Kit Fortnite Skin Guide: Meowscles’ Son Explained

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As primarily a cat person (but I like dogs, too), I’m all for some cute cat characters in video games. Of course, when it starts to step into the humanoid fetish territory like in the case of Meowscles in Fortnite, that is a bridge too far for me. However, his son, Kit, is an adorable kitten character that I am here for. This Kit Fortnite skin guide will, hopefully, offer you a glance at one of the best animal-themed characters in the battle royale game’s history.

Kit is the son of Meowscles, a young kitten who just so happens to be intelligent like his father. He can even pilot his mech suit to make up for his more diminutive stature. Because of this, he can somehow participate in the Fortnite battle royale loops. Like his father before him, he is immensely popular in the community even ten chapters after his release. Here’s everything you need to know about Kit, including if you can still unlock him today.

Bottom Line Up Front

Kit is one of the most iconic Fortnite characters of all time. Any cat-lover out there like myself is sure to appreciate the cuteness of this sentient cat boy. Though he is young, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and tumble in the battle royale competition on the island like his father, Meowscles.

To do so, he pilots a little mech suit that helps compensate for his youthful nature. Players could unlock the Kit skin and play as him in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3. It was relatively easy to get his skin then, too, since he was part of the premium battle pass set for that particular season.

Unfortunately, that means that the possibility of unlocking his skin today is quite dire, indeed. If you’re like me and enjoy robot suits and cats, it is likely that you will love a skin like Kit. I don’t think he’s as good as my boy, Meowscles, but there is still a lot to love about him.

Kit Fortnite Skin Overview

Coming out with the Meowscles skin was one of the best and worst decisions that Fortnite could have ever made. Ignoring the thirst trap that he later became, Meowscles was a fantastic take on a cat character in Chapter 2, Season 2.

Fast forward some time, and, of course, Epic Games will take advantage of something trendy and successful for the developer. I have seen this many times in the past with other skins that became popular and led to plenty of spin-off versions. I can think of a few off the top of my head like Jonesy and Midas.

In this case, though, Meowscles spun off into Kit, the new Fortnite cat boy. Unlike other situations, this one is special since there are some in-game implications. There is a lot of lore surrounding Meowscles and, in turn, Kit. This makes his situation a little more fun compared to just the usual skin remixes.

Kit Fortnite Skin

Many already know, but Kit is the son of Meowscles from Chapter 2, Season 2. He came out the very next season in Chapter 2, Season 3. Like his father, he took over Catty Corner on the island. This relatively remote named location was his hometown and where players could find him.

Kit played a significant role in Season 3 and a couple more seasons after. His purpose on the island was multi-faceted, ranging from the simple NPC that you could interact with to even one of the main bosses that you could fight. Of course, he was also a new skin that you could equip and use in matches if you’d like.

I am not the biggest fan of the skin myself, but there is something to be said about the novelty of this character.


There are some apparent similarities between Kit and his father, Meowscles, from the moment that I look at them. Thankfully, though, he does not feed into the fetishes that his father (and possibly mother) deal with. It appears that, as the name states, Kit is just a kitten at this point.

Though he is still much larger than the average adult cat, he is a kid in terms of, I guess, cat people years. His facial features, fur, and everything else generally takes after his father. Like his dad, he has black fur over his right eye and brown fur over his left eye.

His eyes are tiny black beady little gems that shine while his mouth is covered in white fur. The color is only relegated to his face since the rest of his body is almost entirely covered in white fur. There are little splotches of color here and there, like on his arms and tail, but it isn’t much at all.

Since Kit is so tiny, he cannot precisely be a Fortnite playable character in that state. To make up for this while not aging up him, Epic smartly designed his skin around this idea. His height and size are made up for by the mech suit he pilots as part of his character and skin.

Kit Fortnite Skin

The suit is not exactly flashy, either, as it appears as C3P0 did in the prequel Star Wars movies before Anakin finished assembling him. This is indicative of the fact that Kit designed the suit himself. It reminds me of an old-fashioned traffic light or flashes for photography in the “face” with its singular “eye.”

