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Is it weird to have a crush on Fortnite skin? Oh, it is? Okay, ignore that then…

For real though, Loserfruit’s skin in Fortnite is one of the more unique and carefully crafted skins in the game. It puts many other simple-looking skins to shame. But before we have a closer look at the outfit and all its components, let’s talk about this Loserfruit. Who is she, and why does she have her own skin anyway?

Loserfruit is the alias for famous Australian YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kathleen Belsten. She began her YouTube and Twitch career in 2013, mostly playing League of Legends and a bit of Overwatch. While her channel grew and she gained fame in a few short years, Fortnite truly made her fame skyrocket. Here are some quick facts about Loserfruit:

Real Name Kathleen Belsten
Birth Date February 22, 1993
Birth Place Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Nick Name Lufu, Loserfruit
Height 5’5” (165 cm)
Nationality Australian
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Partner / Spouse / Girlfriend / Boyfriend Marcus (Prestige Clips)
Games Played Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, Among Us
Net Worth $2 million to $3 million
Social Media https://www.twitch.tv/loserfruit





Awards Unknown
Last Updated April 21, 2022

Belsten’s success and presence in the Fortnite community led her to become the second streamer (after Ninja) to collaborate with the game and receive her own Icon Series skin and bundle. Keep reading more for a breakdown of every part of the bundle!

Bottom Line Up Front

Image from Fandom

The Loserfruit skin in Fortnite is featured in the game as part of Epic Games’ Icon Series – skin bundles made in collaboration with famous content creators. Loserfruit is the alias for Australian content creator, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber Kathleen Belsten. This bundle features a skin in her likeness, a harvesting tool, backbling, and an emote.

Here’s a link to Loserfruit’s Youtube channel – Loserfruit – YouTube

You can even watch Loserfruit’s video where she breaks down every part of her bundle here:

Description of the skin and cosmetics

Loserfruit Skin

Image from Fandom

The skin is extremely unique and should help you stand out on the battlefield. You can tell Epic really took their time to ensure the facial features and proportions resemble Kathleen. Starting with the head, the skin has her hair tied in a ponytail, and she is wearing a cute pinkish-red baseball cap with the brim facing backward. I think the brim being at the back was intentional to showcase the cap’s Loserfruit logo to any player using the skin. The logo itself adds a nice flair, especially considering it has this rainbow/tie-dye wavy effect applied to it.

The rainbow effect is most prevalent on the skin’s top (which is a sweet crop-top hoodie, by the way) as the sleeves are entirely covered in it. However, the effect cuts off at the shoulders, making way for a soft white fabric further accented with an upside-down rainbow ‘V’ in the center. Below the upside-down V is a black rubbery type fabric that matches the one used for her leggings.

Speaking of the leggings, a lot is going on there too. The sides of the leggings feature a rainbow stripe down the length, with a wavy effect similar to the hoodie. There’s even a red-handled knife strapped to her right thigh to make this already excellent skin even more extraordinary. Finally, the dope sporty shoes also feature the rainbow wave effect, completing the ensemble stylishly.


Image from Fandom

The backbling really highlights Loserfruit’s personality as it features her “stream snipers” or stuffed animals that she keeps close to her during streams. But the first thing you may notice is the black backpack features the Loserfruit logo, minus the rainbow effect. Popping out of the backpack are the stream snipers/stuffed animals: from left to right, we have a Mr. Peely or banana (Loserfruit offers that it could represent ‘Fruitopia,’ her community), in the middle is a Mr. Tomato Head (a beloved Fortnite character), and on the right, we have a pink bunny. Attached to the right side of the backpack is a cute pink water bottle.

Harvesting Tool

Image from Fandom

The fruit pickaxe is unquestionably my favorite part of the Loserfruit bundle. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love some fresh fruit?! The pickaxe itself isn’t much of a pickaxe at all, but instead two kitchen knives. On the knives are different fruits attached like skewers: watermelon, orange, pineapple, and some mysterious green fruit (maybe a skinned kiwi or grape?). Either way, the coolest part of the pickaxe has to be the way the fruits fall off the knives, one by one, as you strike your pickaxe. This, coupled with the satisfying “squish” sound after each swing, make this a pretty dynamic and well-thought-out pickaxe.

Loserfruit Emote

Image from Fandom

The final part of the Loserfruit bundle is the “Bounce Berry” emote. It shows your character sprinkling the ground with a green watering jug when out sprouts a life-size strawberry Loserfruit logo. The strawberry hops around the character before being popped by the character’s finger. It’s an adorable emote that is sure to be popular, especially amongst her fans.

Where to get the Skin & Customizable Features

The Loserfruit skin and bundle rotate in the item shop every few months, usually with other Icon series skins. You can get the entire bundle for 1800 V-Bucks or purchase each piece separately. I recommend the bundle as it’s the best bang-for-buck and gives you the complete set. Don’t forget to use code “Lufu” in the item shop if you’d like to support Loserfruit!

As for customization, none of the items in this bundle feature customization or variants.


Question: Does Loserfruit have a skin in Fortnite?

Answer: Yes, Loserfruit has a Fortnite skin and bundle as part of the Icon series of skins (collab between Epic Games and content creators). It rotates in the shop every few months for a limited time, so snag it while you can!

Question: How much does the Loserfruit skin cost in Fortnite?

Answer: The Loserfruit skin costs 1500 V-Bucks when it is available in the item shop.

Question: How much does the entire Loserfruit bundle cost in Fortnite?

Answer: 1800 V-Bucks. The bundle comes with the Loserfruit skin, backbling, pickaxe, and emote.


Loserfruit is a cute, enigmatic, and highly successful Fortnite streamer, YouTuber, and content creator. She is most certainly deserving to be included in the Icon Series of skins. Her hard work paid off as the entire bundle looks amazing and has minute details (her logo, her stuffed animals, etc.) that really showcase her creator. Great work Epic, and hope to see this skin featured again soon!

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