Fortnite Foraging Guide: Golden Mushroom, Birthday Cake, More

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Of the features that exist in Fortnite battle royale, there is plenty that goes under the radar. These might be features that are not super important to winning matches or just a bit hidden. One such case is foraging, and our Fortnite foraging guide will help you learn about these neat items.

The Fortnite foraging guide will cover everything you need to know about what this action does in the game. In addition, you will learn more about the items that you can get and what they are used for. Let’s take a look at the different foraging items from across all of Fortnite’s history, including seasonal and event ones.

Bottom Line Up Front

The bottom line is that Fortnite foraging is a less-used feature in a battle royale. Since you are out in the wilderness, this feature has to do with scavenging for useful items. With these items in your possession, you can consume them for benefits. Most of them have to do with healing your health and/or shields in battle. But there are some special foraged items that will grant bonuses to other attributes like speed. For the complete list of all foraged items to ever be released in Fortnite, check below:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Cabbage
  • Coconut
  • Corn
  • Firefly Jar
  • Glitched Item
  • Hop Rocks
  • Ice Cream
  • Mushroom
  • Golden Mushroom
  • Klomberry
  • Pepper
  • Pizza Slices
  • Rifts
  • Shadow Stone
  • Slurpshroom
  • Spicy Taco
  • Zero Point Pretzels
  • Birthday Cake Slice
  • Candy Corn
  • Hop Drop
  • Jelly Bean
  • Pepper Mint
  • Thermal Taffy

What Is Foraging in Fortnite?


As we already mentioned, foraging is a feature in Fortnite that many players may not actively engage in. Even if they do know that it exists out there, it is not too useful. At least, most of the time, that is. I will even admit that with all my years in the game since launch, foraging is something I only do in maybe 25% of matches at best.

Foraging is the act of finding an item in the wild that you can then use to gain a benefit. Foraged items are, essentially, wild fruits, vegetables, and other items that you can discover. The term is a bit loose, though, as some rather odd items are included in this list.

When it comes to foraging in a match, the gist is to go out into the wild and find these items in their natural habitats. For some, this might mean looking on trees where the fruit might grow or checking out a farm. For others, though, it can mean stealing the item from someone else.

This could be by heading into someone’s abandoned home in the game and taking the foraged items that they have left behind. And then, in other cases, some items are more obscure and randomly found or at specific locations on the map.

Foraging is not one of the most glamorous of Fortnite elements, but it can be an important one. With it, you can recover in the middle of nowhere after a hard battle against other players or prepare for the next fight. While I would not recommend players to seek out foraged items actively, they are worth picking up when you come across them.

Foraged Items Explained

There are many different items that you can forage for in Fortnite. Some are fresh produce items, like apples and cabbages, while others are stranger items like rifts. Regardless, they all fall under the foraged items list since they are ones you find on the map and can “consume” in one way or another.

They do not necessarily include fishing, though, as it is its entire ball game. Foraging is generally just the act of finding the item, interacting with it to pick it up or consume it, and that is it. With these items, players will experience a bonus upon using them.

For most general foraging items, this will be replenishing your health and/or shields in the game. This makes them great for quick healing in between battles or when you stumble upon them randomly. Others, though, will grant you different benefits like allowing you to glide somewhere or making you invisible.

Foraged items are found in all game modes of Fortnite. If you are playing battle royale matches, you will find these items throughout the island. If you’re playing the less popular Save the World component of the game, they are a valuable asset there as well. And for Creative fans, most foraged items exist there, even some of them currently in the vault.

All Foraged Items in Fortnite

To help you better understand the various foraged items that you can find in Fortnite, we have the complete list of them below. This includes all of the foraging things that have been released throughout the course of Fortnite’s three chapters.

For the most part, foraging began thriving during Chapter 2 but there are some introduced outside of that chapter in both Chapters 1 and 2. We will explain each of the items, where to find it in a match, and what it does. We will also briefly explain the history of some special items and if they are still available in the game at this time. Let’s get started.

Apple Explained: Purpose, Where to Find


The apple is what you likely think of when you think of the foraging items in Fortnite. Not only is the apple a popular fruit (and a great source of vitamin C!) but it is rather common in Fortnite. Apples are hanging out next to apple trees most of the time and in produce boxes.

Those are the general places where you will be able to find apples on the Fortnite map. Unfortunately, they are not as common these days in Chapter 3 as they were in Chapter 2. This is due to the fact that Chapter 2 had The Orchard point of interest on the map.