It has arms, legs, and exhaust pipes. It also has handlebars that are used by Kit to steer the mech suit and fire weapons in battle. The suit is made up of a mix of parts, including different colors. This gives it a DIY rugged look that is refreshingly different from the glamorous robots and suits Epic Games usually go for.

I appreciate the overall look of Kit as it is pretty unique. I don’t know about you, but I have not really seen a genius cat control a mech that he rides before. I think there is something to be said about the creativity that Epic has, which fully shines through in Kit.

How to Unlock Kit in Fortnite

On the one hand, I love the way that Epic Games handles cosmetics in Fortnite. But on the other hand, I don’t. Kit is one of those prime examples of the latter. As you know, the general idea is that skins come out in one or two methods: either as part of a battle pass or in the item shop.

Kit falls into the former category of being a battle pass skin. He was initially part of the premium pass for Chapter 2, Season 3. Following in his father’s pawprints, he was one of the main battle pass characters that players could unlock. Fortunately, this means that players could unlock him for relatively cheap.

Kit Fortnite Skin

Unfortunately, though, he was reasonably deep in the battle pass at level 60. I remember at the time that I was pretty busy with work and other activities that I was unable to reach level 60 (probably reached around level 50) at the time. It was one of my least-played seasons, so I missed out on unlocking him at the time.

The only method for players to unlock the Kit skin was to reach that level in the battle pass and unlock the character that way. This is a darn shame since I imagine I’m not the only person who missed out on Kit and will likely never unlock him now.

Can You Still Unlock Kit Today?

Given the nature of Kit in Fortnite and how he was released, it has some players wondering if you are still able to unlock him today. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no, you cannot unlock Kit anymore in the current Chapter 3. Unfortunately, this is one of the most significant drawbacks of the battle pass system.

Because of the way that the battle pass system works, if you miss out on a season or a character, you’re sore out of luck. Epic Games has not yet found a solution to handle battle pass skins, which is unfortunate. So many players missed out on skins and would like to purchase them, including me.

Some recent solutions have offered new versions of battle pass characters in the item shop. Given the popularity of Kit, that part gives me some hope. While the original Kit skin and its various styles will never likely come back, the character can in other ways.

Kit Fortnite Skin

There are many Fortnite characters in the past, including Kit’s father, who has had item shop skins in the past. In the case of Meowscles, for instance, he was also one of the battle pass characters. Though you cannot get the original skin, there are ones like Toon Meowscles that were later released.

It was available in the item shop and gave players who missed out on the original Meowscles a chance to play as him. I foresee a similar situation happening with Kit. While it may not be a Toon Kit, it could be something unique to his character.

i could even see there being a sci-fi-themed version of Kit that gives him a flashier robot that is different from his handmade one, for instance. Or there could be some unique style that he receives similar to the toon art style. For now, I will have to wait and see and hope that Kit returns in a new item shop skin for players to collect.

Customizable Features: Kit Skin Styles Explained

Like many other battle pass skins, Kit is one that features other skin styles that you can equip. One of the best parts of Fortnite is the customization you can do for your skins. In the case of Kit, there were only two styles that you could unlock during the season of Chapter 2, Season 3.

While you cannot unlock these skin styles anymore, they are still available out there for current owners of Kit. I would even argue that the two skin styles are better than the original. First up is the Action skin style. Before I go any further, I should note that the names are a bit stupid and don’t give an idea of what this version is like.

Kit Fortnite Skin Action Kit

In reality, I would change the name to something like the black cat variant. Instead of the calico cat that Kit is in the normal version, this one switches him up to a black cat. This is his darker side, featuring all-black fur and a scar over his left eye. Speaking of his eyes, they turn a bright red that peers into your soul.

What is interesting about these two extra skin styles is that they offer more than just changing Kit’s fur. They also change up the mech, too. In this case, the mech has a redder color scheme to it, though, again, it is still pretty much all over the place on purpose.

For the equally vaguely named Happy style, this one is like the white cat variant. His fur is all white, and he has a cute little smile on his face. In addition, his eyes become gold stars.

