Best Landing Spots in Fortnite: Chapter 3’s Best Named Locations

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Fortnite is a battle royale multiplayer game where the goal is to loot and survive. In order to win a battle royale match, you must gather good enough loot to survive the battles against up to 99 other players in the match. One of the key parts of making this happen is going to the best landing spots in Fortnite.

The best landing spots in Fortnite are the locations where you should go right after jumping out of the battle bus. These could be the best for a number of reasons, including their less popular nature, the variety of loot, or their general location concerning the rest of the island. If you want to know the best places to start your victory royale journey in matches, you are in the right spot.

Bottom Line Up Front

A landing spot in Fortnite is the location that you first visit when you hop out of the battle bus. The battle bus has a randomly generated path across the island, and you can jump out at any time to go wherever you like. There are two main types of landing spots in the game, and they are named locations and landmarks. The former is the significant locales that you can see the names of on the map itself, while the latter are smaller areas that are unnamed on the map. Both are solid options for finding loot. When it comes to the best landing spots in Fortnite, it depends on your playstyle. If you are an aggressive player, you may want to tackle the vaults and NPCs that are in specific areas. But if you are someone who avoids fights as much as possible, you may want to go out of your way. Here are the best landing spots in Fortnite that we will cover in this guide for right now in Chapter 3, specifically:

  • Tilted Towers: For aggressive players
  • The Fortress: Aggressive players
  • Command Cavern: Aggressive players (and sometimes non-aggressive ones)
  • Rocky Reels: Aggressive
  • Any blimps: Aggressive and sometimes non-aggressive if out of the way
  • Sleepy Sound: Mid to non-aggressive players
  • The Daily Bugle: If out of the way, for non-aggressive players
  • Sanctuary: For non-aggressive players, if out of the course of the battle bus
  • Condo Canyon: Non-aggressive players

What Is a Landing Spot in Fortnite?


A landing spot is exactly what it sounds like: a location on the Fortnite island where a player lands. There are no requirements for landing on the island, as you can make any single inch of the island your landing spot. That said, some locations are admittedly much better than others.

It does not make a whole lot of sense, for instance, to land on top of a tree in the middle of nowhere where there is no loot or chests around. So, while you can make a landing zone anywhere on the map, you probably shouldn’t. For the purposes of this, a genuine landing spot should be somewhere significant on the map.

It can be a central town that is located on the island somewhere or a random house that is secluded but has enough loot to get you by for the beginning of a match. I would argue that the landing spot that you go to is not only the first major decision that you make in each match but one of the most important ones that you make. Perhaps even the most crucial decision in the entire match.

This is because the landing zone that you go to will be the foot that you start on. If you wish to start out on the right foot, you need to make the right decision about where you land. Once you hit the ground in a match, you cannot take back that decision, and it can make or even break your experience.

For instance, if you land in a spot where a fourth of the match’s players are located, you could find yourself in a tricky spot where you could be the first player or squad eliminated. On the other hand, you could go somewhere more remote and dominant and wonder where all of the competition is.

Named Locations Explained

When it comes to your landing spot in Fortnite, it really comes down to two major areas: the named locations and the landmarks. The named places are the essential points of interest on the entire island. When you open up the main map, you will be able to see the larger towns and destinations that have names attached to them.

These are the named locations, and they are the most significant locations on the entire island. There are only just over a dozen of them, but they can take up a considerable portion of the island. In addition, they make up the spots with the most loot that you can find in all of Fortnite.

Overall, the named locations are generally the best spots to land in each match that you do. If you’re looking purely for loot, you will find that there is nothing that can beat the points of interest out there. However, there are some downsides to these locations that balance out their usefulness.

Given that there is so much loot to be found at iconic places like Tilted Towers and The Fortress, you are likely to find that there are many players with the same idea as you. This can lead to some bloodbaths of many players in the lobby trying to capture the same loot from one another. These are where many of the early battles and deaths happen in a match.

Landmarks Explained


But there is another type of landing spot that you can go to besides the massively popular named locations, and those are the landmarks. Landmarks are like named locations in that they have some significance on the island and contain plenty of loot for you to pick up.

