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Meme culture is part of why Fortnite battle royale is the hit that it is today. I’ll admit that I have contributed to this over the years (check out my Twitter banner that has been there for years now). At the end of the day, though, Fortnite is not a super serious game, and no one should be taking it too seriously, in my opinion. One perfect example of this meme nature of the game is in this Fishstick Fortnite skin guide.

Fishstick is one of the most iconic Fortnite characters of all time. In a day and age where the most popular skins in Fortnite are crossover ones, Fishstick stands tall as one of the few originals. Epic Games certainly made an ugly skin with Fishstick (sorry, Fishstick fans), but that is some of the charms. The goofy and dumbfounding personality of this skin is the reason that it is one of the most popular of all time. And why a Fishstick Fortnite skin guide is necessary in the first place.

Bottom Line Up Front

Fishstick is one of the Fortnite characters that sit in the pantheon of original outfits precisely because of his meme qualities. He is literally a fish dude with a hilarious face and outfit. There are no redeeming qualities of this skin outside of his reactionary nature.

But because of how terrible Fishstick looks, it is perfect for those memes and gifs that made Fortnite what it is today. Due to his popularity in meme culture, Fishstick stands alongside Jonesy, Slone, Midas, and The Foundation as one of the biggest original characters that Epic Games created.

For better or for worse, Fishstick is a cheap skin for only 1200 V-Bucks in the item shop but comes with a priceless amount of giggles and goofs.

Fortnite Fishstick Skin Overview

There are Fortnite skins, and then there are Fortnite skins. Fishstick falls into the latter category, being one of the most memorable in all three chapters of the battle royale game so far. There are few skins that are as joke-worthy and hilarious as this one.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin

I have to give props to Epic for knowing when to have fantastic skins like the Ariana Grande one and then ridiculous, almost throwaway skins like Fishstick.

It works in the end, too, as these intentional trash skins like Fishstick are so bad that they’re great to make fun of. This lends to the immature and colorful nature of Fortnite, so it works well.

There is so much charm to Fishstick in the gag style that he is going for. After all, he is a humanoid fish character in the worst way possible.

Sorry for the deep-cut here, but I would liken Fishstick to a “sentient” goldfish character that meets a 3D version of The Misadventures of Flapjack. He has that sailor-style going on while also being utterly clueless with not much happening upstairs if you catch my drift.

Fishstick originally came out relatively early in the Fortnite lifecycle, too, allowing it to dominate the community more easily. The battle royale skin came out in Chapter 1, Season 7, during one of the best and most popular seasons of the entire game.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin Gameplay

As such, Fishstick received a lot of attention, and, at the time, there weren’t many skins like him. This helped him to rise in popularity and garner plenty of memes. Funny skins did exist in Fortnite at the time, but they were few in number and not that great yet.

Fishstick was the one exception to this rule, introducing players to the possibility of fish and other strange animal humanoid characters. He quickly became one of the most popular original characters in the community, and, soon enough, Epic Games took full advantage of this fact.

Fishstick came out in full swing in Chapter 2, being one of the main NPCs that you can find throughout the chapter on the island. There were other skins and characters introduced that were either a different take or inspired by the original version of the outfit.

Even today, more than 15 chapters after Fishstick’s debut, he still appears in live events, story trailers, and more. His legacy is infinite and unending, for better or worse.

Default Skin Description

Take one look at Fishstick, and you can see why he is a meme. As briefly mentioned above, it appears that Fishstick is a goldfish character. But not just any goldfish, but a horrifying humanoid version of one. He has arms and legs and walks around on his two legs as any human does.

To make matters worse, he wears average clothing items and dresses up like any other sentient humanoid might. Like a goldfish, he has orangeish golden scales that go up and down his body.

His face is hilariously designed, having beady little eyes that are about as separated from one another as humanly possible.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin

He has big yellow lips that are also wide, nearly covering the insane distance between the two eyes. He also has fingers and feet if the somewhat creepy nature of Fishstick were not enough. And, of course, to top it all off, he wears a ridiculous outfit that matches him nicely.

To me, it looks like Fishstick is wearing a sailor outfit of some kind. It is a one-piece blue suit with buttoned-up sections that can be opened up.

It is sleeveless, likely making it not be too hot of a clothing item. Around his waist is a brown belt with a couple of pouches for storing, umm, whatever a fish carries around. Fish food, maybe? Does he even eat regular fish food?

And then there is the goofy brown pointy hat that he wears on his head. The clothing is just fine, nothing super unusual, but this little hat kills me for some reason. It reminds me, for some reason, of the dunce hats that you would see in older movies, and I think that idea fits this skin so perfectly.

