Doctor Slone Skin Guide: Fortnite’s Main Villain Explained

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Fortnite has many villains and factions, but none compare to one villain; the star of our Doctor Slone skin guide. Doctor Slone is one of the notable characters in the battle royale game. She is one of the few original Fortnite characters that are memorable and at the forefront of the story.

This Doctor Slone skin guide is all about unpacking the leader of the IO. Who is she, and why is she doing the things she does? How do you go about unlocking her skin so that you can play as her? And what is her history within the Fortnite multiverse? These are the questions we will answer, along with many more. Let’s get started.

Bottom Line Up Front

Doctor Slone is one of the original primary characters in the Fortnite universe. She is the current main villain of the battle royale game’s lore and a menace that must be stopped. Unfortunately, she is a complicated antagonist with a history with you, the player, and the fan-favorite Jonesy. As the leader of the IO, her goal is unknown, other than taking control of the loops. She is a powerful boss, both in the story and literally in the game, that will not give up. Doctor Slone is also an epic outfit that you could have unlocked in the game in the past. She will continue to be a primary force in Fortnite even in Chapter 3.

Who Is Doctor Slone?

Doctor Slone is one of the main villains of Fortnite battle royale. She was initially an exciting and helpful character who reached out to the player to lend a hand. However, this was in vain as she had her plans up her plaid sleeves. She is the leader of the Imagined Order, one of the main factions within the Fortnite storyline.

Doctor Slone is still very much a mysterious character in Fortnite. Though we have seen her for several seasons now, there is still much that we do not know about her history and ultimate goals in the loops. She continues to be a central part of the game, so we will likely find out sooner rather than later.

Doctor Slone’s ultimate enemies are The Seven, especially its leader, The Foundation. They are at war with one another currently in Chapter 3, and it seems that this storyline will be the crux of the current chapter. Even with her complicated nature, Doctor Slone is still, understandably, a fan favorite in the community.

For one, there is the fact that it appears that there is possibly some altruism of some kind within her. In addition, she is one of the outfits that players could have unlocked in the game. This allows the community to feel closer to her since they can play like her.


The appearance of Doctor Slone is that of a wise and somewhat nerdy (in a good way) lady. She may not necessarily be a doctor in the medical sense but, instead, in the philosophical or research fields. Since she is a character skin that you can acquire in Fortnite, this also means that there are several options for her appearance.

Players can customize Doctor Slone’s looks in a few different ways. There is the outfit that she is wearing, which has plenty of selections on its own, as well as her hairstyle and glasses.

Casual Slone

By default, Doctor Slone looks like her nerdier (true?) self when you first unlock her as a skin. This casual version of the doctor is also the most prominently featured in trailers and advertisements for Fortnite. This more laidback version of Doctor Slone has a few options available.

The base casual outfit for Doctor Slone is the classic gray and white plaid shirt that she wears. This gives her a chill look and feels, coupled with the simple black dress pants that she wears on the bottom. Overall, it is a clean-cut look that shows that she is here for business.

Though the casual style for Doctor Slone is relatively simple, there are some neat touches that she adds to her default appearance. There is the black necktie that has the IO logo on it and the pink sleeves that come out from her plaid button-up shirt. This adds a nice little flair. She has sizeable circular rim yellow glasses that she wears.

If this default plaid style is not your thing, that is alright, as there is also the Battlestripe variant. This one trades out the plaid shirt on top for a vertically-striped red and white variant. It does not change too much else, except for now black long-sleeve shirt underneath and the blue rim glasses now.

Armored Slone

There are far more options for Doctor Slone regarding the battle suit armored version of her. When it is time for Doctor Slone to get into the fight herself, finally, she can don her heavy armor. This is an entirely different outfit that is meant for war.

The top is a slightly futuristic battle armor set with some industrial flairs. The bottom is general, flexible pants that are likely protective. On her hips are two gun holsters to keep some of her weapons, and she wears gloves. Other than that, her hairstyle and glasses remain the same by default.

But there are more armor options beyond this one. If players could level up enough in the season, they could unlock three more opportunities. The first of these is the silver suit that makes her shine bright like a diamond.

The next one is the golden variant, which is mesmerizing. And lastly, there is the prismatic one, which is a slightly more colorful version of the silver version but not all that different overall. Each of these three comes with different colors for her glasses as well. Silver has a blue one, orange for the golden suit, and prismatic has a darker blue-ish gray.

Hair and Glasses Options

Finally, there are a few options that the player has for Doctor Slone when it comes to her hairstyle and glasses. There is the default option of her free hair and the yellow glasses. However, if you want to mix it up, you can swap out her look for the ponytail variant.

The glasses are either for show, or she has contacts as the ponytail version of Slone removes her eyewear. This puts her hair up in a ponytail, and she honestly looks more menacing with this appearance, in my opinion.

