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Meme characters are the life of Fortnite battle royale. Sure, there are the content creators, famous people, and various crossovers that have made Fortnite what it is today. But, for me and many others, it is all about the memes. Even after countless victory royales since I started playing Fortnite the first day it came out, the hilarious and wacky characters that Epic Games comes up with are what matter the most to me. And out of all of them, Peely is one of the most iconic original outfits in Fortnite. And this Fortnite Unpeely skin guide will dive into a revealing aspect of the character.

While Peely is already a great skin, it is just a banana outfit. With the way that Epic Games milks its most popular skins, though, it is unsurprising that there are more skins out there for Peely. Enter Unpeely, the forbidden skin in which we see what is going on underneath the banana peel for this character. If you’ve always wanted to know what he looks like without his outer peel, you are in the right place with this Fortnite Unpeely skin guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Peely is an iconic banana outfit character. But if you thought it ended with just the banana peel, you would be sorely wrong. It turns out that, apparently, the peel is only a single aspect of his body design. He is not just the peel but the banana contained inside, too. The Fortnite Unpeely skin strips away the peel and reveals the naked banana underneath. This relaxing banana man wants to hang out at the beach and enjoy the summer. That is why he was only made available in the special Summer Legends Pack. This revealing twist on the classic Peely skin has multiple customization options to it, making it one of the best summer treats for Fortnite.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin Overview

Potassium and anthropomorphic food item fans everywhere rejoice as the fan-favorite Peely character has yet another skin in the Unpeely version. Epic Games noted the immense popularity surrounding the simple but tremendous character of Peely by banana milking the heck out of it.

After the success of Peely, it did not take long at all for Fortnite to start introducing new variants for the character like Agent Peely (my personal favorite of the ripe bunch), Polar Peely, and the many others that exist in the game. But one of the first new additions to the Peely family was the wonderful Unpeely.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin Agent Peely

Unpeely is an epic skin entirely separate from the original Peely skin from Chapter 2, Season 2. Though this skin could have easily been a skin style for the actual spy (fight me, Epic), I can understand why it was shifted into the full-on individual skin that it is now.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin

Unpeely was first released soon after his predecessor in the middle of Chapter 2, Season 3. To set the mood for that time, it was in the middle of July, one of the hottest months of the year and summer here in the old Northern Hemisphere.

As always, Epic Games celebrated the summer holidays and vacations with the release of some new skins and events in Fortnite battle royale. For that particularly crazy year of 2020 (you know exactly why it was insane), Epic had something special in mind for banana fans everywhere with the Unpeely skin.

This particular skin begged the question: what would happen if the iconic banana man from the previous season suddenly tore off his peel and went fruit gone wild for the summer? It’s a valid question, especially after so many players out there certainly liked Peely a little too much, if you know what I mean.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin

In the end, Fortnite revealed the truth of what was going on underneath the banana peel. With the release of the Unpeely skin, players had yet another version of the character to add to their collection of sentient banana battle royale dudes. Interestingly enough, this was far from the last of the Peely chain, and it is unlikely that it will be coming to an end anytime soon.


We might have to have an ages rating for the appearance of Unpeely since it is the Peely skin but stripped down to the bare banana underneath. He doesn’t leave much to the imagination in this rendition, baring it all for everyone to see. In reality, though, he is probably not doing this to flash everyone. Instead, he is likely just hot from the summer weather and wants to cool down at the beach.

The original Peely is a basic skin that is all about a sentient banana still wearing its banana peel with eyes. If you were like me, you likely thought the skin was it. After all, you can see the eyes on the original Peely.

But it seems the banana peel that Peely wears may be like clothing with eye sockets for his eyes to peek through. I’m not sure, though, since the whole situation is a bit confusing.

In the end, Unpeely reveals the appearance of the banana man underneath. And the results are relatively unsurprising. It appears that he is a basic ripe banana. But don’t worry, as he is not completely naked in this version, at least having the decency to put on some clothes and not go full X-rated in this family-friendly game.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin

In this case, he is ready for the beach, so he puts on some summer clothes to go swimming in. In the default form of the Unpeely character, he wears some pretty basic swimming trunks. Nothing too special here as they are mainly black with a bit of green and white flowers for decoration.