Pros and Cons


  • There is an unbelievable amount of charm that Fishstick has
  • It reminds me of the simpler times in battle royale, before the days of extravagance that we have now in Chapter 3
  • There are countless memes, viral videos, and other content that would not exist without Fishstick
  • Fishstick paved the way for some other fantastic skins, including the excellent Toona Fish
  • It’s one of the ugliest skins I’ve ever seen in Fortnite (and I love that)


  • It’s one of the ugliest skins I’ve ever seen in Fortnite (seriously)
  • It keeps coming back in the item shop like a fish infection you can’t get rid of
  • There are other Fishstick-inspired skins, like Toona Fish and Princess Felicity Fishstick, that are better

Fishstick Mini-Review

Where do you even begin with a skin like Fishstick? I remember first seeing this skin all the way back in Chapter 1, Season 7. During one of the seasons that I played the most in the history of Fortnite, I saw a whole lot of Fishsticks running around.

That might be part of the reason the skin is a touchy point for me. But part of it also has to do with the fact that it is associated with memes galore. I saw way too many comments and videos back in the day that showed his goofy little face, but that is part of the charm of Fishstick.

Even I can admit that I appreciate this skin for that fact alone. Not every skin can be one of the best Fortnite skins of all time, and that shouldn’t be the case. Every good form of media has its ebb and flow, with the peaks and valleys alike. It just so happens that, unfortunately for Fishstick, he is one of those valleys.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin With Windshear Cloak

You would never catch me purchasing this skin or even coming close to using it. The detail on the skin is okay, but there were better even at the time. The clothing and facial expression are funny, but you can tell that it was intentionally not too easy on the eyes.

If someone gifted me this skin, I would send gift them the cost of V-Bucks for it back because their wonderful present would be going to waste. Thankfully, though, there is redemption in the meme nature.

It is an unforgettable skin; there’s no denying that. It was also instrumental in shaping future skins like the other Fishstick-like ones that exist. And, to be honest, I’m grateful for Fishstick since I can now play characters like Toona Fish, that are much better and more interesting.

It is also possible that, without Fishstick, Epic Games might not have seen the need for those meme-worthy characters in Fortnite. To think that we might not have other (much better) meme characters like Peely or Princess Felicity Fishstick is terrifying. But we do, and I have Fishstick to thank for that. Just keep him away from me, please.

How to Unlock Fishstick in Fortnite

Fishstick is one of the most straightforward Fortnite skins around, so it should come as no surprise that it is also quite simple to unlock the battle royale skin. There is a primary way to unlock this skin, and it is pretty easy. Fishstick first arrived in the item shop in Chapter 1, Season 7.

Like the other item shop skins before it and the many that would come after, all you have to do is use some V-Bucks to purchase the Fishstick skin. He costs 1200 V-Bucks in the item shop, which is relatively cheap. Not the most affordable skin around, but close. This is due to the fact that he is only a rare skin, which is unsurprising.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin
Image from Fandom

That is, of course, if and when Fishstick is even in the item shop in the first place. There are times that he is not, and it is impossible to buy him then. But when he is in the item shop, there is also an alternative way of purchasing Fishstick, but it is primarily up to your preferences.

If you want to get Fishstick and a bunch of other additional cosmetic items that fit his theme, you could optionally get the Fishstick bundle instead. This costs 2000 V-Bucks, nearly double the skin price alone, but you get several additional items.

These include a glider, some weapon wraps, a pickaxe, and more. If you genuinely love yourself some Fishsticks, this bundle might be the way to go, as you may not be able to get these accessories otherwise.

Can You Still Unlock Fishstick Today?

While Fishstick is an item shop offering, this does not mean that you can still get it in the present day of Fortnite. There are still far too many skins that were only available in the item shop once or twice and have not been seen since. Thankfully, though, that is not the case for Fishstick.

The iconic character has shown up in the item shop many times in the past, especially more recently. There seems to be an almost regular cycle that Fishstick has when it comes to appearances in the item shop. For the most part, there are typically no more than three months that the skin goes without being available for purchase.

As such, I think that it is incredibly likely that, by the time you read this post, if you are interested in Fishstick, you will be able to unlock him in the future. At the time of writing, though, he is not currently available in the item shop and has not been for about two months.

It seems likely that he is going to appear in the shop in the very near future, following the trend of two or three months between returns. I would not be surprised if he returns soon after we post this.

So long as the character remains a staple of the Fortnite community, I see no reason why Epic Games would stop offering him every once in a while. Of course, stranger things have happened before, so nothing is truly guaranteed. I recommend buying his skin as soon as you see it in the item shop.

Customizable Features: Skin Styles Explained

What is excellent about Epic Games is that the developer started showing some love to the skins that are a little bit older. Some of the skins in Fortnite’s history came at a time when customization and styles were but a pipe dream. Now, if a skin does not have customizable options, it is a disgrace.

