Heart Lake Fortnite Guide: Where to Find Love

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Fortnite is full of intriguing and fun little areas you can find around the island. Epic Games is so good at changing up the locales that you can visit often enough so that nothing feels too monotonous or boring throughout a season and chapter. One tiny little location that some players may not know about is the star of this Heart Lake Fortnite guide.

Heart Lake isn’t a location that many players knew about when it was first released many seasons ago on the Fortnite island, but it was my go-to landing spot on the map for the entirety of its time in Season 4, so I know it from top to bottom. Because of its landmark status, it didn’t appear as clearly on the map as some other significant locations did.

This meant that any related quests were challenging to complete since most players didn’t know where to go on the map. Thankfully, I will help you solve all of these issues and more with everything you need to know in this Heart Lake Fortnite guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Fortnite Chapter 2 still remains to this day my favorite chapter in all of battle royale history, and part of the reason was that the island we had at the time was the absolute best. Heart Lake was one of the many reasons why I loved this island the most, being situated just about northeast of Stark Industries in the middle of the Upstate New York area. It played a role in several quests, most notably fishing at that landmark location. It was released in Chapter 2, Season 4. Still, it left the game entirely after this season ended, never to return again to Fortnite.

Heart Lake Overview

Heart Lake
Image From Fortnite Fandom

Fortnite Chapter 2 is the pinnacle of battle royale, in my opinion. I loved everything from the map itself to the content that was released throughout its relatively short eight seasons. I especially love the island in Chapter 2, which is my favorite to this day, over the islands in Chapters 1 and 3.

Part of what I loved about the Chapter 2 island was how large it was and how many different locations you could visit on the map in a single match. There were so many named points of interest to explore, but there were tons of smaller landmark locations, too.

One particular landmark location that made a huge splash during a specific season was Heart Lake. This was the place to go for players looking to find a little love on the island. It was the Makeout Reef of the Fortnite universe, and the romantic location was the true online dating spot in-game.

The relatively large lake was situated in a prominent area on the map where you could actually see it on the map itself. Still, you might not know that it was actually Heart Lake if you were looking at. This is due to the fact that it was a landmark spot, which means that it had no name that appeared on the map itself.

Heart Lake was a special area for its relation to some quests that players could take on.


chapter 2 season 4
Chapter 2 Season 4 From Fortnite Fandom

Heart Lake first dropped in the middle of 2020 (ugh) with the 14.10 update for Fortnite battle royale. This is notable because the location came out in the middle of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4. It didn’t drop right at the beginning of the season with the other Marvel stuff but a little bit later on.

The reason for this was because of where the Heart Lake area was situated. Players could find it in the middle of Upstate New York, a strange place on the Fortnite island that was, for the first time ever, based around a real-world location.

Upstate New York was the home to Tony Stark and the Heart Lake location. The sad part about the entire Heart Lake situation was that it wasn’t in the game for very long. It didn’t even last a full season in Fortnite Chapter 2 before it was thrown into the infamous vault.

I’m not sure why this landmark location couldn’t have stuck around in Fortnite for longer, but it is what it is when it comes to confusing Epic Games decisions.

To this day, it remains one of the long-lost and beloved landmarks that is unlikely to be seen again. It’s a darn shame, too, since it is one of the most iconic locales that has ever been released.

Where to Find Love

For those players who are looking for some love in all the wrong places, you will want to head to the site of Heart Lake. This landmark location is found only on Apollo island, which was the site of Chapter 2 in Fortnite. As mentioned, you couldn’t find this spot directly on the map itself.

So, when players had to find the location of Heart Lake for a quest, it was challenging since you didn’t always know where exactly you had to go. Heart Lake was located in the middle of the Upstate New York area on the island in Chapter 2, Season 4.

Thankfully, this prominent spot on the island made it a lot easier to find the Heart Lake location since it was in the middle of the large bubble area.

Players looking to visit Heart Lake and, hopefully, find some Fortnite love for themselves needed to head just northeast of Stark Industries without leaving the Upstate New York bubble itself. You could kind of see the lake on the map as a rather large body of water waiting there.

The entire body of water and a little bit of the surrounding land in the middle of this bubble area is considered Heart Lake. When Heart Lake first came out, it was one of the largest bodies of water you could find on the entire island besides the ocean surrounding everything.

For those who need more precise directions, the specific location where you could find Heart Lake on the grid-based map was around the F2 and G2 squares.

