Fortnite Safe Locations: The Best Places to Get the Gold

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Safes were first introduced into the game Fortnite in Chapter 2: Season 5, on December 2nd of, 2020. Since their arrival, they have become a big part of how you can now play the game. To open a safe, you simply go up to it and hold “E.” But it does take 10-15 seconds to ultimately unlock a safe. So to ensure your time is well spent, here are some tips and tricks on finding and locating safes on Chapter 3: Season 2 map.

Bottom Line Up Front

Chapter 2 Season 5
Image From Fornite Fandom

To cut to the chase, locating and opening safes is the easiest and most sure-fire way to find gold bars. Why do you need gold bars, you ask? Well, gold bars have proven to be an essential commodity in the recent Fortnite seasons since their introduction to the game also in Chapter 2: Season 5. Gold bars have so many uses within the game that can help you get a leg up on opponents, and we will delve into this further within the article. Even though gold bars are not an absolute necessity to win matches, utilizing them most effectively can be a total game-changer. In my experience, knowing the locations of safes and positioning yourself in the best possible area to acquire as many gold bars as you can per match is the way to go. 

How To Find Safes

Knowing Popular Spawn Points

Knowing where the safes will spawn for any given match is the most fool-proof way to get to one. However, they do not generate 100% of the time at every single one of these locations. So, it is important to know where multiple safe locations are, just in case your go-to safe spawn does not pan out during your match.

Some of the areas listed below are nearby one another. If you plan to loot as many gold bars as possible in a specific game, I would advise you to drop in an area central to the safest locations.

Also, you will see that some places have multiple safes, whereas other ones only have one or two. So, knowing which areas spawn the highest amount of safes will also help you get more bang for your safe locating buck. That way, you can have the opportunity to loot more than once in the match. 

Hiring NPCs

fortnite npc
Image From Fornite Fandom

Enlisting the help of NPCs is another way to make the safe searching journey easier for you. To hire an NPC, you will need the ever-coveted gold bars; and after reading this guide, you will have plenty of gold bars saved up. Hiring an NPC will help you travel to different locations and areas on the map while having the peace of mind and insurance that you have an added member on your team.

Why Seek Out Safes?

fortnite gold bars
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The reason you should be trying to locate safes is simple — to acquire gold bars. Your inventory of gold bars does travel with you from match to match, so don’t worry about spending them all at once. However, once a season of Fortnite ends, your amount of gold bars reset to zero. So, it is vital to use it, rather than hoard it, before the commencement of a new season; that way, you are taking advantage of everything gold bars have to offer in a game! There are many different ways to use gold bars within a game, but here are the most beneficial:

Buying/Upgrading Weapons

Mythic Weapons
Image of Mythic Weapons From Fortnite Wiki

Buying and upgrading weapons is the most common way I spend my gold bars. You can buy weapons from vending machines and track down NPCs who will sell you Legendary and Mythic weapons. These weapon vending machines are referred to as Weapon-O-Matics. The average price of a weapon ranges from 40-to 300 gold bars. To upgrade a weapon, locate an Upgrading Bench; from there, you will be able to upgrade any weapon in your inventory. Here are the prices to upgrade your weapons:

  • Common to Uncommon: 200 Gold Bars
  • Uncommon to Rare: 300 Gold Bars
  • Rare to Epic: 400 Gold Bars
  • Epic to Legendary: 500 Gold Bars

Upgrading your weapons is the most expensive way to spend your gold bars but arguably the most beneficial.


You can pay various NPCs for some information for just a few gold bars, and it typically ranges from 10-to 12 gold bars. Upon payment, they will reveal to you the locations of chests, campfires, vaults, and any other spots for exciting items to help you out in the game. If your health is low and you need a campfire, or you want the chance to collect more Shield Potion from a chest, paying for intel is the way to go.