Thankfully for fans of Fishstick, some skin styles are available for this beloved outfit. There is the aforementioned default skin but the VR version that came after that. In this one, we see Fishstick take on a new color scheme.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin Default

For some weird reason, the VR Fishstick is now blue and pink rather than orange. They are wearing the same clothes, but it is all painted black. This matches the new VR headset that he is wearing that has red eyes.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin VR

Pirate is the following big skin style for Fishstick and an excellent fit for the character. Overall, it is somewhat similar to what I consider the “sailor-style” default skin. The outfit only changes a little bit in color, swapping the all blue for a darker blue on the top half and dark gray pants on the bottom half.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin Pirate

The hat, though, is where the most changes happen for this version of Fishstick, thankfully. Instead of the sad little pointy hat, he is now wearing a pirate hat. To go along with this, his right eye has an eyepatch over it. Unlike VR, though, his scales remain the same color.

Last but not least, there is the World Cup variant of Fishstick. This one was in anticipation of the exciting Fortnite World Cup tournament that has only happened once, in 2019. His scales are different colors now, having streaks of yellow, green, and even some graffiti-like aspects to them.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin World Cup

His outfit is more interesting, too, being mostly black but with streaks of purple, yellow, and a white belt. His hat remains mostly the same, but it is black now and goes down past his ears (or where his ears would be if he has any).

These skin styles come automatically with the base skin when you purchase Fishstick, so there is no need to worry about separate purchases or anything like that.

Fishstick Accessories

For those players who prefer to get everything in a collection, that is what the Fishstick bundle is for. Several accessory items go along with his set. Players who purchase it will be able to equip the character with various cosmetics designed to go together.

Besides the clear skin you get, you also receive the Coral Cruiser glider. This one is intriguing. It looks pretty unique, admittedly, being like coral-based wings, but I’m not, personally, a fan of it. It is colorful, at least, which gives it a unique identity.

There is also the Saltwater Satchel back bling that is like a water jug that Fishstick carries around; nothing too special here. For the pickaxe in the set, there is the Bootstraps one. This is a mix of items that Fishstick attached to a bamboo pole, including a water jug and boot. It is possible that these are his only possessions, which would be pretty sad.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin With Saltwater Satchel Back

Lastly, there are three different weapon skins that you get: the pink scales known as Slippery, the Fishstick-themed Fish Face, and the SpongeBob SquarePants-like pineapple house theme of Fishy. The only way to get these items is to purchase the Fishsticks bundle in the shop. In my opinion, they are not that great. I think the skin is better than all of them, and that’s saying something.

Other Fishstick Skins Explained

While I am not a massive fan of Fishstick, if you couldn’t tell, this character has some use. Because of him, we received Fishstick-themed skins later down the road that are much better. The most notable of these is his wife(?) known as Princess Felicity Fishstick. This blue fish princess is like an alternate version of Shrek that we could have gotten.

Speaking of blue, I like Frozen Fishstick more than the regular one, too. There is nothing too special about it, though, just being a winter-themed version. Gummy Fishstick is a little disturbing but fun, mixing the idea of Swedish Fish and Fishstick together. Atlantean Fishstick is also great if you want to see this guy suited in a complete set of armor.

Fishstick Fortnite Skin Promo For World Cup
Image from Fandom

Don’t think that Halloween has been left out, though, as there is Fishskull, which it blends Fishstick and Skull Trooper perfectly. However, my absolute favorite has to be the most recent addition to the Fishstick lineup: Toona Fish.

The Chapter 2, Season 8 battle pass skin was phenomenal. The ability to customize the Bendy and the Ink Machine/OG Mickey Mouse-style skin was fantastic. The customization options were great, taking inspiration from other skins, and the method of collecting them was a whole lot of fun.

Collecting paint for Toona Fish was the primary reason I even played that season, to be honest. It sucks that, unlike the others that are item shop or bundle skins, Toona Fish will likely never come back.


Question: Can you still get Fishstick in Fortnite?

Answer: Yes, you can! Well, not right now while I’m writing but likely so in the future. It was last seen in the item shop about two months ago, and it returns every couple of months, so I expect it to be back soon enough.

Question: What gender is Fishstick from Fortnite?

Answer: Fishstick is noted in some of the official descriptions as a “he,” so Fishstick is seemingly a male sentient goldfish dude.

Question: What is the rarest Fishstick-like skin in Fortnite?

Answer: A couple of skins could fall under this category. Many people have Toona Fish, my favorite version of Fishstick, but it is rare since it was a battle pass skin in Chapter 2, Season 8. This means it is never coming back. The other rarity would be Frozen Fishstick. It was only sold in the special Polar Legends bundle (using real money, not V-Bucks) that might not ever return.


The Fortnite Fishstick character shouldn’t exist, and yet, he does. I admire the style of Epic Games. Rather than sticking to the status quo or being super serious, Fortnite just does whatever it wants.

For this reason alone, I am grateful that a character like Fishstick exists. It is a necessary ugly that we must have to appreciate the other brilliant skins that are in the battle royale game.

Without Fishstick, there are so many viral videos, TikToks, and YouTube clips that would not exist. Fortnite is all the better because of Fishstick. It is even possible that without him, we would not have even better meme characters in Fortnite like Peely or all of those darn Fortnite llama skins that exist.

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