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Marvel and Fortnite are almost synonymous with one another at this point. In fact, I would almost consider Fortnite to be a pseudo-Marvel game. You have the Avengers events that have happened in the past for a limited time that brought massive popularity and renown to the battle royale game. You have the endless Marvel characters that have swarmed the title, such as the central focus of this Ghost Rider Fortnite skin guide.

Even crazier is the fact that Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite, was entirely a Marvel-themed season. Everything from top to bottom in that season had to do with the superheroes, anti-heroes, and villains of the Marvel comics. Honestly, though, I’m not complaining as this is exactly what I’m here for as a Marvel fanatic. As part of these crossovers, though, Epic Games graced us with the presence of Ghost Rider himself, the rider from hell who has a thing for motorcycles and revenge. He is also one of the hottest (literally) characters ever released in Fortnite. This Ghost Rider Fortnite skin guide is all about his official skin and how to get it.

Bottom Line Up Front

Ghost Rider is one of those characters that you either love or hate. He is the classic example of a Marvel comics anti-hero. At times, he teams up with everyone to take down a baddie who is tormenting the world and its citizens. Other times, he is all about his personal agenda and revenge. I think that he is one of the most compelling characters in the Marvel universe and Epic Games’ rendition of Ghost Rider is a fantastic version. It wasn’t hard to accomplish, but this only slightly cartoony version nails the character without deviating too much or making him too childish.

Ghost Rider Fortnite Skin Overview

Ghost Rider
Image From Fortnite Fandom

Chapter 2, Season 4 was unlike any other season of Fortnite up until that point. And, in fact, there has been no season like it since then, either. That monumental season saw Epic Games take the crossovers that we had seen before from the battle royale game, Fortnite, and amped it up to the max. For several months, Fortnite battle royale was entirely a Marvel game, no questions asked. During this time, players could scour the map and find locations that were based on the popular comics, such as Stark Industries and the lair of Doctor Doom himself. It was a godsend for Marvel fans like myself at that time.

Along with this Marvel-themed season, players had the chance to acquire some superpowers based on many fantastic and iconic characters like Iron Man, Thor, and others. And if that was still not enough, players even had the opportunity to unlock skins based on some of their favorite Marvel characters and play as them. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone like Ghost Rider, the star of this particular skin guide, butt heads with the Joker from DC Comics, or Darth Vader from Star Wars, you could only legitimately see that in Fortnite. One of the more low-key additions during the Marvel season was that very rider from hell: Ghost Rider.

Unlike some of the more flashy superheroes like Thor and Iron Man, Ghost Rider was someone who flew a bit under the radar. In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if some players did not realize that he was added to Fortnite during the Marvel season. But, lo and behold, the motorcycle-riding flame skull man himself is also in the game. So, if you are someone who prefers the vigilantes who skirt the law in order to accomplish their goals, Ghost Rider is the man for you. Or, if you are looking for a character that is a bit more mature compared to the somewhat cartoony vibes of most Fortnite characters, he is another solid option.

It is worth noting that Ghost Rider is pretty much a complete and intact skin without much else going for him. Unlike some of the other Marvel superheroes, he is a basic skin solely on his own with only a few accessories, and that is it. You will not find skin styles or anything like that here. That said, Ghost Rider is an iconic Marvel character who would be a welcome addition to your locker. I’ll admit that he is not necessarily for me, but that’s okay. I acknowledge how impressive he is.


Ghost Rider
Image From Fortnite Fandom

In many ways, I am neutral about the appearance of Ghost Rider. I think that Epic Games does a decent job of translating the comics’ character into the colorful style of Fortnite. But, at the same time, there are some odd points about the skin that could understandably turn some players off. I think it is faithful enough to be a solid design. He doesn’t light the flame for me, personally.

Ghost Rider is, by and large, the iconic character you know and love. The most prominent part about the anti-hero is the skull and flaming body that he has. The Fortnite skin version shows the skull quite well, including the bone structure, divots, and fiery eyes. Of course, there is also the signature grin that he has that is terrifying to look at for too long. What is a bit disturbing about his skull is how you can see the spine going down from the bottom of the head. It kinda freaks me out and adds an unexpected twisted layer to the character if you look for too long.