Enlist NPCs

Aside from providing you with information, these NPCs can also be hired by you. You will need to pay the price of 100 gold bars in exchange for their allegiance. These NPCs are very useful, and after enlisting their help once, you will gladly find yourself paying out the 100 gold bars again. Hiring an NPC in solos is especially beneficial because you are giving yourself the extra advantage of having one other person, a computer, on your team to help you in every battle. 

Locations of Safes Chapter 3: Season 2

Quick List:

Condo Canyon
Image Of Condo Canyon From Fornite Fandom
  • Command Cavern- 5 Safes
  • Condo Canyon- 7 Safes
  • Coney Crossroads- 3 Safes
  • Cuddle Cruisers- 1 Safe
  • Greasy Grove- 4 Safes
  • Impossible Rock- 1 Safe
  • Logjam Lumberyard- 2 Safe
  • Loot Lava Volcano Station- 1 Safe
  • Pinnacle Peak- 10 Safes
  • Power Towers- 1 Safe
  • Rocky Reels- 2 Safes
  • Shifty Shafts- 2 Safes
  • Sleepy Sound- 4 Safes
  • Sunflower Saplings- 1 Safe
  • Synapse Station- 2 Safes
  • Tilted Towers- 17 Safes
  • Tow Away Beach- 1 Safe
  • Turbine- 1 Safe
  • Unremarkable House- 1 Safe
  • Wreck Ravine- 1  Safe

Best Locations To Drop For Safes – Current Season

Rave Cave
Image Of Rave Cave From Fornite Fandom

Command Cavern was my favorite go-to last season. It is now the Rave Cave, and I still find myself dropping there again and again. In Fortnite’s last season, you had to deal with having to eliminate an NPC, “Gunnar,” who has pretty high health. But, once you eliminated him, it is an easy ride. The only time this became a risky mission is if you were competing with another player or team to get that key card. However, with this season, it is even easier with no OP NPC.

For this season, the safes are still hidden inside a locked vault. Whereas last season you had to eliminate Gunnar, get his key car, then access the vault – this season is much simpler. All you need to do is have your entire team lined up side by side, wait a few seconds to be scanned by the vault’s camera, and you will be granted access! The only time this becomes difficult is if you are playing a solo match. In that case, hire an NPC since they will follow you. Just line up in front of the vault’s camera with your NPC buddy in tow, and the vault will unlock. The amount of safes within the Rave Cave vault varies, but you can count on at least two.

Trump Tower
Image Of One Of The Tilted Towers From Fornite Fandom

Tilted Towers is another location that has a lot of safes. It has more than any other area in the game. Tilted Towers has become a beloved location in Fortnite, so this is a hot drop spot for many players. But, if you know exactly where these safes spawn, you can position yourself to get there first.

Any Vault. Vaults are still in the game, as they were last season. Every vault will have at least two safes inside, so knowing where the vaults are, is essentially where the most safes are. To access these vaults, you will need to follow the necessary steps listed for Rave Cave. Here are the vault locations:

  1. Southwest of Greasy Grove (main basement)
  2. Northwest of Logjam Lotus (in the main building’s basement on the right side)
  3. North of The Daily Bugle (most northern silo)
  4. South of Condo Canyon (most southern building)
  5. Coney Crossroads (southwest of Loot Lake)
  6. East Sanctuary (one of the tropical islands)
  7. Rave Cave (basement of main building)

All of these vaults are underground, so if you are having trouble locating them, look for basements or ways downward from the locations listed. Again, vaults can only be opened with two players or more, so if you are playing solo, enlist the help of an NPC nearby to ensure entrance into the vault. Heading straight to vaults always seems like a safe bet if you are seeking safes, but since it is the easiest way to acquire gold and high-level loot, you will inevitably have to battle another team or two. So, only head towards these safes if you are ready for a fight or if you are sure your team is the first to land there.