Kit Fortnite Skin Happy Kit

While I prefer the cat version of the Action style, I think the mech in the Happy variant is the best. It is a rainbow-ish color, having light blues, pinks, and yellows throughout. For the first time, I actually think the mech suit looks good in this version.

In many ways, these two skin styles are like Kit’s version of the Ghost and Shadow choices from Season 2. During his father’s season, selecting the Ghost or Shadow spy faction for your skins was a massive deal. Choosing between Happy and Action is similar to that choice, with the white and black themes present with his skin styles, too.

I’m just grateful, though, that you have all options available to you at all times and it is not a permanent choice.

Kit Skin Mini-Review: Worth It?

Regarding my thoughts on the Kit skin, I admit that I am pretty biased. I love cats, and I adore Meowscles, which is one of the greatest skins and characters that Epic Games has ever made. With that out of the way, while I acknowledge the brilliance of Kit, I’m not the biggest fan of this particular skin.

It’s also weird because it is about two things I love: cats and mechs. Oddly enough, put the two together, though, and I’m not here for it (at least in this version). Part of it is the fact that I don’t think that the cat and mech look good together.

The kitty is cute and great, that’s for sure. I mean, come on, he is the spitting image of the unforgettable Meowscles, after all. But I think my main issue comes from the mech. It lacks the sort of intriguing design that I would like to see from a robot like this one. I appreciate the homemade nature, but it just doesn’t work in this particular style and with Kit.

Kit Fortnite Skin

As controversial as it may be, a full-body mech suit or something more flashy would be welcome in this case. I see a lot of potential for the Kit skin, and I could see a different style working well for it. In fact, a Toon Kit skin would be one way to handle it, too. A gray, black, and white skin would be fantastic. Here’s hoping that we get one in the near future.

But, for right now, I want to let you know if this skin is worth it or not. I’ll pretend for a moment that Kit is coming back for some reason and whether you should try to unlock him or not. It comes down your preferences. If you’re like me and like cats, mechs, or both, I think you should unlock it.

If you don’t like any of those or Meowscles, this is a hard pass for sure. That said, I would gladly unlock Kit through a season pass but I don’t think I would waste my V-Bucks on him in the item shop. That is just a bridge too far for me when there are better skins out there, including for his own father.

Kit NPC and Boss Fight Explained

If you could not play as Kit, you could fight against him in Chapter 2, Season 3. He was one of the bosses that you could find on the island and take out. Players could find him at Catty Corner in the island’s southeastern corner.

The named location featured Kit and his mech suit waiting for players to battle against him. Surrounded by his henchmen, he was able to be a decent enough challenge. His shields and health were relatively weak, but he had some powerful weaponry that he could use in combat.

I would say that Kit was one of the most recommended bosses to seek out on the island in that season. Not many players went there because of the remote nature of the point of interest and his spot. He was one of my go-to bosses to defeat in the season, as sad as it was to take out the poor kitty cat.

Kit Fortnite Skin

Part of the reason behind this being one of my favorite drop zones was because of the items that were dropped when Kit was defeated. He could drop two mythic-level weapons that were useful in battle. The first of these was the special Kit’s charge shotgun. I’m not really a shotgun fan, but this is one of the better options.

If players charged it up fast enough, it could one-shot many enemies. That is if you land the shot, of course. The other was Kit’s shockwave launcher, which is the best version of the otherwise useless shockwave grenade weapon. It was at least good for getting out of the storm, so there’s that but a waste of inventory space otherwise.

Above all else, though, the most useful item was the Catty Corner vault keycard. Using this item, you could open up the nearby vault with an insanely significant amount of weapons and items. There were so few vaults that existed on the island at the time, and this remote one meant that I usually had little competition.

In Chapter 2, Season 5, Kit returned to the island, but this time as an NPC. Sure, you could fight him if you wanted to, but he was peaceful at the same time. You could speak with him at Catty Corner and trade for some items. Once again, Catty Corner became a regular landing spot for me in matches.