Area Design

Heart Lake
Image From Fortnite Fandom

What I find really strange about the entire Heart Lake situation was the actual design of the location. For better or worse, Heart Lake kind of looked like trash when it came out. I appreciate that it was a massive body of water that you could explore, but the problem is that it isn’t a heart shape.

Call me out if I’m wrong, but, come on, if you call it Heart Lake, I would expect the location to, you know, kinda be in the shape of a heart. So, if you let me down and the place isn’t in the shape of a heart, I will be pretty disappointed.

And that is precisely the case with this popular landmark spot. I have tried looking at the location from a top-down view and many different angles, but I still don’t get the whole heart design motif. It honestly just looks like a somewhat normal lake with nothing too special going on with it.

If anything, it kinda looks like a sad Mickey Mouse face with two little ears that stick out on the northern side and two smaller islands in the middle of the lake that kinda look like eyes. Unfortunately, if you wanted a lake that looks like a heart, you would have to look elsewhere or wait for Epic Games to bring it back with a better design in the future.

Besides the lake itself, the general design theme of this area has a beautiful autumn feel, which I at least love about this area since it predated the autumn-style Chapter 2, Season 6. Besides heading to this location for the quests that you might need to complete, there is another reason for dropping here, which is the small lake house that exists on Heart Lake.

You can find Tony Stark’s lake house on Heart Lake, which is rather large and intricately designed for a place in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it appears this is the same lake house that was featured in Avengers Endgame during the funeral sequence.

There is a decent amount of loot that you can grab at Tony Stark’s lake house, so it was actually one of my favorite landing zones during that season. Regretfully, I didn’t play this season a lot since I was pretty busy at the time, but Heart Lake was one of my favorite starting places when I was able to get on.

The close proximity to Stark Industries meant that I could always head over there for extra loot after starting with Tony Stark’s house at Heart Lake for a decent bit of gear. Outside of the quests that happened later in the season, there weren’t too many players that went to this spot at the time. This made it a fantastic landing zone.

Heart Lake Related Quests Explained

Speaking of quests, some limited-time quests in Chapter 2, Season 4 were related to Heart Lake. The most significant quest that you could do at the time was to catch fish at Heart Lake. The game asked players to catch a total of three fish at this spot to complete the mission.

This quest was dropped during the ninth week of Chapter 2, Season 4, and was only available for a short period of time. In total, you only had maybe a few weeks to do it since it expired when the conclusion of Season 4 happened.

Thankfully, the quest itself was relatively easy. The only hard part about it was finding Heart Lake and visiting that location for the mission. But once you got to Heart Lake, all you had to do was catch the fish, and you were done. To do so, the game required you to locate a fishing rod somewhere.

Thankfully, fishing rods weren’t too hard to find at Heart Lake. If you couldn’t find one near the lake itself, like at the dock area, Tony Stark’s house was a good place to look, too. Once you had the fishing rod in hand, all you had to do was head over to the water and look for the fish swimming around.

You simply had to catch three fish, and then you were good to go. The best part was that you didn’t even have to catch all three in the same match, so players could take their time with this quest if they needed to for whatever reason, though it wasn’t particularly time-consuming.


Question: Where is Heart Lake Fortnite?

Answer: You could find Heart Lake northeast of Stark Industries in the middle of the Upstate New York bubble during Chapter 2, Season 4.

Question: How to catch fish at Heart Lake Fortnite?

Answer: What players need to do to catch fish at Heart Lake is first to find a fishing rod nearby and then equip it. From there, use the fishing rod at bubbly foaming parts of the water where a lot of fish gather.

Question: What is Heart Lake in Fortnite?

Answer: Heart Lake is a landmark location that was on the island in Chapter 2, but only during the Marvel-themed Season 4. It was used in various quests at the time.

Where to Journey Next

Ok, so Heart Lake may not be the utopia dating spot for love that it sounds like, but it was well worth visiting at the time in Chapter 2, Season 4. I think it was one of the best landing spots on the entire island because it had almost no players going there (outside of the associated quests, of course), and there was plenty of loot to find nearby. Heart Lake was my go-to landing zone during the events of Season 4.

But, at the end of the day, the reality is that you can’t visit Heart Lake anymore on the Fortnite island. With the onset of Chapter 3 and all of its goodness, there is an entirely new island for you to explore. I like this current island, even if it isn’t my favorite so far in Fortnite. There are still a lot of reasons to explore. Since Heart Lake isn’t a possible landing spot anymore in the game, check out my Chapter 3 landing spots guide for where to go now.

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