He also wears a straw hat to protect the vulnerable banana skin(?) that is exposed. Unfortunately, the straw hat does not work too well with the shape of his head, so he tore the hat while putting it on.

Lastly, there are some orange sunglasses that he is wearing to protect his eyes from the harsh sunlight. However, this is the most basic form of his skin, but players can make some slight changes. Overall, the default appearance is nothing too special. Other than the steamy suggestive nature of this naked banana, I’m not too impressed with it, especially compared to the other Peely skins.

How to Unlock Unpeely in Fortnite

Typically in Fortnite, there are two main ways that you can purchase yourself some skins. The first of these is the most tried and true way: purchasing it in the item shop. This is how permanent cosmetics all began in the battle royale game in the first place, and this is still going strong many years later.

The other method, of course, is to unlock the skin in the battle pass for a particular season. This worked for the original Peely skin. However, neither of these options is the case for Unpeely. It takes a third route that is far more unique but also annoying at the same time.

How To Unlock Unpeely In Fortnite

Regardless, what you need to know is that it is going to cost you some money. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your V-Bucks funds to make it happen. You are forced to use your hard-earned cash to purchase the Unpeely skin.

Initially released in Chapter 2, Season 3, Unpeely was offered as part of the Summer Legends Pack. While this might sound like a traditional item shop bundle, that is not the case. The Summer Legends Pack was a special bundle that was purchasable through different means.

As already teased, you could not purchase it using V-Bucks like most other items in the item shop. Instead, you had to spend a whopping $19.99 to get the set. To make matters worse, this possibly included tax and made this one of the most costly skins around.

How To Unlock Unpeely In Fortnite

Of course, the benefit from this is the fact that you would get a ton of other items that would go along with the Unpeely skin. However, I think that it worsens what could have been a simple situation. Epic Games just had to complicate everything, rather than making Unpeely a traditional item shop offering. It’s frustrating on multiple levels.

Can You Still Unlock Unpeely Today?

Many players who are reading this might find themselves interested in picking up the Fortnite Unpeely skin. If that is you, I have both good and bad news for you. The good news is that there is a chance that we could see this skin return in the future someday.

The bad news, though? It hasn’t happened at this time, and the precedence has not precisely been set for this sort of thing. Let me explain. You see, the skin is part of the Summer Legends Pack, which is not a standard bundle in Fortnite, as previously mentioned.

Because of this, it was made available in the item shop for a limited time as part of the summer festivities in Fortnite. But since it was not available using V-Bucks, it falls into a separate category of items. Within this category, Epic Games handles things a little bit differently.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin

For one, there is the fact that these special bundles are almost separate from everything else, like a featured set that you cannot get anywhere else. Like most skins, they are usually around for much longer than just a day. Conversely, they do not necessarily return to the shop like everything else.

Since its release, we have not seen a special bundle like this return to the game. This is understandable for bundles that include licensed characters like Joker from the DC Comics universe, but this one particular bundle with Unpeely is not like that.

As such, there is still a strong chance that it could return someday. If this were to happen, though, I expect that it would need to occur during the summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. It makes the most sense for this sort of return since that is when it debuted in the battle royale game in the first place.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin

At the same time, the other problem with this is the fact that you would not be able to use your V-Bucks for this purchase. That means that those tight on money would not be able to benefit from the stashes of free V-Bucks that you have earned over the years and seasons.

Since I have not seen a special bundle like this one come back in Fortnite before, there is still no guarantee that it will ever happen. If I were you and I wanted to see the Unpeely skin come back, I would be hitting up Epic Games on every social media post and begging for its return, especially in the time just before the start of the summer.

Honestly, though, I’m hoping that Epic does away with this model in the future. It is a pretty whack method that disregards the V-Bucks that players have earned over time. It almost feels like a cash grab from Epic, forcing you to spend real world money no matter what.