Ghost Rider

There are also the flames that we can see that poke out from the body below and light up the skull. From there, it is all about the classic biker outfit that Ghost Rider is wearing. He has tight black pants that go well with the large black boots and spiky anklets. He has a finely detailed motorcycle jacket on top, complete with spikes on the shoulders and arms. He wears gloves on his hands to protect them and has some more spikes on the belt around his waist. Epic Games does not do anything too crazy with this Ghost Rider rendition, capturing his fiery passion and creepy elements alike quite well. This is a skin that screams how metal he is from top to bottom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone playing as him in a match before, which is a shame because I would at least be alright with being pounded into the dirt by someone wearing the Ghost Rider skin.

How to Unlock the Ghost Rider Fortnite Skin

Ghost Rider

Are you ready for a ride on the wild side? Then get prepared for unlocking Ghost Rider in Fortnite. What is fascinating about the Ghost Rider situation is that it works a little bit differently than some of the other skins. For one, it is not one of the battle pass skins from the Marvel-themed season. Honestly, though, that is a good thing, as you will see in a little bit. On the other hand, there is more to Ghost Rider than just being an item shop skin. But in general, most players will want to concern themselves with picking up this skin in the daily item shop.

This is the most common and easiest way of picking up the Ghost Rider skin for yourself. When the item shows up there in the store, you can purchase it for 1500 V-Bucks. That is a fair amount but nothing too surprising since this is a Marvel Series skin, after all. In that way, it puts it above the rare and epic skins, in my opinion, so 1500 is a fair price overall. However, there is an alternate way of unlocking him in the item shop. If you don’t mind shelling out a whole lot more money, you can get Ghost Rider and some other items at the same time.

Image From Fortnite Fandom

The Ghost Rider bundle includes his skin and plenty of other themed items for 2600 V-Bucks. That is an insane amount to ask, even for a bundle, which is why it is not going to be for most people. That is almost the price of two crossover skins, after all. But it might be worth it for players who are huge fans of Ghost Rider and want every item possible. And let me tell you that those items are pretty impressive, indeed, as you will see in a bit.

Ghost Rider Cup Explained

Ghost Rider Cup Explained
Image From Fortnite Fandom

But what if I told you that there was a way to unlock Ghost Rider in Fortnite without spending a dime? It turns out that there is. Or, well, there was an option for this at one point in the game’s history. One of the coolest ways of unlocking a skin was released right around the time of the prominent Marvel and DC Comics crossovers. During this time, Epic Games introduced a free method of unlocking skins. However, it all has to do with the prowess that you have on the battlefield in matches. A Ghost Rider Cup happened in Fortnite around the time that this skin came out in the middle of Chapter 2, Season 4.

This was a tournament that only happened on one night in the middle of the week then. The event was short and sweet, and that was honestly the point. The idea was that Epic Games was going to give players the chance to earn this skin for free without having to spend any of their hard-earned V-Bucks. Even better, they not only got Ghost Rider for free, but they could access his skin in the battle royale game before it even appeared in the item shop. You could show off to all of the players that you had the skin early and that you have the skill to back it up. If there was any way to strike fear into your opponents’ hearts, this was the way to do it.

The Ghost Rider Cup took place on November 4, 2020, and featured a trio tournament. This was pretty unique in a time when most tournaments were either duos or solos. Three players could create a team together and compete against other teams to be the very best like no one ever was. How it worked was that players had the opportunity to fight in the Knockout Series. These were special four-round matches that would see teams using superpowers to eliminate the opposing team. If teams did well enough, they would move on in the tournament.

The top teams from each region were able to win the Ghost Rider skin for free. This also came with a back bling if they won. And even if someone did not win the skin, they had the opportunity to unlock a special glider just for participating in this tournament and some others later on. At the time, I did not have the time to dedicate to getting better at the game and finding a set team, so I missed out. This is unfortunate since Epic isn’t really hosting tournaments like these for some reason nowadays. But, shoot, if you’re a good player, hit me up next time there’s a cup so we can win some free skins.