Lastly, there is the sunglasses version of her. The regular eyeglasses are traded out for black aviator-style sunglasses in this variant. At the same time, she also has a ponytail look. However, I think this looks more chill and laidback than the ponytail design without the sunglasses.


The personality of Doctor Slone is hard to pin down. Though she appeared in almost all of the last several seasons of Fortnite, there is still so much that we do not know about her. But what we do know is that Slone is one of the most intelligent people in all of the battle royale games.

She is a downright genius, and she knows likely everything about the loops and what is going on in Fortnite. However, she appears to be evil in some ways with nefarious goals in mind. That said, there is an element of heroism and some good that is in Doctor Slone.

Despite the events that transpire in the main story, it does seem that she cares about something profoundly, and it is motivating her in her mission with the Zero Point and everything else. There is likely more to her personality than meets the eye, so we will have to see in the future.

Key Relationships

Image from Fandom

There are a few key relationships that Doctor Slone has in Fortnite. The first and most important one is likely with Jonesy. The beloved, almost protagonist of the lore, was seemingly a subordinate for Slone at one point. Jonesy seemed to be part of the Imagined Order.

It appears that Doctor Slone genuinely cares about Jonesy, or at least that she once did. The extent of their working relationship or even possible friendship has yet to be fully explored. Doctor Slone also has a significant relationship with the other known members of the IO.

There are people like Gunnar and Saber that she leads, being a harsh but fair commander in charge. The most mysterious member of IO to date is Geno. They are mentioned quite a bit in the game’s lore as one of the other leaders, if not the true leader, of the Imagined Order. Their relationship with Slone is likely instrumental in her evil deeds.

Speaking of her evil deeds, there is the relationship that she has with you. The player becomes acquainted with Slone during the later seasons of Chapter 2, and you follow her orders for a time. It seems that she has your best interests in mind at first, but that does change suddenly. This is one relationship that we still need to know more about.

Finally, there is her hatred and animosity towards The Seven. They are the ultimate enemies of one another, and it seems that she particularly dislikes The Foundation, the rival faction’s leader. It is also possible that she has a current or former relationship with some of the other members. There are even some who theorize that Slone was once part of The Seven or associated with them in some way.

Voice Actor

Mara Junot is the voice for Doctor Slone in Fortnite. This is far from her first role voice acting in a video game, as she has appeared in many other games to date, including voicing other Fortnite characters like the Ice Queen. Some of her most well-known voice acting roles in the past include Ikora Rey in Destiny 2, Evelynn in League of Legends, and Sindel in Mortal Kombat 11.


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The general playstyle for Doctor Slone is similar to everything else that you experience in Fortnite. If you equip her skin, not much will change. You will still play the game from the third-person perspective, gather materials and items, and fight to survive. You will happen to do while looking like the genius IO leader herself.


Doctor Slone arrived in the Fortnite lore quite late, more than halfway through the second chapter of the battle royale game. However, she quickly demanded the community’s attention and the game’s story. Ever since her debut appearance, she has been at the center of the storyline.

Working With Jonesy and the Player

It all began with Doctor Slone’s first appearance in the game in Chapter 2, Season 5. In this Mandalorian-inspired season, she only showed up in the trailer for the game. There, she is seen as the commanding officer over Jonesy and commands him to keep everyone in the loop. But her role in the fifth season is pretty much nonexistent other than that.

Season 6, though, is where things started to pick up much more with Doctor Slone. While we still do not know much about her group and what they are up to at this point, she does seem to care about Jonesy some. She shows her concern about his safety but this, obviously, leads to the arrival of The Foundation and Jonesy siding with him.

From Season 7 onward, Doctor Slone starts to play a more meaningful role in the storyline, especially with the player. The faction of aliens and other beings known as The Last Reality invade the island, trying to abduct its citizens, towns, and taking over everything.

Slone and the IO begin to fight back against the invaders to defend the Zero Point and the loop. In the process, they become the good guys and the player starts to side with Slone. She effectively becomes their leader, telling the player what to do and giving them plenty of quests in Season 7.

The eventual goal is that Slone wishes to stop the alien mothership and defeat the invaders once and for all. The player helps in building the weapon and preparing for the final fight. In the process, the player is able to find the traitor in the midst who is working with the invaders and out them.

Betrayal and War

The culmination of the player’s time working with Doctor Slone came in the Operation: Sky Fire mission. During this live event, Slone tasked the player and their friends with destroying the alien mothership. Unfortunately, it was through this that the real Doctor Slone was revealed.

At the conclusion of the mission in which the cubes were revealed, Doctor Slone saw the danger and intended to destroy the alien mothership without saving you. She abandons the player, betrays them, and then leaves them to perish. Thankfully, the player does survive in the end.

