Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin Guide: It’s All About the Stonks

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There are Fortnite memes, and then there are the Fortnite memes. Diamond Hanz is Epic Games flexing its funny side at its fullest — taking advantage of multiple memes all at the same time. I have never seen anything like the creation of this skin in Fortnite since starting with the game on its very first day back in 2017. This is undoubtedly one of the most desired memes and skins out there.

This Fortnite Diamond Hanz skin guide will explain everything you need to know about this original character. You might be confused by the origins of Diamond Hanz, what memes he is referencing, and how to get him. I get it; this is one of the most popular original skins Epic Games has ever made. Thankfully, I’ve got your back, as always. Here is everything that you need to know about this stonks master.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Fortnite Diamond Hanz skin is one-of-a-kind — a product of the environment that was happening in the spring of 2021. The skin is not that old, coming out as a response to a few different memes that were popping up at the time. If you love stonks, regular stocks, or seeing places like GameStop rise in value on Wall Street, you are in the right place. This entire skin was created solely to be a meme and keep the content flowing for the battle royale game. Even still, it is one of the best meme skins in Fortnite, simply for being on the nose and owning it. As for how to unlock it, Diamond Hanz was released in the item shop for purchase.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin Overview

Let me set the stage for you a little bit: it was April 2021, right in the middle of the economic downturn in our nation and world due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Times were changing, the economy was fluctuating, and Epic Games was here to take advantage of all of that.

Yes, Diamond Hanz was most definitely a response to everything that was happening economically at the time. I have never seen anything like this skin in Fortnite before. Sure, there have been skins that have referenced other people or memes in the past (looking at you, The Reaper), but they did so more subtly or seriously.

However, Diamond Hanz is anything but those things. He is a meme guy in Fortnite through and through, so much so that even his origins are shrouded in jokes. This is Epic Games going full force into what made the battle royale game famous in the first place: memes and content creation.

And you know what? It worked out quite nicely, with Diamond Hanz trending at the time as one of the most popular releases for any video game around April 2021. Without a doubt, there are a lot of staunch supporters of this skin for good reason.

Diamond Hanz may not be the most beautiful or exciting skin, but that is all on purpose. Epic Games knew exactly what it was doing at the time, and it worked out nicely for the company.

Though this skin does not have much going on visually, this is all intentional. Even today, Diamond Hanz is one of the most requested skins for players to see come back in the battle royale game.


The appearance of Diamond Hanz will be pretty familiar to anyone who has seen meme culture these days. And even if you aren’t familiar with certain memes, you may be wondering where you’ve seen this character before.

This is due to the fact that Mr. Stonks himself has his appearance taken directly from a viral picture that I will get into in a little bit. The character design itself reminds me a bit of those car dummies. Car companies will test out their new vehicles before release by crashing them a lot and seeing how they hold up.

In the process, they will have test dummies who will sit in as replacements for actual humans and see what happens to them. Diamond Hanz’s appearance, bald head, and strange facial structure are all reminiscent of those test dummies. However, that is not the actual inspiration for this skin’s look, as there is already a test dummy Fortnite outfit.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

But the character seems to resemble the test dummies in a way, at least. His eyes are notably kind of creepy the more that I look at them. This is at odds with the otherwise standard business suit he wears. There is nothing super special about his clothing other than the blue tie he wears around his neck and his blue gloves.

Both of those pieces look pretty expensive and nice, which is in contrast to the rest of the suit. Though he is a businessman, he is very much in need of new clothing as his suit is starting to fray a little bit. We can see tears at the seams on the shoulders of Diamond Hanz and his right knee, too.

Again, something is unnerving about the look of this skin that rubs me the wrong way. This is intentional, though, as he is meant to be a goofier skin that is not at all serious like other Fortnite skins. In fact, you might look at him and wonder why Epic Games made him at all.

After all, there is very little detail or anything interesting going on with Diamond Hanz. He is just a test dummy-looking guy wearing a suit that is falling apart. However, what if I told you that all of that is exactly the entire point of this skin?

Meme Inspiration Explained

Back in April 2021, a lot was going on in the world and the economy, as previously mentioned. All of this played a huge role in the release of the Diamond Hanz skin. In fact, there were a few different inspirations that led to the creation of this hilarious character.

Let’s start with the general theme and name, though. There is a particular Reddit community known as WallStreetBets. This fascinating and sometimes disturbing group of very controversial people generally talk about the stock market and everything happening there: recent trends, possible changes, predictions, and all of those goodies.