Can You Still Unlock the Skin Today?

Ghost Ride
Image From Fortnite Fandom

What does it matter if there is fantastic skin in Fortnite if you can’t even own it now? Well, I’m happy to let you know that there is a chance that you will be able to own the Ghost Rider skin in Fortnite at some point in the future. It is not guaranteed, obviously, since I do not work at Epic, but I feel confident that it will likely happen at some point. As of right now, while I am writing this guide, the item shop does not contain Ghost Rider. The sad news is that the Marvel character has not even shown up in the item shop in about half a year. In fact, not once during the current year of 2022 has he shown up in the game. That is a little bit disheartening, to say the least, but there is hope that I would like to impart to you. Let me break it down for you. For the most part, Ghost Rider would appear in Fortnite during Chapter 2 at least once every two or three months. This was a pretty steady cycle of the popular character coming back to the battle royale game quite often.

However, there has been a major change recently, with the character not appearing as often. The last time that we saw him was, as mentioned, a little over six months ago. Before that, it was another rather long wait of about 100 days. While it does look like the wait to see this character return is getting longer and longer, I think that there is change coming. After all, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 was the Marvel season. I’m not saying that there will be another Marvel season in Chapter 3, Season 4, but there is a chance, and I sure as heck am praying to Galactus that it happens.

Chapter 3, Season 4
Image Of Chapter 3, Season 4 from Fortnite Fandom

And even if we do not get a Marvel-themed season, which I think we will, at least in a quieter way, there is a chance that Epic Games will pay homage to that previous crossover. Even if there are no new Marvel skins to pick up, I could see Ghost Rider coming back along with some of the other item shop crossover characters. And if there are ever any new Marvel characters that join Fortnite (Ms. Marvel, anyone?), I think it is highly likely that Epic will use that time to bring back some fan favorites at the same time. I think there is a very high chance that you will be unlocking Ghost Rider soon enough. The only problem is that some patience is required.

Customization Options: Ghost Rider Bundle Explained

Ghost Rider
Image From Fornite Fandom

At the end of the day, one of the biggest gripes that I have against the Ghost Rider skin is the fact that it has no customization whatsoever in terms of skin styles. It is always unfortunate when you have an expensive skin like Ghost Rider, and all you see is all you get. Thankfully, though, there are some themed items that center around Ghost Rider. Better yet, they are even pretty great and do the character justice. A lot of times, there will be solid skin in Fortnite, and the accessories that come along with it will be pretty meh at best.

What you get for picking up the Ghost Rider bundle, though, is the skin (of course), nice back bling, a phenomenal glider, one of the most unique pickaxes, and a decent enough weapon wrap. Getting the least interesting one out of the way, there is the Skull Fire weapon wrap. Weapon wraps rarely do it for me, but I like this one. Edgy middle schooler me would have definitely used this wrap for all of my weapons every other round. The one that is a bit disappointing to me is the Infernal Chain back bling. There is an intense, serious nature to it that is unique for Fortnite, but it’s pretty bland otherwise with a dud of a circular design.

Infernal Chain
Image From Fortnite Fandom

But, on the other hand, it doesn’t get better than the fiery Ghost Glider. What would Ghost Rider even be in Fortnite if his signature motorcycle wasn’t there? Thankfully, Epic Games took this into account and gave the flaming bike that I most wanted to see from this crossover. And last but not least, there is the hottest item out of this group, and that is the Soulfire Chains pickaxe. I have never seen a pickaxe like this that is a flaming set of chains that Ghost Rider can swing around. Epic surprises me sometimes with the fluidity of the pickaxe category, and it shows in bringing Ghost Rider’s iconic weapon to the battle royale game in perfect fashion.

Ghost Rider Fortnite Mini-Review: Worth It?