Customizable Features: Unpeely Skin Styles

Unpeely does have a couple of customization options for players to enjoy, but they are pretty lame, in my opinion. All they can do is change up the accessories that he is wearing at the beach. There is nothing interesting like dipping him in chocolate or adding some sprinkles to the banana character. Which I get is a little naughty but, hey, might as well go all in on this banana split.

In fact, there is not even something super cool like changing the color of his hat or the style of his swimming trunks. Instead, it is all about some minor changes to his appearance through the extra items that he wears. First up has to do with his hat.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin Hat Off

Do you like the straw hat that he is wearing in the default skin? Great, you can keep it on and have him wear it when you go into matches. But maybe you are like me and not a fan of the crumbling straw hat. If that is the case, perhaps you would prefer to take off the hat and expose his delicate banana skin to the harsh sun rays.

That is the first of the two main customization options that you have for Unpeely. The other one that you have has to do with the sunglasses that he is wearing. Sadly, no, you cannot change the style of the sunglasses or even the color of them.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin Glasses Off

Like the straw hat before it, this option solely has to do with whether or not you want the sunglasses. You can choose to take them off or put them on. If you take them off, you will expose the hilariously cute beady eyes that Peely is known for.

You can mix and match, of course, like choosing to wear both the hat and the sunglasses. Or none of them at all. Or just choose one of the two customization options and leave out the other one. It’s up to you. If you’re asking me, though, these are some of the lamest accessories and skin styles of all time.

Epic has shown its ingenuity time and time again since I started playing the game but this is not it, fam. Unpeely would honestly be almost exactly the same as if it had no skin styles at all.

Unpeely Skin Mini-Review: Worth It?

I should note before I trash Unpeely that the original Peely skin is one of my favorites in the entire Fortnite pantheon. I think that he is a novel character who takes a goofy concept that we all know about regarding banana suits and makes him into a living person. That idea on its own is excellent.

In fact, I love a lot of the Peely characters that have been released over time. However, Unpeely would be near the bottom of the list if I ranked the Peely skins. I do not think it is the worst of the bunch, but it does come close. It is certainly the least ripe for my wallet out of the group.

That said, any Peely skin is a good skin regardless. In that way, I think that  Unpeely is still a decent skin, just paling in comparison to the potential that the Fortnite-original character has. The general reasoning behind this is because of how bland the character ends up being.

Fortnite Summer Legends Pack

Sure, I get that the original Peely is just a banana suit with eyes, but there is so much personality and intrigue there. Unpeely, on the other hand, takes away the banana peel that added so much color and character to the banana dude.

Without the banana peel, it lacks some of what I liked about it. If that was not enough, the whole summer vibe is a bit uninteresting and underutilized, in my opinion. Outside of the summertime, I am not interested in using this skin.

And even when it is summer, there are other skins that I would prefer to use, such as the Midas summertime skin. With that said, though, I will admit that this skin is worth adding to your collection. If you like how it looks more than I do or are just a fan of Peely like myself, it is a recommended purchase.

After all, the original Peely was only in the battle pass, so there are limited options for collecting the character these days. That is, of course, if you are even able to purchase the Summer Legends Pack that it is in. But should Epic Games ever bring it back, it is a recommendation from me with some heavy asterisks.

I think that Unpeely is only somewhat worth it for players. If you love Peely and want every skin that he has, this is a must-have. If you don’t like this skin or Peely, this is a hard no. And even if you do like Peely like me, you may not love this skin. Don’t force yourself to like it or spend your money on it or else you may regret your purchase like me.

Summer Legends Pack and Set Explained

Speaking of the Summer Legends Pack, there is a lot that I have said about this bundle in this guide but not what it is actually in. Besides the apparent Unpeely skin that you get, there is a lot more that comes with this pack. For a total of $20, you get an impressive three skins.

This is great and expected, especially since you are spending roughly more than 2000 V-Bucks for this bundle. I’d say that three outfits are the bare minimum that you should get for the price point. The other two outfits that you get are also summer-themed, being Tropical Punch Zoey and Summer Fable.