Meowscles Relationship Explained

Part of the popularity surrounding Kit has to do with his family. He is not the first cat boy, and he will likely not be the last. Meowscles came in Season 2, and Kit followed immediately in the next season. There is a direct connection between the two that is pretty clear in their designs.

They look exactly like one another, and for a good reason. They are father and son, after all. Meowscles is the father of Kit, the young kitten battle royale participant. This is an apparent relationship that Epic Games makes clear, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

If Meowscles is the father, the lingering question is: who is the mother? This is something that is a hot topic within the Fortnite community as many players would like to know who his mom is. And, of course, it wouldn’t be an issue within the community if there weren’t plenty of theories about the identity of Kit’s mom.

Kit Fortnite Skin And Meowscles

Some players think they have solved the question of his mom and the answer for them is Lynx. The iconic and impressive Chapter 1, Season 7 character, has some connections to Kit. Not only is she one of the best skins that I have ever unlocked, but she is notable for being a cat girl.

Lynx is a strange cat girl, though, as it appears that she is a real human girl who just so happens to wear cat ears. At the same time, she equips a superhero outfit that is reminiscent of Catwoman from the DC Comics universe. What makes it odd is that Lynx is not an actual cat person in the literal sense of someone like Meowscles.

Nonetheless, the cat motif has some thinking that Lynx is Kit’s mother. Furthermore, there is some slight evidence that Kit is the son of Lynx. One of the loading screens for Kit features Lynx, and it hints that she helped him to design the mech suit.

With this established relationship, it seems that she might be his mother. Of course, that throws in some bizarre wrinkles since, well, Meowscles is not exactly a human while Lynx is potentially a human. Epic Games seems to feed into that certain subset of the Fortnite community that I won’t mention here.

At the end of the day, though, I hope that Lynx is not Kit’s mother. The implications of the relationship between her and Meowscles would dive a little too much into furry territory. Plus, this opens the door for a female Meowscles-style character to appear someday. And it prevents my mind from wandering into weird areas when playing as Lynx.

Alternative Skins Recommendation

I mentioned my disappointment for the Kit skin in Fortnite. If you are a little underwhelmed like I am or just sad that you misssed out on Kit, here are some alternative skin recommendations that I have:

  • Lynx: She remains one of my favorite skins of all time. Her human form without the suit is already pretty good like a manic pixie dream girl but the suit takes it to a whole new level. She’s even better than Catwoman in my opinion.
  • Meowscles: Meowscles or any of his other versions like Toon Meowscles is worth picking up. The sexy muscular cat man is taking the Fortnite community by storm for a reason.
  • Llion: This one is not a cat but a feline relative. Llion is a neon DJ skin with gorgeous art style and a glowing lion head. Just don’t waste your time on the llama variant that is meh.


Question: Can you still get the Kit skin in Fortnite?

Answer: I mentioned this above in the leading guide, but no, you cannot get the Kit skin in Fortnite today. This is because it was initially a battle pass skin. However, I do believe that Epic will offer a new type of Kit skin in the future.

Question: Is Kit a girl or boy Fortnite?

Answer: Kit has been confirmed in his in-game descriptions and data as a boy cat like his father.

Question: Who is Kit’s mom Fortnite?

Answer: This is, technically, unconfirmed, but some people believe that Kit’s mother is Lynx. This is strange since Lynx is more clearly a human person rather than a true cat girl. But the theme works, and she is even seen on one of his loading screens. For now, though, we will have to wait for confirmation on this one. I, for one, hope this is not the case.


All my cat lovers out there, beware as Epic Games will attempt to take your money. And by taking your money, I mean continuously releasing skins that take advantage of what you love. Kit is one example of this, with Epic dangerously diving into the world of cat lovers to empty out my digital wallet. Thankfully, the bright side is that Kit was one of the paid battle skins.

At the same time, though, that is a massive negative for anyone who was not playing the battle royale game then or simply could not afford the battle pass at the time. To make up for the inability to purchase Kit, perhaps you are interested in some other animal-themed Fortnite skins? If so, I highly recommend checking out my previous guide to all of the llama-themed skins over the years. Some of them even come back to the item shop every once in a while, so you could potentially purchase one of those.

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