already know exactly what you need to do to unlock her. You have to wait until our battle royale masters at Epic Games deem us worthy of Zadie’s presence and offer her up in the item shop for us to purchase.

Image From Fortnite Fandom

She only costs 1200 V-Bucks in the shop since she is a rare skin. This is somewhat surprising since this is roughly the second-cheapest cost for a battle royale outfit in the store. I think she is a fantastic deal considering that you also get some skin styles for this relatively low price. Of course, if you would like to, you can spend a little more of your hard-earned V-Bucks and opt for the Metal Masq Bundle. This one is double the price at 2400 V-Bucks, but you get Zadie plus a bunch of other items that go along with her. Ultimately, it is up to you what you would prefer to do, but these are your two options for unlocking her outfit.

Can You Still Unlock Her Today?

Since Zadie was first released in Chapter 2, Season 1, it is understandable that some players may be concerned that it is impossible to unlock her today. Well, allow me to be the bearer of some good news for once: you will likely be able to unlock this skin shortly still. Unfortunately, it may not be the exact day that you are reading this Zadie Fortnite skin guide, but hopefully, shortly. She is on the cycle of returning to the in-game store reasonably regularly as an item shop skin. It has been an entire chapter since her release, but Epic Games has not forgotten about Zadie.

Taking a look at the data for the character is rather intriguing, honestly. She has one of the strangest timings for her return that I have seen in the game, so this is worth keeping in mind. She was first released near the very beginning of 2020, right smack dab in the middle of the super long Season 1. She was in the item shop for a few weeks, offering players the chance to nab her at any point. After that, though, she would not return until over a year later, a massive amount of time to wait for the return of her beautiful face, err, mask, I mean.

From there, though, thankfully, Epic Games gave Zadie a bit more of a regular schedule. She appeared in the item shop nearly every month or so, keeping this up until recently. More recently, she has appeared in the game every two months or so, slowing down every so slightly. The last time she appeared was two months ago at the time of writing this guide, so she may arrive back in the shop any day now. But she could also go another year without reappearing, and that wouldn’t be too far-fetched. Patience and careful planning are necessary to unlock Zadie in Chapter 3.

Customization Options: Skin Styles

Arctic Zadie
Image Of Arctic From Fortnite Fandom

Yes, there are some extra skin styles that Zadie has, and one of them is pretty awesome. In total, she has three skin styles if you include the default option as one. The default is automatically given to you, but the other two require you to unlock them. The first of the two additional skin styles is the better of the two, the Arctic option. I honestly think this is the best of all three for Zadie. This one prepares her for the harsh winter environment, turning her suit all white. In my opinion, she somehow looks even scarier in this version.

Her camo is now a lighter gray and blueish design. The top follows a similar pattern, but the real change comes from the mask. Her hair color is roughly the same but maybe a little icier blue, but the mask is what my eyes gravitate towards. It is the standout of this particular version. It is a pure crystal white metallic color this time around. This helps to show the features of the mask and emphasize the horrific nature of the grin that she has. Her mouth looks almost like lightning bolts ready to consume whomever she comes across. This is only enhanced by the intense blue eyes that shine through the eye pockets. She is both gorgeous and menacing in this form, being my favorite of the bunch. The other skin style is the Jungle option, which is just alright. It’s my least favorite of the three, and that primarily comes from the loosely connected color scheme that is going on. As you might expect from the name of this version, it is all about that green.

Zadie Jungle
Image of Jungle Zadie From Fortnite Fandom

This, unfortunately, means that it is a bit too generic in the end. The outfit remains the same, but the camo on the pants changes to a traditional green camo look. The top is rather boring, with a mix of ugly green and brown variants. Unfortunately, the mask is pretty lame as well. It is green and looks more like a kid’s Halloween hockey mask rather than the impressive metal mask from the other styles. The green eyes are unique, and the now black hair color is nice, but they do little to make up for this otherwise lame style.

Zadie Challenges Explained

Image From Fortnite Fandom

What is fascinating about Zadie is that she takes an interesting turn in requiring players to unlock her skin styles through challenges. This happens with battle pass skins, but it is rare for an item shop skin, especially a cheaper one, to have requirements like this. There are only four challenges in total that you must do to unlock both skin styles, so there isn’t much to do there. But it is worth it, in my opinion, in order to unlock the amazing Arctic variant. Here are the four Zadie skin challenges and some general tips on how to complete them all:

  • Play three Creative games
  • Purchase 10 items from vending machines in any Creative match or mode
  • Deal 250 damage to players with pistols in any Creative match or mode
  • Complete any three challenges of your choosing to earn the final item

These are pretty simple challenges and nothing like some of the ones I’ve seen for battle pass skins. It mostly has to do with Creative mode, minus the last one, which makes this super easy to do even an entire chapter later. The first one to play three Creative modes is easy enough. Open up the mode list and look for the Creative ones that are featured there. Pick any that you like and play them. I recommend simple modes like Team Deathmatch and the like that you can get in and out of easily. While you are doing these matches, you can go ahead and deal 250 damage using pistols, which is not a lot. That’s barely two players at best. The vending machines part is intriguing since not all Creative modes have these. However, I like the Zombies modes, and they usually have vending machines where you can buy ammo, shield pots, and so on.