However, the first major difference is that landmarks do not show up on the map in the same way as points of interest do. They have no name that you can see on the map itself, therefore, requiring you to either stumble upon them by accident or already know where one is located to get there.

This minor nature to the landmarks also means that many of them have far less loot than their larger named location counterparts. There are many fewer items and gear that can go around at landmarks. However, while this is a negative for sure, it can be positive at the same time in certain situations.

Because the landmarks are more hidden and have minor loot, this also means that there are typically fewer players who go to these destinations. This means that you can visit many landmarks and pretty much have the entire area to yourself while many other players are fighting over the same point of interest.

This can make landmarks a powerful landing spot for some players, but it does require you to know exactly where you want to go before you get there. Not to mention, some players have playstyles that do not mesh as well with landing here. Every player is different in the end, and each person has locations that will work better as landing spots for them compared to others.

Best Landing Spots Will Differ for Each Person

When it comes to choosing your landing spots, you need to figure out what kind of playstyle you prefer. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. This is also where a lot of frustration and failures come about with teams since the players cannot agree on where the best place to go is.

For some players, they are looking for the most loot and eliminations in a match. For them, they may want to go to the most populated and visited places on the entire map. However, there might be other players who prefer to keep it quiet and may not be confident in their fighting skills. That person may want to head somewhere quiet and remote.

Then there are still other players who are more in the middle. They do not mind a fight or two, but they may just want to focus mainly on getting loot to ready up for the later fights. Each person is different, and this is something that the community should keep in mind, especially when playing with others.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite


Because everyone is so different from one another, this is something that I kept in mind when making the list of the best landing spots in Fortnite. I have divided them into two distinct groups, one for the aggressive players who are looking to pick fights and get the best loot around. 

On the other hand, the second group is for players who wish to start out more slowly and calmly at the beginning of matches. I will go through and give you my thoughts on the best landing spots for each of these types of players to help you better decide where you should go.

In addition, I will also list out the best landing spots for these two types of players for each of the three chapters in Fortnite’s history. While most of the best landing spots from Chapters 1 and 2 are no longer in the game today, this is still helpful in the strong possibility that they do return someday. Let’s get started with the most recent and relevant chapter that is currently in the game: Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: Aggressive Players

For players who are enjoying Fortnite right now in Chapter 3, it is important to know where you should land when you jump into real matches these days. Starting with the more aggressive players, here are the places you should go if you do not mind taking on fights early on in the match.

First and foremost, there is Tilted Towers. For players hungry for a fight, this is the place to go in almost every single match. Tilted has been a bastion of treasure and other players since the very first chapter of Fortnite. And that is unlikely to change anytime soon due to its popularity and central location.

But Tilted Towers is a little bit overwhelming even for the most aggressive players, so there is also The Fortress. A new location in Chapter 3, Season 2, The Fortress, is a massive defence area for the Imagined Order. There is plenty of loot to be found here as well as NPCs and other players to practice on.

Command Cavern is technically another new area in Season 2, but it was previously known as Covert Cavern. This is one of my favourite areas on the map these days, and it is due to its unique style. Similar to The Grotto from Chapter 2, there is a lot of verticality and intrigue to find here. It is even possible to avoid the other players who visit this location at times.

There is also Rocky Reels. Previously a landmark for so many years, it was upgraded to a named location finally in Chapter 3. This desert drive-in movie theatre is larger and more interesting than ever before. It is also nicely found near other major areas across the island like Tilted Towers.

Chapter 3: Non-Aggressive Players

Non agresive player

On the other hand, perhaps you are a little bit more like me and someone who is not interested in immediately sweating from fights right from the moment you drop. If you are a non-aggressive player like me, here are a few areas that you should visit.

Sleepy Sound is a fascinating named location that can vary in terms of difficulty. For the most part, it is pretty chill when I visit there, but it can become popular with more players. Thankfully, even if other players arrive, there are so many houses and areas here that you can find loot and get ready properly for fights.