In Season 8, Slone begins his takeover of the island. While she enacts her plan to continue control over the loops, she eventually begins The End. However, though she tries to stop the player and Jonesy, The Foundation appears to save the day. She survives the fight here and appears on the Chapter 3 island.

For most of Season 1, she is hidden away but she makes her grand return in Season 2. At this point, she attacks The Seven with her IO army and declares war on them. At this present time, Slone and her IO minions are currently at war with The Seven with you and Jonesy in the middle of it all.

Boss Version Explained

Doctor Slone is one of the most powerful boss enemies that players could fight in Fortnite’s history. She has appeared not once, not twice, but three times so far as a boss on the island. The first time was in Chapter 2, Season 7 where players could find her in the secret headquarters of the IO under Corny Complex.

It was difficult to fight her there due to the sheer number of enemies underneath the facility. In Season 8, she was at the IO staging facility where she had more enemies backing her up once again. This was another long and difficult fight if players went after her for revenge.

And, most recently, she appeared at The Fortress in Chapter 3. She is one of the most challenging NPC bosses on the island right now with her new cloning ability. She is able to continuously make up to two clones at once to help her out in fights.

But she is worth taking out for the drops that she has. If players are able to defeat her, she will drop the Slone’s Striker Burst Rifle in Chapter 3. It is a one of a kind mythic weapon that you cannot find anywhere else in a match.

The Imagined Order Explained

Doctor Slone is the leader of the Imagined Order, which is one of the most mysterious factions in Fortnite. Not much is known about this group; only what they have done so far. They appeared alongside Slone and she appears to be the acting leader of the group. However, it is possible that Geno is the real commander.

Who the Imagined Order are is unknown but we do know that they previously had control of the loops. Jonesy also worked for them, so they are likely the ones behind the storm and the creation of the battle royale matches. Their origins and why they hate The Seven so much is still a mystery for now.

How to Unlock Doctor Slone

Image from Fandom

For players looking to unlock Doctor Slone’s skin in Fortnite, that is no longer possible. The only time that players were able to do this was during Chapter 2, Season 7. In that season, she was one of the main battle pass skins that you could unlock if you leveled up high enough.

Doctor Slone was actually one of the last skins in the battle pass, being on page eight of 10 in total. To get there, players had to level up quite a bit and spend a good number of battle pass stars. Reaching page eight and buying all of the items there allowed players to unlock Doctor Slone’s epic skin for nine battle pass stars.

In addition, there were other skin styles and customization options that we mentioned previously. These were unlocked in the subsequent battle pass pages and levels.

Fun Facts About Doctor Slone

Here are some trivia facts about Doctor Slone:

  • Doctor Slone was a mystery for the first few weeks of Chapter 2, Season 7 with her name marked out in the battle pass.
  • Oddly enough, the teases and silhouettes of Doctor Slone originally showed her wearing large earrings. For some reason, these are not in the overall design.
  • For those who read the Batman and Fortnite Zero Point crossover comic book series, you likely saw the betrayal coming from Doctor Slone. In that side story, you see her team up with other villains like Lex Luther and Deathstroke.


Question: How do you beat Dr Slone?

Answer: Doctor Slone continues to be a major boss enemy in her third season now in the battle royale game. In her current format, she is quite challenging to fight. Her weaponry are fine and nothing too special. However, the problem with Slone’s boss form are her endless clones that she creates. Thankfully, there are only two at a time. I recommend going as a group and focusing on the main Slone; don’t bother with the additional enemies.

Question: What does Dr Slone drop?

Answer: If you can defeat Doctor Slone and her endless waves of clones at The Fortress in Chapter 3, Season 2, you will earn the mythic Slone’s Striker Burst Rifle. It is a powerful and unique weapon in each match, with only one available. In Chapter 2, Season 7, she dropped the Slone’s Pulse Rifle and Recon Scanner. Meanwhile, in Chapter 2, Season 8, she gave players the Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle and Recon Scanner after defeat.

Question: Where is Dr Slone in Fortnite?

Answer: Currently in Chapter 3, Season 2, you can find Doctor Slone as an enemy at The Fortress. However, she was in different locations in past seasons and will likely change spots in later seasons, too. During her original appearance in the game in Chapter 2, Season 7, she was at Corny Complex in the underground base there. Then in Chapter 2, Season 8, she was at her base at the IO Staging Facility. Chapter 3, Season 1 is the only season so far that she skipped for some odd reason.


The Doctor Slone skin guide, hopefully, helped you to understand one of the greatest threats in the Fortnite multiverse right now. As they say, it is best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. An intriguing character and a fun skin, Doctor Slone is one of the most memorable people that Epic Games created for Fortnite.

Another major character that is unforgettable is Doctor Slone’s mortal enemy, The Foundation. At war with one another, The Foundation is the leader of the opposing faction, The Seven. You can also find out more about The Foundation and why he is one of the best characters in Fortnite.

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