But at this particular time, a significant change was happening on that specific sub-Reddit page. You know that video game company, GameStop? The one who was going downhill due to online trends?

Well, the WallStreetBets people decided that GameStop was going to make a come back. In the process, the community would make a considerable amount of tendies as shareholders. Tendies, of course, are delicious chicken tenders, but they are also code for profits for the fiends of the WallStreetBets Reddit community.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

In the end, the GameStop stocks skyrocketed literally “to the moon” as the users there predicted/forced to happen. GameStop shares went from a mere sub-$6 a stock at its lowest point to a peak of nearly $500 a share. Yes, memes made some people millionaires nearly overnight.

But there was another meme that was happening before even this GameStop debacle. The stonks meme featured a particularly goofy mannequin guy next to some of the rising stocks from Wall Street behind him.

This was a funny meme that was used all over the internet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen it before. It became especially popular due to games like Animal Crossing: New Horizon as people joked about their turnip stonks.

Well, it turns out that Epic Games has a sense of humor, too. On April 1, 2021, Epic Games granted us the perfect April Fool’s Day gift with the Diamond Hanz skin. The character’s look comes from the original stonks guy meme. At the same time, the name comes from the “diamond hands” key phrase that the Reddit community uses for someone who refuses to sell their stock.

Last but not least, the To the Moon set that Diamond Hanz is part of comes from the fact that the Reddit community truly believed it would take the GameStop stock value “to the moon.” The craziest part of all of it, though? It was not just an April Fool’s joke from Epic.

Diamond Hanz is a legitimate skin character in the battle royale game that you can purchase and use in matches. This was not just a joke for fun on social media. He instantly became one of the most popular of all time due to his ridiculous origins.

How to Unlock Diamond Hanz in Fortnite

Diamond Hanz is about as straightforward as they come for skins. No battle pass or strange limited-time event challenges are necessary here. He is a pure item shop skin through and through. As such, all you need to do is pony up some of your valuable V-Stonks in Fortnite to purchase him.

To be exact, Diamond Hanz costs 1200 V-Bucks in the item shop when he appears. This is due to him being solely a rare skin since there is nothing too special going on with his set. In fact, he is about as simple as it comes since there is nothing extra or addition that you will find with him.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

Usually, there will be the standalone skin in the item shop, plus a bundle version that comes with some extra goodies. You can pick which one you prefer, but that is not the case here. Diamond Hanz is on his own with only his normal purchase, and that’s it. There is no special bundle or other special options available here.

Can You Still Unlock Him Today?

Of course, what good is knowing that Diamond Hanz was an item shop skin if you can’t buy him today? Well, here is the part where I put on my Stonks Street predictions hat and give you my answer to whether or not I think you will be able to unlock Diamond Hanz in the future.

To be clear, he is not available in the item shop as of right now while I am writing this guide. The last time he appeared was roughly three months ago, around April Fool’s Day 2022. Before that, he was seen around the end of 2021.

In the year 2021, when Diamond Hanz first came out, he showed up multiple times throughout the year but only once so far in 2022. This tells me that his appearances will likely slow down over time. Still, I think he will reappear in the item shop for you to buy him.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

Unfortunately, that timing could be a little tricky at times. I think you will only be able to unlock him, at best, once or twice a year from here on out.

I think it makes sense to bring him back at the end of the year as a little treat for one day and then again around April 1 to celebrate his anniversary of first being released. Other than that, though, don’t hold your breath. This is one skin that is likely going to need a little bit of patience to unlock.

Customization Options: Accessories Explained

I hate to continue to be the bearer of bad news, but not only is Diamond Hanz just a rare-level skin but there is not much else going for him. I get that he is a rare-level outfit only and a pretty cheap one at that, but there are not a lot of customization options for players who purchase this skin.

When you buy Diamond Hanz, the unfortunate thing is that you will receive no extra skin styles. There are not even some that you could unlock through challenges or anything like that. What you see is what you get right here with this stonks guy’s skin.

If that was not enough, the To the Moon set that Diamond Hanz is part of is relatively small. There are not even extra items that you can purchase to go along with him. No loading screens, pickaxes, gliders, or anything of that sort that you can get for the meme skin.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

The only other item part of the limited To the Moon set is the Gains back bling item. This one is based on the stonks meme, too, representing the arrow that is pointing up to indicate your stocks rising. It is just a basic orange upward arrow that you can wear on your back, and that is it.