The Daily Bugle was one of the most popular destinations in Chapter 3, Season 1, due to the Spider-Man crossover. Without the web-shooters, though, it has been reduced to a quiet place. I like to go here a lot with my team, especially because of the blimps. Blimps in Season 2 are normally pretty populated, but The Daily Bugle one is surprisingly chill at times.

Like The Daily Bugle, Sanctuary is a famous place from Season 1 that is now not too popular due to the lack of The Foundation there. That said, it is still a large area for The Seven and contains tons of loot. It is also in a decent enough area for reaching other locations with ease.

Finally, there is Condo Canyon. Depending on the path of the battle bus, it can be frequently visited but is usually not too challenging due to its remote location. This is a place I like to go with my team sometimes, especially since there are plenty of vehicles commonly found nearby.

Chapter 2 Best Landing Spots: Aggressive Players

Going back in time, we have the Chapter 2 best overall landing spots. For me, Chapter 2 has represented the highlight of Fortnite so far. I have a lot of solid areas that I liked to visit in this chapter, and it was especially great for the aggressive players out there.

Once again, Tilted Towers was the popular go-to place but in its different versions. There were Salty Towers, Boney Burbs, all names that it was known as during this chapter. While not all of these were my favourite versions of Tilted, I still appreciated this major city.

Besides Tilted, there are places like Pleasant Park that was also generally highly populated. It became more of a staple than even in Chapter 1, allowing the massive neighbourhood to thrive due to various crossover events and loot that you could find at the houses here.

There was also Sweaty Sands next door, which was one of my favourite locations in the chapter. For a while, it was the new Tilted with its unique coastline city. It was the home of many events that helped to make it stand out as one of the best locations.

Lastly, there was The Spire. This central area that took over The Agency and The Authority, both of which were also quite common for players to land at. There were many buildings here and loot to find alongside the strong NPC enemies and other players.

Chapter 2: Non-Aggressive Players


For the non-aggressive players in Chapter 2, there were a few areas that you could go to regularly and depend upon. For me, one of the main ones was Holly Hedges. This small garden town was a beautiful area that was not too popular due to its location on the west coast, making it a solid starting area to avoid fights.

Stealthy Stronghold was another great area for the short time that it was available in the game. While it was popular in its introduction in Season 5, later seasons saw it become a desolate region. But the jungle fortress nature of it had plenty of loot that you could find there.

I think that Misty Meadows was one of the most underrated areas in Chapter 2. This town in the south was not often visited, and it was rather large at the same time. You could find plenty of houses and businesses where you were able to find treasure chests and floor loot aplenty.

Chapter 1 Best Landing Spots: Aggressive Players

Finally, there is Chapter 1. These are the first ten seasons that started it all in the battle royale game. For many aggressive players, it is also the highlight of that sort of nonstop action at the start of matches. It should come as no surprise that Tilted Towers is the de facto aggressive location here.

That said, I think there was a better version of Tilted that appeared in this season, and that was Neo Tilted. The neon futuristic aesthetic was phenomenal, and it is the best version, in my opinion. It is my hope that it comes back someday and offers that experience again.

Besides Tilted, there was Retail Row and its own futuristic version known as Mega Mall. I think that Retail Row lost itself in Chapter 2, but the first ten seasons were the domination of this r shopping center-centric location. There was also Paradise Palms.

Arguably the best desert named location of all time, Paradise Palms was a fancy town that had its share of nice estates and loot to find. It helped, too, that there were plenty of vehicles nearby. Greasy Grove and Loot Lake are two other honourable mentions that were quite popular at certain points in their lives.

Chapter 1: Non-Aggressive Spots


In the first ten seasons of Fortnite, there were a lot of quieter locations on the large, spread-out island. Snobby Shores was my favourite and the place that I typically went to at the start of a match. Found on the west coast, it was really far from almost everything else and hard to reach. But the sheer number of large houses meant plenty of loot to find.

There was also Anarchy Acres and its other variants like Lazy Lagoon, which was only moderately popular with players. These wide-open spaces were remote but also easy to survive in. It made getting loot and outlasting the opponents in my earlier days of learning Fortnite simpler.