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is an interesting Marvel character for me. While I like the comics, I usually stick to the superheroes that I already love, like Spider-Man and the X-Men. As such, Ghost Rider is one that I have not spent enough time with, unfortunately. Especially since I am not a fan of his adaptations so far. With that disclosure out of the way, I like the Ghost Rider Fortnite skin. The spine and flames look a little weird, but I appreciate that Epic did not dumb down the character to be too kid-friendly. He is a hellish skeletal biker, and Fortnite does a solid job of capturing that idea.

The mature feel that Ghost Rider gives off is welcome but a little bit shocking given the stark contrast between him and the many lighthearted skins. I don’t mind this, though, as it is nice to see some variation in the battle royale game. The real question, though, is it worth it to players? To this point, I would say that it mostly is, with a little bit of an asterisk. If this vibe is not for you, and I get some players will not be into it, then it is fine to pass on this. I definitely get this as, even as a Marvel fan, this skin doesn’t do it for me. I probably won’t add it to my collection.

Ghost Rider

However, if you are a better Marvel fan than me, a Fortnite skins collector, or just a Ghost Rider fan in general, this is a no-brainer. Go ahead and pick yourself up this skin whenever it next arrives in the item shop. The price is a little steep, especially given it has no customization options or extra goodies on its own. Still, I think it is worth it for the quality of its design that stands out for the gritty nature against the usually colorful and lighthearted characters. And if you have the V-Bucks to spare, I think the bundle is absolutely worth it for those unparalleled extra items.

Alternative Skin Recommendations

Should you find that Ghost Rider is not bringing the heat for you, or you already own him and want something else, here are my alternative skin recommendations. I should note that Punisher would be number one on this list, but Epic Games had done me dirty by not letting bringing my boy into this game. Hopefully, that will be fixed soon.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight
Image From Fortnite Fandom

Both Moon Knight and Ghost Rider are Marvel characters who are not afraid to get their hands a little bloody. I appreciate that, and Moon Knight is arguably a better skin, in my opinion. His style is impeccable. So what if he’s a little crazy?


Image From Fortnite Fandom

When it comes to Marvel anti-heroes, Venom is the king of the game. I am still impressed that Epic was able to pull off bringing this hulking symbiote monster into Fortnite without it looking too weird.


Image From Fortnite Fandom

I don’t want to stick to only Marvel characters, so there is also Mincemeat. In terms of the scariest Fortnite skins, there are few that can compare to this bad boy. I think I’m going to have a nightmare tonight just from looking at this pie-turned-killer monster. If you like the hellish nature of Ghost Rider, perhaps this skin will appeal to your masochist side.


Question: Is Ghost Rider coming back to Fortnite?

Answer: I am, sadly, not a fortune teller or prophet, so I cannot give you a definitive answer on whether or not Ghost Rider is coming back to Fortnite. However, I think it is very much likely to happen. It will likely occur whenever there is another Marvel character, event, or season.

Question: How do you get Ghost Rider in Fortnite?

Answer: The only way to get Ghost Rider in Fortnite is to purchase his skin in the item shop when it releases. You can do this standalone with just the skin or receive his other themed items, too, in the Ghost Rider bundle.

Question: When was Ghost Rider last in the item shop?

Answer: Looking to pick up the character for yourself? At the time of writing, Ghost Rider was last seen in the item shop roughly six months ago. That is also the longest that we’ve gone without him reappearing, so hopefully, he will return soon. Worse still, he has not appeared in the year 2022, which is crazy.


Ghost Rider is a character who I wish I could love more from the Marvel universe. His design and backstory are compelling enough on their own, but the movie and TV adaptations have done him no justice so far. Thankfully, Epic Games treated his character with the care and passion he deserves. This rendition of Ghost Rider is solid, giving a bit of that Fortnite flair without turning the iconic anti-hero into a caricature of himself.

Ghost Rider is a character worth picking up whenever he inevitably returns to the item shop. Perhaps during another Marvel-themed season or random crossover event. In the meantime, there are plenty of other crossover characters you can learn about and pick up in Fortnite battle royale. One such character that I would like to draw your attention to is none other than Master Chief from the Halo series. Indeed, Spartan 117 and Ghost Rider can duel or team up with one another. Only in Fortnite!

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