Worst Locations To Drop For Safes – Current Season

Logjam Lumberyard
Image Of Logjam Lumberyard From Fornite Fandom

Logjam Lumberyard now Logjam Lotus has proven to not be worth it to me in terms of safe opening this season and the last. The safes are pretty centralized in the area, so you rarely have 10 to 15 seconds uninterrupted to unlock one. On top of that, the safes make a loud sound upon access, and since there is one main building at Logjam Lumberyard, any opponent in there will hear this sound and know exactly where you are. It is rare that going for the safes at Logjam Lumberyard works out and is worth it. Don’t risk it; head to another location on the map if you want to loot gold bars.

For last season’s Battle Pass, there were a lot of necessary missions and quests to be completed at Logjam Lumberyard. So, it was very rare to drop there and be the only one. Due to the Battle Pass, it was always a congested location. Not ideal for safe unlocking. This season’s Battle Pass missions have only just started, so we will see the potential effect it has on these safe locations.

Rocky Reels
Image Of Rocky Reels From Fornite Fandom

Rocky Reels is also not worth it to me for the same reasons as Logjam Lumberyard. There are only two safes, and the locations are not feasible for unlocking. The risk definitely outweighs the reward at this location. You are better off hitting Command Cavern and Tilted Towers for a more secure chance at safe cracking.

Any Location with 1 to 2 Safes is what I would consider a bad place to drop, strictly in terms of getting to those safes to loot gold bars. Locations with low amounts of safe do not make the trek out to them worth it. Since safes do take 10 to 15 seconds to open, the action of risking your life to stay in one open-area spot just for one safe does not add up. But, if you are just playing the game and happen to come across one, go for it.


Question: Will the locations of safes be the same in every Fortnite season?

Answer: Even though safes are in this newest season, it does not necessarily mean they will be in the exact locations. This is mainly because the map has had some alterations since the last season. The entire right side of the map is different, and regular sites have also been nerfed. However, this does not mean there is a zero percent chance of some overlap in safe locations from last season to this one. Major safe looting locations that have remained the same are Tilted Towers and Command Cavern. However, Command Cavern has been given a new name since the launch of Chapter 3: Season 3 and is now Rave Cave. So, your best bet for finding the most safes in a location is still sticking to Tilted Towers and Rave Cave (previously Command Cavern) in this current season!

Question: If I am close to a safe, will it make a noise or glow as a chest does?

Answer: It will not; safes in Fortnite are different from their chest counter-parts in that they give you no indication if you are standing right above one. If you are within close vicinity of a chest or even a legendary chest, you will hear a pleasant chiming noise stemming from the exact location of the said chest. If you are in the house or building, you will know if a chest is present. But that is not the case with safes. Safes make no noise, glow, or provide you with any signal that they are near. This makes it essential to have background knowledge on where safes should spawn. That way, you are not wasting your time aimlessly looking.
The only time a safe does make a sound is when you finally unlock it. The sound is pretty loud, so if there are other players around you or in the same building, it is a dead giveaway as to where you are. So, only choose to unlock a safe if you are sure no enemies are around, or if you are playing on a team and have one of your teammates cover you.

Question: Can I use my own money to purchase gold bars in Fortnite?

Answer: No, gold bars are a commodity in the game that you cannot use real money to purchase more of. They are simply gained through gameplay. This is contrary to V-Bucks, which allow players to make cosmetic changes to their account, including buying new heroes to play, changing their melee weapon, the color of guns, paraglider, etc. But it makes sense since gold bars can only be spent during a match, that the only way to loot more to it would be in a game as well. 


Gold bars are just as important in the real world as they are in the Fortnite world. The main difference is that they are way easier to maintain in Fortnite. The best way to do this is by finding the safes that are scattered across the map and unlocking them. Since it does take 10-15 seconds to open a safe, it is vital to know exactly where you are going and where these safes will spawn. On the bright side, you will be rewarded with 800 gold bars for all the hard work and dedication it took to locate the safe. That’s enough to buy better weapons, upgrade those weapons, enlist the help of your favorite NPC, or whatever your heart desires. And that choice to upgrade your pump shotgun from Common to Epic may be the difference between winning a match and watching a kid with Ninja skin do the floss over your dead body. So, do yourself a favor, locate the safes, and spend some gold.

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