One of the most under-appreciated locations in Fortnite history has to be Lucky Landing. Not only was it one of the most visually striking points of interest in the entire chapter, but it was not typically visited by other players. You could visit this beautiful Chinese-inspired town and grab some loot while taking in the sights. Here’s hoping that it will come back to Fortnite at some point in the future with a large expansion to its destination.


Question: What place in Fortnite has the best loot?

Answer: The answer to the best place with loot in Fortnite is going to vary depending on a number of factors. For one, it matters which season you are currently playing in as well as the type of loot that you are even going for at times. But, with that in mind, here are some of the best places with loot in Fortnite currently in Chapter 3.
Within Chapter 3, there remains one location that is currently the best in the business for loot alone, and that is Tilted Towers. This should come as no surprise since Tilted has long been the king of named locations when it comes to strictly loot.
There is no other place on the entire island that contains as much loot as Tilted Towers does, with an absolutely bonkers number of treasure chests there. It far outranks all of the other named locations in the entire history of the game when it comes to loot, and it is unlikely that anything will beat it in the foreseeable future.
That said, this is only when it comes to loot specifically. For some players, Tilted Towers is not the best for them, even with all of that loot due to the traffic that comes through here. In the end, though, if we are just talking about the actual sheer number of loot, there is nothing that compares to Tilted.

Question: What is the most popular landing spot in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Answer: The answer to this question should come as no surprise to Fortnite veterans, just like the previous question. If you have not guessed it already, the most popular landing spot in all of Fortnite Chapter 3 is unsurprisingly going to be Tilted Towers. And this is for a number of reasons.
For one, there is the aforementioned fact that it has the most loot in all of the battle royale game, and by a long shot. But if that is not enough, there is also the central location that it has. Given that it is near the very center of the island means that it is one of the most convenient destinations you can go to.
Even if you land here and it is not in the first safe circle on the island, the chances are that it is going to be quite close to the circle. That means that you will be able to gear up easily while not having to worry too much about running out of time or having to rush to make it to the circle before the storm gets you.
Lastly, there is the fact that Tilted Towers is so popular that it continues to make it popular as well. That might sound weird, but, basically, the fact that so many players go here keeps it popular since there are players who are looking to fight as many players as possible.

Question: What is the best place to land for duos in Fortnite?

Answer: If you have played duos in battle royale before, you will know that it is possibly the hardest of the four main battle royale game modes. While solo is challenging since it is all based on your skill alone and squads is difficult for the lengthy fights that can happen, there is no comparison to the challenge of duos.
In this game mode, it is just you and another player, and most of the time, the duos that you will fight are in sync with one another. This is where many of the pros and best players will team up to dominate on the battlefield. To make matters worse, if even one player in the duo slacks off, you are at a severe disadvantage.
That is why it is even more important in this mode than in others to pick the right spot to land on the map. You want to make sure that you are geared up for the battles ahead but not going up against too many other duos (unless you really want to), or you might get eliminated too soon.
That is why there are a couple of key places that I recommend. The first is The Daily Bugle which it used to be quite popular but is not so much these days. I also really like Command Cavern, and in duos, specifically, it can be slightly less popular at times than in squads or even trios.
The final recommendation that I have is Sleepy Sound. This quaint little town is one of my favourite landing spots in the game, and it is great for those looking for fewer fights. It is a wide town with lots of buildings, so there are plenty of places to gear up, even if there are several other duos in town.


The best landing spots in Fortnite are numerous and really depend on your type of playstyle. Be it a landmark where no one normally goes or a popular town where there is plenty of loot, there are many great landing spots on the Fortnite island. I would even suggest shaking up your usual spots from match to match to see if this brings you greater success.

Speaking of success, if you would like to know how to handle those moments where you land at the start of a match, we’ve also got you covered on that front. Knowing where to go is one thing, but knowing what to do when you get there is a whole different story. Be sure to find out how to play Fortnite competitively so that you can perform your best no matter where you choose to land.

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