The final challenge might be the hardest of the bunch. It tasks you with completing three missions in Fortnite; it doesn’t matter what they are. There are new missions each season pretty regularly, so finding three is not the problem. Completing them might be, especially if they are asking you to deal so much damage or eliminate a certain number of players. But if you complete the first two missions, you will unlock the Jungle skin variant for Zadie. And if you complete all four, you will receive a fantastic Arctic skin style.

Zadie Mini-Review: Worth It?


If you couldn’t tell already, I dig the Zadie Fortnite skin. I’m always here for when Fortnite tries something new, and her gritty soldier nature is surprisingly unique for the battle royale game. To be fair, I may not be the biggest fan of her in another game like Call of Duty Warzone, but I like her quite a lot in Fortnite. I think that she is most definitely worth the purchase in Fortnite. She only costs 1200 V-Bucks, which is near the lowest end for skin prices in the shop. There are skins at that same price point (and even higher!) that look worse and have no additional skin variants.

In this way, she is one of the better values out there. Sure, you have to unlock the skin styles yourself, but that is part of the fun, too. Her mask is the star of Zadie, though. The outfit is pretty generic, but I like the color scheme she has going on in her styles, and the horrific mask is wonderful. If you remotely like Zadie, then I suggest thinking about buying her. She is definitely worth your V-Bucks more than most skins out there. I mean, she is the female Punisher in a game that currently does not have that Marvel character yet.

Metal Masq Set Explained

Metal Masq Set
Image From Fortnite Fandom

What some players may not know about Zadie is that she falls into the Metal Masq set. She is not alone in her company of masked mercenaries, with Metal Mouth being her fellow soldier. He is the male variant of Zadie but is ultimately the lesser of the two. That’s most likely why he is not as popular. If you enjoy Zadie’s appearance in the game, then, by all means, pick up Metal Mouth, too. They are similar enough that you will probably like him, too. My only issue with Metal Mouth is that his mask is surprisingly lame. It lacks some of the style and detail that Zadie has, especially when it comes to the eyes. Beyond these two, the Metal Masq set includes other items you can pick up. There are a couple of loading screens that you can have and even the Spiked Mace pickaxe. It’s nothing special but might be worth picking up if you like Zadie.

Alternative Skin Recommendations

You might be reading this guide and are ready to pick up Zadie at a moment’s notice. Or, perhaps, you already own her skin. No matter which camp you fall into, here are some of my most recommended skin options for Zadie fans out there looking for something else to add to your collection besides obviously the other members of the Metal Masq group:

Master Chief

Master Chief
Image From Fortnite Fandom

If you like the near-futuristic super soldier nature of Zadie, may I suggest the original video game super soldier? Spartan 117 is iconic, and his full suit of armor looks impressive in the Fortnite style. There’s a reason he’s ranked among the best skins of all time.

Toy Trooper

Toy Trooper
Image From Fortnite Fandom

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, we have a more lighthearted soldier skin. If you grew up playing with toy soldiers, this Toy Trooper might be pure nostalgia for you. She is a great counter to the ultra-serious nature of Zadie.


Image From Fortnite Fandom

One of the original, best-looking super soldier skins in Fortnite is Carbide. While he may not be as serious as Zadie, he still means business with a metal mask of his own. In addition, I think his fantastic unlockable skin style options will appeal to anyone who likes unlocking Zadie’s additional options.


Question: Will the Zadie skin come back to Fortnite?

Answer: Sadly, I consulted my crystal ball, but it told me that it could not show me Fortnite-related answers regarding the future. As such, I do not know for sure that Zadie will come back to Fortnite. But there is a very, very strong chance that she will. And quite soon, I might add.

Question: Is Zadie a rare skin?

Answer: Yes, Zadie is classified as a rare type of skin in Fortnite. Hilariously enough, that is a pretty common rarity. Now, if you mean if she is rare and not featured in the item shop that often, I would say no. She is standard and usually found in the shop compared to other skins.

Question: When was the last time Zadie was in the item shop?

Answer: At the time of writing this guide, Zadie last appeared in the item shop roughly two months ago. However, that will likely be a little different by the time you read this. My Fortey Senses are tingling and telling me that she will likely be in the store shortly.


Zadie is one of those characters that I am surprised even exists in Fortnite. You could tell me she is from the next Call of Duty game, and I would probably believe you. But she is also the perfect example of the spectrum that Epic Games operates on with Fortnite battle royale. There truly is the possibility for anything and everything in the Fortnite universe.

That is undoubtedly one of the most astounding parts of the battle royale game that Epic Games created. If you think Zadie is attractive on her own, then you can truly see the breadth of what is offered in Fortnite through our guide to the best Fortnite skins of all time. There is everything from crossover skins for characters like Iron Man to real-life celebrities like Ariana Grande to even goofy original characters like Peely.

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