Fortnite Summer Legends Pack Summer Fable.

Both of these are based on some popular Fortnite characters, but neither reaches nearly the same level of fame as Unpeely. Of these two extra skins, Summer Fable is by far my favorite of the two. She is gorgeous as always with her striking red hair. In this version, she wears some modern clothes like blue jean shorts and a red hoodie.

For Tropical Punch Zoey, she wears pink shorts and a psychedelic top that shines brightly. This goes along with the popping lime green and pink hair that she has. Both characters are fun and ready for the summer, being great additions to anyone’s locker.

Besides the three skins that you get, there are a couple of themed accessories, too. For Unpeely, there is the matching Banana Cabana back bling that you can attach to him. Meanwhile, for the Summer Fable fans out there, there are some extra skin styles that you can customize for her, similar to the situation with Unpeely.

Summer Fable also comes with the Trapper Pack back bling, which is okay. And last but certainly not least, it is worth noting that Tropical Punch Zoey has no extra skin styles or customization options for whatever reason. However, while she does not have that going for her, she at least has the Sour Swirl back bling that you can attach to her.

Fortnite Unpeely Skin Trapper Pack

Altogether, I would say that the Summer Legends Pack is a fantastic deal for anyone who likes summer, and all three of these included outfits. Otherwise, it’s a pass for me, personally, since I only moderately like all three of them. But if you two or three of them, this is a solid get. That is, if you can stomach spending $20 that aren’t V-Bucks.

Alternative Skin Recommendations

I have made it abundantly clear that I do not like the Unpeely skin. That fact does not change at all even in writing this guide, but I acknowledge that I have been harsh. To help alleviate some of my disdain for this skin, here are some summer and other skins that I do recommend to you:

  • Agent Peely: Agent Peely is the perfect example of how to do a new Peely skin. My banana man dons a slick tuxedo and is looking fly. If there was a fruit fetish out there, this skin would be at the center of it. But honestly, any other Peely skin will do. Polar Peely, regular Peely, and so on.
  • Midsummer Midas: If you really want a summertime skin and the Peely part doesn’t matter, Midsummer Midas is the place to go. The handsome man is looking good showing some of that skin and his tattoos. His skin is at least wildly different and more interesting. If you want your heart throbbing for a true husbando, Midsummer Midas is the place to be.
  • Beach Jules: Like father, like daughter. If you need yourself a beautiful summertime waifu to get your Grease on with, Beach Jules is where it’s at. Not only does she show off her fresh tats but her hair color change is underrated. I do not like regular Jules but this is her best look by far and a great example of a summertime outfit.


Question: How do you get Unpeely skin Fortnite?

Answer: Unfortunately, this question is not as simple as it sounds. Unpeely was not in the item shop on its own like most other skins. Instead, it was only in the Summer Legends Pack, which was $19.99 when it was released. Special packs like this cannot be purchased with V-Bucks, nor do they return to the item shop often, if ever.

Question: When was Unpeely released?

Answer: Unpeely was released as part of the Summer Legends Pack in Chapter 2, Season 3. If you’re a Fortnite nerd and fan like me, you may want to know the exact date it came out. In that case, it was first released on July 29, 2020.

Question: How many Peely skins are there in Fortnite?

Answer: As of right now, there are nine Peely-themed skins in total. That is one of the highest numbers of skins ever that are based around the same character in Fortnite.


Fans of banana splits and taking dips in the summer should not miss out on the Fortnite Unpeely skin. Peely is one of my favorite original characters of all time. While Unpeely is not the best iteration of the character, that is a losing battle as every single version of this character is wonderful. Unpeely nails the forbidden idea of what would happen if you took the banana peel off.

It turns out that he is just a regular banana dude who gets hot easily and wants to spend time at the beach. The Unpeely skin is perfect for that hot time of the year, which just so happens to be right now while I write this guide. Should you love the summer and spending time at the beach, many other skins fit well with the vibe of Unpeely. One such Fortnite skin is Midsummer Midas, one of the man y Midas skins in the battle royale game.

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