The Orchard had fields of apple trees and loads of them for you to collect. Unfortunately, players in Chapter 3 will need to stick to the produce boxes inside of homes for the most part. That said, apples are still one of the most iconic foraged items and a decent healing item.

Each one that you use will instantly consume it and grant you five health points. It is not the best healing item around but its instantaneous nature of them helps to cap off missing health.

Banana Explained

Another rather common foraged item that you can find in Fortnite is the banana. By and large, it is rather similar to the apple in almost every way. You can find them near trees, particularly palm trees in this case, and in produce boxes.

Again, like the apples, the best place to find these is to just open up the produce boxes in kitchens on the island. They also have the same exact function as apples, restoring five health instantly. While not as common as apples, they are still worth consuming if you come upon one.



The cabbage is where the produce items start to change up a little bit. For one, this is the first vegetable, rather than fruit, of the bunch for us to cover. In addition, it is a bit different when it comes to its location and function. For cabbages, you are going to want to look for fields on the island.

On various farmland, it is possible that you will find cabbage growing there for you to pick up and consume. In the case of Chapter 3 that we are in right now, these farms are not too common unlike Chapter 2. As such, this is another situation where produce boxes will be your best friend.

In my personal experience, produce boxes are filled to the brim with cabbage. Almost every single one that I have ever opened up has contained cabbage in it. So, if you’re looking for this item, you will want to open up the produce boxes, for sure.

Like the apple and banana, the cabbage will restore health points when you consume it. However, it gives you a good bit more than those two items. Each cabbage that you eat will grant you 10 health points, rather than only five. At the same time, it is almost instantaneous at a two-second consumption time so a better option overall.


The coconut is another foraged item that you can find on the Fortnite map. The coconut, as you might expect, is more of an exotic item. As such, you will only find it in areas where there are palm trees. At the same time, there is a special action that you must do to find a coconut.

Once you are at a palm tree on the map, you will need to destroy the palm tree, such as with your pickaxe. Destroying it will sometimes drop coconuts for you. Consuming these will instantly grant you either five health points or five shield points, whichever you are most in need of.

Let’s say that you are at 90 health in the game. Eating a coconut will restore your health points first before doing anything with your shields. But if you eat it while having full health, it will grant five points to your shields, which can be helpful for replenishing that valuable stat.



Corn is another farming produce item that you can find on the game. Like the cabbage, you will need to head to a farm area to find it. Once on a farm, you need to look for the corn crops there. The corn will not automatically appear, though, and will require action.

You will need to destroy the fields of corn that you find and corn will drop often. Consuming the corn will grant you only health points but 10 at least, matching the cabbage. However, there is a bonus with corn that makes it a little less useful than its fellow vegetable counterpart.

Corn will only heal the 10 points over a period of five seconds. This is a longer period of time than the cabbage so it may not be as useful for some players who need quick healing right then.

Firefly Jar

When it comes to foraging for items, there is one that stands above almost all the rest in the game and that is the firefly jar. I mentioned before that I do not usually do foraging in this game. However, there is the main exception to this and that is the firefly jar.

I do not go actively looking for it in matches but if I stumble upon some fireflies, I always grab a jar or two. This is because it is one of the most unique foraging items in the game. Unlike the others on this list, it does not focus on benefiting the player’s stats or movement.

Instead, it focuses on damaging someone else. To get a firefly jar, look for swarms of fireflies on the map. It is easier to see them at night but they are noticeable in the daytime, too. Thankfully, the process of collecting the fireflies is pretty easy as you do not need to find a jar first.

Simply going up to the swarm of fireflies and interacting with them will collect them instantly in a jar. As for where this jar comes from, I don’t know. However, you can store the firefly jar in your inventory unlike some of these other items.

You can use it whenever you want to damage enemies. Throwing the firefly jar will damage upon impact and start a fire. It can deal some decent damage to enemy players but the real benefit is burning up the structures that players build.

Glitched Item

The glitched item is one of the weirdest on this list. It only appeared during a brief period in Fortnite’s history at the Destroyed Stadium location. There, these glitched items would show up for players to collect. How it worked is that it would “glitch” every few seconds and show a different foraged item.

The possible items at the time included apples, coconuts, hop rocks, mushrooms, and peppers. It is no longer in the game.

Hop Rocks

Hop Rocks

Speaking of hop rocks and items not in the game any longer, we have this unique item. It is the first of several in this group that do not focus on healing or damaging. Hop rocks still benefit the player who consumes them but in a different way.