The benefit is that you get this back bling for free when you buy the Diamond Hanz skin. Yes, for 1200 V-Bucks, you get this skin and the back bling together. That is a pretty good deal, in my opinion, if you like Diamond Hanz.

It’s just too bad that nothing else is happening for this meme character. A gold variant that turns him all gold or a diamond one would have at least been a fantastic idea that would have kept the meme alive in an interesting way.

Diamond Hanz Mini-Review: Worth It?

At the end of the day, the question remains: are the memes enough to make Diamond Hanz worth a purchase? Sure, he is funny to look at and laugh about, but is this a skin that you want to actually buy and wear? That is the central question that you need to answer for yourself.

For me, I have to say that Diamond Hanz is only worth it for the players who want to be a walking meme in battle royale matches. If you like the idea of making everyone stop and laugh at you when you walk by, then you might want to pick up this skin.

Or, if you love the stonks memes and all that, then perhaps Diamond Hanz is for you. He is a cheap skin in the shop, so you aren’t losing too much of your precious stock value by owning him. At the same time, the return on investment is a little underwhelming for me.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

I love the idea, and I think he is hilarious, but there is not enough going on for me to buy Diamond Hanz. The character’s look is purposefully minimal at best, which is understandable, but not enough to convince me.

The design is just too plain, and there are not enough accessories or other items to make the purchase worth it. If there was at least a diamond skin option to give him some extra pizazz, I think I could be all in for buying this skin.

Unfortunately, in his current state, he is not worth a buy for me. But for others, though, I think there are some players who will definitely value him much more.

Best Alternative Skin Recommendations

If you’re like me and not a huge fan of Diamond Hanz but love the meme idea of his outfit, I totally get it. Or if you are someone who does like that skin but wants something else, I’ve got you covered in that regard, too.

Here are just a few of the memes and hilarious skin recommendations that I have for you in Fortnite. The wait for the Diamond Hanz skin to return can be rough, so here are some outfits that will, hopefully, show up sooner:

  • Dummy: I mentioned this little guy briefly in the above guide, but Dummy is a fantastic option for fans of Diamond Hanz. He is just a yellow car test dummy, and that is it. But, unlike Diamond Hanz, for the same price, he has a Carbon Fiber skin variant that adds great value to his stonks.
  • Agent Peely: Like memes and dudes wearing suits? Well, then Agent Peely might be perfect for you. Peely is one of the original meme characters that Epic Games created. He is just a sentient banana wearing a suit. Much like Diamond Hanz, he is a walking meme but a very fashionable one at that.
  • Guff: Moving away from looking somewhat similar to Diamond Hanz, we have Guff. This is one of the most underrated skins in Fortnite history. This chonk of a Horton Hears a Who character has so much going on that I can’t sum it all up here. Just know that he is like a child monster with a goofy star and outfit on him that is so lovable.


Question: Will Diamond Hanz come back to Fortnite?

Answer: Sadly, I have no answer to this particular question. Usually, I would say that any item shop skin would return at some point, but this is a tricky one due to his specific meme nature. But I think the most likely time he would return is around April Fool’s Day each year so keep an eye out then.

Question: When was Diamond Hanz last seen in Fortnite?

Answer: At the time of writing this, Diamond Hanz was last seen about three months ago, around April Fool’s Day 2022. Before that, though, it was more than six months ago. He had sporadic returns throughout 2021, but I don’t expect that to continue. He will likely be rarer in the item shop as time goes on.

Question: How do you get Diamond Hanz skin?

Answer: You can get Diamond Hanz by purchasing him for 1200 V-Bucks in the item shop. There is no extra bundle or anything like that to collect him in. This is as simple as it gets.


The ingenuity and meme nature of Fortnite battle royale is on full display with the Diamond Hanz skin. I mean, there are few video games out there that are willing to take a meme that is popular on the internet and turn it into a full-blown outfit for players to wear. And, quite honestly, Fortnite is one of the only games where this makes sense in the first place.

At the end of the day, though, I think that the Diamond Hanz is hilarious and goofy, but it is not, personally, for me. That said, someone who likes funny skins in Fortnite or the meme, in general, might want to pick it up.

But if you’re like me and not too interested in unlocking the Diamond Hanz skin, perhaps there is another meme outfit for you? In that case, might I suggest The Foundation in Fortnite? The Foundation is a walking meme giant himself. After all, he is literally just The Rock in Fortnite. However, unlike Diamond Hanz, he has a fantastic character design.

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