When the player uses the hop rocks, it will cause them to act as if there is very low gravity. The duration of the ability lasts for around 30 seconds. During this time, the player is able to jump quite high and not experience falling damage from it. Unfortunately, the hop rocks are gone now as they were only available at the Dusty Divot location.

Ice Cream

Another unique foraging item that is no longer in the game is the ice cream cone. The ice cream is interesting in design but fairly tame in execution. Consuming one of these deliciously sweet treats gives the player five health points, which is pretty normal.

That said, finding the ice cream is another story. For one, it is no longer in the game since it was only for a particular season. During Chapter 1, Season 9, the futuristic Mega Mall location was home to the ice cream parlor. There at the former site of Retail Row, players could find ice cream cones to collect and consume.


Besides the apple, the most iconic foraging item award would likely go to the mushroom. Not only is it rather interesting for its variations (more on those in a bit) but its purpose, too. Players are able to find the mushroom in the various forests and swamplands around the island.

Mushrooms are typically found in large groups so consuming one after another is pretty easy. This is especially useful since the mushroom is the opposite of the apple. While the apple gives five health, the mushroom will five shield points. This is unbelievably useful since you start with zero shields in each match and should prioritize changing this at all times.

Five shield points is not a lot but I have found 20 before in a single match. While that is rather uncommon, the mushroom can be great for topping off the remaining points you need after using a couple of small shield potions or the like. Mushrooms are also inside of produce boxes so be sure to look for them there as well.

Golden Mushroom

The golden mushroom is one of the most elusive items on this list and one that you have likely not seen before. I know I haven’t. There is a 1-in-10,000 chance of a regular mushroom becoming a golden mushroom. So, that is a lot of mushrooms you need to come across.

The golden mushroom looks golden in appearance and will grant the full 100 shield points instantly.



The Klomberry is a Fortnite foraging item that is useful for the Klombo dinosaur creature. This somewhat friendly Dino will give items and shoot players into the sky. To tame it, you need the Klomberry. They are found in a couple of different places.

The first is by looking in bushes near a Klombo on the map. The game does a decent job of making sure you are equipped to be able to tame this beast. The second is by buying some from the Haven NPC using gold bars. This item is available currently in Chapter 3, Season 1.


The pepper is both a healing item and a movement-based one. You can find these randomly around the map sometimes but the best location is to just visit homes and find produce boxes. When you eat the pepper, it will grant you five health points.

At the same time, though, it will also increase your movement speed by 20% for a full minute. It will also make your character look like they ate something really spicy. Thankfully, you can eat this item at full health just for the speed boost if you want.

Pizza Slices

Pizza slices are the latest foraging item in the game, introduced in Chapter 3. How to get one of these is to find a pizza box on the map. They are commonly found at Tilted Towers. Opening a pizza box will release several pizza slices on the floor for you and your friends to eat together. This is a great foraging item for parties to share.



The rift is technically a foraging item even though it differs from all of the others. For one, you do not, well, consume it. Instead, you just step inside of a rift and that is it. Rifts will teleport the player into the sky above where the portal was. You are then able to glide from there wherever you want, making it a great movement item.

Shadow Stone

Another great movement item is the infamous shadow stone. These are usually in areas that are near or affected by the equally infamous cubes. These small cubes will let you have low gravity effects and be able to dash quickly through the air. The duration of the shadow stone is 45 seconds. These typically appear in special seasons or events.


The slurpshroom is another special mushroom. In this case, it takes on the appearance of a glowing shroom that looks unsafe to eat. That said, eating one of these will grant you either 10 health points or shield points in two seconds. They are found in swamps.

Spicy Taco

Spicy Taco

Next up in the normal foraging items in Fortnite seasons, we have the spicy taco. During Chapter 1, Season X, Greasy Grove had a rift zone. At this time, players could find a spicy taco there and eat it. Its function is almost the same as the pepper, granting the speed boost but also giving 10 health or shield points.

Zero Point Pretzel

Lastly, we have the Zero Point Pretzel. A Chapter 2, Season 8 item, it was tied to both the Zero Point and the sideways zones. Also similar to the Fortnitemares items, players could find this candied pretzel in candy buckets.

When players consume the Zero Point Pretzel, it allows them to teleport short distances across the map. It is similar to the shadow stone in that way. It was only available during that Season 8 and is no longer in the game at this time. However, we could see it return in a future Fortnitemares event.

Event Foraged Items

In addition to the regular foraging items from across the seasons, there are also special limited-time event ones. These items appeared during special holidays or events in Fortnite. Lasting for only a few days or weeks, the items would leave when the event finished and did not stick around for the entire season. As such, they also have a special theme to them as well.

Birthday Cake Slice

Birthday Cake Slice

One of the most popular and famous events foraging items is the birthday cake slice. These appear during, you guessed it, the birthday celebration for Fortnite. Every year since the game’s release, Epic has celebrated the anniversary of Fortnite battle royale’s launch.

During this celebration, a large birthday cake will appear in multiple places around the map. Players can find slices of it that you can pick up and eat for five health points. There are usually challenges for this as well.

Fortnitemares Items

The other major event where foraging items appear is Fortnitemares. This Halloween event includes some candy-themed items for players to trick or treat for.

Candy Corn

Candy corn is one of the foraging items during Fortnitemares and is found in candy baskets. Eating one of these will grant the player 10 health points and possibly the desire to visit a dentist.

Hop Drop

The hop drop is another candy that you can find inside of candy baskets in the Fortnitemares event. This one is based on the gumdrop candy and gives the player five health. In addition, it will also give the player low gravity for 60 seconds.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean

The jelly bean item is, well, a jelly bean during Fortnitemares. Eating this one will grant the player 10 shield points. Like the others, it is found in the various candy baskets around the island during the event.

Pepper Mint

The pepper mint is another special Halloween-themed item that you can get. It has the appearance of a standard wrapped peppermint candy but it has a special function. If you could not tell by the divided name, it is similar to the pepper. It will give the player five health and 20% faster movement for a minute.

Thermal Taffy

Finally, there is the thermal taffy. This Laffy Taffy look-a-like has a unique bonus. Eating it will grant five health and is the only foraging item to grant thermal vision for about 30 seconds. During this time, you will be able to see the heat signature of other players, which is especially great when it is nighttime.


Question: How do you forage in Fortnite?

Answer: As for how you go about foraging for items in Fortnite, it is rather simple. For the most part, you simply need to interact with the item when you find it. Of course, finding the item might be the harder part since there is a bit of RNG and obscurity that plays a role.
The locations of many of the foraged items are in remote areas on the map that you must visit. They might be in a forest in the middle of nowhere or in the long stretches of land between points of interest. Others, though, might be in more accessible places like houses in the middle of a town.
Once you find a foraged item like an apple or mushroom, though, it is easy to forage it. You just need to press the correct button prompt that it shows while close to it. Doing so will either allow you to pick up the item and add it to your inventory or eat it. Most of these items cannot be added to your inventory, though, so do keep that in mind.

Question: Where is the best place to consume foraged items in Fortnite?

Answer: The best place to consume foraged items in Fortnite is wherever you found them. Most of them cannot be saved for later and must be used wherever you find them. As such, the best places to forage and consume the items will be in places with large quantities of them.
For me, I like the areas on the map where there are lots of mushrooms grouped together. Consuming these items one after another will give shields, which is fantastic and absolutely a necessity. Unfortunately, mushrooms are not as easy to find these days as in Chapter 2, so just check the forests on the island.

Question: Are fish foraged items?

Answer: Fish are food items that you can gather on the map so it would make sense for them to be foraged items. However, for the purposes of this battle royale game, they are not. It is worth keeping in mind that fish in Fortnite is in their own completely separate category of items.
Sure, they will largely do a lot of the same things as the foraged items do. There are different types of fish, some granting health upon consumption while others grant shields and so on. That said, they do not fall under the category of foraged items since there are some key differences.
For one, fish in the game can be added to your inventory for later whereas most foraged items cannot. Furthermore, foraged items simply require interaction to consume or get them and that is it. On the other hand, fish require you to find a fishing rod or other tool beforehand and then patiently fish for it.
Most importantly, though, there is a practical reason for why you should know the difference between fish and foraged items. There are challenges that pop up occasionally in Fortnite that will task you with finding several foraged items. If you try to get fish, you will find that these items do not count towards the total for that mission. Foraging items have their own unique challenges that Epic Games releases for them occasionally.


The Fortnite foraging items may not be the most flashy category in the battle royale game but they are still worth knowing about. These items are worth picking up and consuming when you come across them in matches. That said, they are just a tiny slice of the Fortnite puzzle when it comes to items.

If you would like to know more about all of the items and various categories that you can find in Fortnite, we’ve got you covered. Our Fortnite game items guide is filled to the brim with all of the various groups that are in the game. Be sure to check it out for more details about other items similar to the foraged ones and more.

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